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Barbara and David relax at the Coach House and David asks how her book is coming along, and Barbara explains the plot to him.  She tells David that she had someone connected with her book staying with her whilst he was away.  "Someone called Eddie Lee.  He stayed here for a few days, slept here," says Barbara.  Barbara goes back into the living room where David is absorbed in his newspaper.  "I wanted to tell you.  It was on my mind," she says.  David looks up.  "What?" he asks.  "You haven't heard a word I've said have you?" asks Barbara.  "Something about someone staying here.  I didn't catch the name...Ellie was it?" asks David.  "Why don't you ask her to stay again," says David.
Adam Chance asks Jill Harvey if she got the phone call this morning.  He tells Jill that a man rang and asked for her so he assumed it was a personal matter.
Kevin Banks arrives at the Brownlow's home and Glenda asks him where he has been.
At Chimney's the telephone rings and Jill answers it.  The phone goes dead.  A short time later the door bell rings and Jill lets Eric Collins in.  Eric Collins asks her why she rang the repair shop.  Jill tells him that she cancelled an appointment that was made under false pretences.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that what her father said about Kath sticking by him through all this trial business has impressed him.  Kevin says he was impressed by the closeness of her family.  He says his family isn't like that, but he wants him and Glenda to be like that.  He says to make sure they don't miss out he thinks they should get married.  They kiss.
Arthur Brownlow comes into the room and see's them, so he goes out again.  Glenda calls him back in again, and also calls her mother.  Kath Brownlow comes into the room and asks what's going on.  Glenda tells them that her and Kevin are getting married.  Kath hugs them both and Arthur asks Kevin what his parents said.  Kevin says he hasn't had a chance to tell them.  Arthur tells Kevin that he must tell his aunt Marion Owen.
Kevin Banks telephones Marion Owen and says in a very serious voice that there is a bit of a crisis and could she come over.  Marion Owen asks him if it's serious and Kevin says yes.  Marion tells him that she will be there in ten minutes.
Adam Chance asks Jill Harvey who the man was that he saw at Chimney's the other evening.  Jill tells him that was the television repair man.  Adam says he is obviously keen on her.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that it's all a bit sudden about Kevin and Glenda.  He asks Kath if Glenda is alright.  Kath looks at him and says of course she is.  Arthur says all the same it would be better if Kevin was to move out until the wedding.  Kath says she trusts Glenda and Kevin and she doesn't see why Kevin has to move out.
Jill and Adam drink wine at Chimney's. "It's not going to happen for us is it?" asks Jill.  Adam says they do seem to miss each other all the time.  He kisses her affectionately on the nose.
The doorbell at the Brownlow's house rings.  Arthur tells Kath to play Marion Owen along for a while until Kevin and Glenda get back.  Kath answers the door and invites Marion Owen in.  Marion Owen asks Arthur and Kath what is wrong.  Kath bursts out laughing.  "Is this some kind of joke?" asks Marion Owen.  Kevin and Glenda arrive and Marion Owen asks Kevin what the crisis is.  "You've lost a nephew and gained a niece," Kevin Banks tells her.  Kevin opens a bottle of champagne and pours a glass for everyone.  Arthur tells Kevin and Glenda that he would like to wish them both the best of luck.
Adam Chance asks Becky Foster for a word.  He says he has seen her a few times.  He says she is a nice girl and he doesn't want to see her get hurt.  Becky tells him that her and Chris Hunter are just friends, and Chris just wants someone to talk to.  She says underneath she thinks Chris is quite lonely.
Kath Brownlow asks Kevin Banks when the big day is to be and Kevin says they haven't decided.  "How about the middle of May?" suggests Glenda.  "That's a nice month," says Kath, looking at Arthur.  "Do I detect a note of memory?" asks Marion Owen.  Kath says her and Arthur were married on May 14th.  Kevin says that he and Glenda will get married on that day too and they can share the same anniversary.  "And a white wedding?" asks Arthur.  "Of course," says Kath.  "Anyway she has every right to a white wedding, and how many girls can say that these days," says Kath.
At Chimney's the phone rings but Jill doesn't answer it. 
The following morning David tells Jill that he phoned her last night at Chimney's but there was no answer.  "About eleven?" asks Jill, and David says yes.  Jill says she is sorry but this man keeps phoning her and she thought it was him.
At the Coach House Chris Hunter puts a record on very loud.  Barbara Hunter comes rushing into the room and tells him to turn it down.  Chris tells her that he won't be staying for dinner this evening because he is going for a meal in Castlewich.  Barbara asks him who he knows in Castlewich.  "It wouldn't be Becky Foster would it?" asks Barbara.  Chris puts on his headphones and Barbara pulls them off again, and tells Chris not to be so rude.  Barbara asks Chris if it's Becky and Chris says it could be.  "Why, has she got leprosy?" asks Chris.
Barbara Hunter phones Becky Foster's flat and tells her that she has to speak to her.  David comes into the room and Barbara tells Becky that she can't talk now.
Eric Collins goes to Chimney's with some flowers for Jill Harvey.  Eric asks Jill who that man was who came to see her the other evening and Jill tells him that was Adam Chance.  Eric Collins tells Jill that Adam Chance made a complaint to head office about him.

1981 Episodes continued

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