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Barbara Hunter asks Yvonne Brooks what she is going to do and Yvonne says she is going back to London.  Becky Foster tells Yvonne Brooks that she can't do that, Eddie Lee has served three years in prison for her.  Yvonne Brooks leaves.
Becky Foster asks Eddie Lee why he didn't try to stop Yvonne Brooks leaving.  Eddie says for him the charge was manslaughter but for Yvonne Brooks it would be murder.  There is a knock at the door and Eddie Lee opens it to find Victor Lee standing outside.  Victor Lee asks Eddie how long he has been here.  "A few weeks," says Eddie.  Becky Foster tells Victor Lee that Eddie is innocent, and that she and Barbara are witnesses.  Victor Lee asks to be left alone with Eddie. 
Victor Lee asks Eddie why he pleaded guilty if he knew it was Yvoone Brooks.  Eddie tells Victor that he didn't know.  Victor asks Eddie what he is going to do and Eddie tells him that he will go to London.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda Brownlow that he went to see Iris Scott and told her about Kath.  He says he knows Iris cares about her aunt Kath.  "Well she's got a funny way of showing it," says Glenda.
Arthur and Kath Brownlow prepare for the trial.  Arthur tells Kath that she doesn't have to come but Kath says it's her place to be by his side.
At Marion Owen's house Iris Scott dresses for the trial.  She puts on a conservative dress and takes all her make up off.
Inside the court Glenda, Kath, Marion and Kevin sit anxiously waiting for the trial to begin.  The clerk of court asks Arthur Brownlow to stand and asks him if he pleads guilty or not guilty.  Arthur pleads not guilty.  The prosecution calls Doris Luke to give evidence, and Doris explains that when she entered the chalet Iris Scott was on the bed and Arthur Brownlow said 'I know what it must look like but I swear I didn't touch her,' says Doris.
Meg is about to leave for Scotland and gives Jill Harvey a list of things to be done.  Jill tells her not to worry and Meg says she can't help it.  Chris Hunter comes into reception and tells Meg that her taxi is waiting outside.  Meg shakes Chris Hunter's hand and wishes him good luck.  "I'm going to need it," says Chris.
Iris Scott comes into court.  Glenda tells Kevin that Iris Scott looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.  Mr Hislop, Arthur's solicitor, tells Iris that the last time he saw her she looked quite different, she was wearing jeans and make up.  He says they are all touched with the story of her childhood.  He says the Brownlow's were prepared to take her in as one of the family.  Iris Scott tells the court that Arthur didn't like her and kept shouting at her. 
Mr Hislop asks Iris what she thinks of her aunt Kath.  "She's alright," replies Iris.  Mr Hislop says Arthur Brownlow said that he went to the motel to pick up a lamp that Iris had bought for Kath Brownlow's birthday.  Iris says she didn't know anything about a lamp.  Mr Hislop says that if she likes her aunt Kath then why didn't she buy her anything for her birthday.  "I was going to buy her something, the following day, when it was all over," says Iris.  "When what was all over?" asks Mr Hislop.
Mr Hislop tells the court that the motel pass keys have a yellow label and all the guest keys have an orange label.  Mr Hislop says the key found on Arthur Brownlow had no label.  Mr Hislop suggests that Iris Scott planted the key on Arthur.  He asks Iris to explain what Arthur did in the chalet.  "Nothing," answers iris Scott, quietly.  "What?" asks Mr Hislop.  "Nothing!" shouts Iris.  Mr Hislop suggests that the charge be dismissed.  Kath and Arthur Brownlow hug each other whilst Marion Owen comforts Iris Scott.
David Hunter asks Adam Chance if he could keep an eye on Chris this evening.  Adam says Chris has been on desk duty before and David says yes, but not at night.
Kath Brownlow goes to Marion Owen's home with a letter addressed to Iris Scott, and tells Iris that she thought the letter might be important.  Iris Scott opens the letter and tells Kath and Marion that it's from Mr Demetriou asking her when she is going back to London to her job.  Kath tells her that there is nothing stopping her going.
Marion Owen leaves Kath Brownlow and Iris Scott alone.  Kath asks Iris why she did it.  She says she knows there is goodness in Iris but she has let her down.
Jill Harvey is at Chimney's when there is a ring at the door.  Jill opens the door to Eric Collins who tells her that he has come look at her television.  He swtiches it on and says he doesn't like the look of that much.  He tells Jill that he will have to fit another part but it's back at the office, so he will come back tomorrow evening.  The phone rings and Jill answers it.  Adam Chance tells Jill that he won't be able to make it for dinner this evening because he has to keep an eye on Chris Hunter.  "Ten minutes then.  I'll expect you," says Jill.  Adam, puzzled, on the other end of the phone, tries to tell Jill again that he can't come to Chimney's.
Later, Adam Chance phones Jill again.  "Just say yes or no.  Is something wrong?" asks Adam.  Jill says no, she was just trying to get rid of a TV repair man who wouldn't get the message.  Adam tells Jill that he will come to dinner tomorrow eveing if that's alright.  Jill says she will let him know.
Jill Harvey telephones the TV repair shop and tells them that she would like to cancel the 6.30 appointment.  "You mean you don't do repairs after six o'clock," says Jill, puzzled.  "Yes.  Would you tell them that Mrs Harvey's television is alright," says Jill.
Over breakfast at the Coach House David asks Chris how he got on at the motel last night, and Chris says fine.  He tells David that the motel bookings are down 20% and the motel is like a mausoleum.  "You know I keep expecting Dracula to come and ask for his key," says Chris.  Barbara asks him what he plans to do, turn it into a disco with a couple of strip shows on the side.  "You know, that's the best idea you've had all morning," says Chris.
Adam Chance asks Jill about this TV repair man, and Jill says it's nothing she couldn't cope with. 
Chris and David Hunter come into reception and Chris notices the music playing in reception.  David reminds him that it is breakfast time.  Becky Foster comes into reception and Chris asks her what she thinks about the music.  "Well my gran would appreciate it," says Becky.  "That's what I mean," Chris tells David. 
David Hunter joins Adam Chance in the office and tells him that Chris has some idea for the motel.  David says perhaps they should cater for the younger person.  Adam Chance receives a phone call from someone asking for Jill and he tells the caller that Jill isn't here and offers to take a message.  The phone goes dead.
Chris Hunter see's Becky Foster in reception and tells her that he would like to take her out to dinner tonight.  Becky says he has got to be joking.
Iris Scott has been allowed to go back to London by her probation officer.  She tells Marion Owen that she has never got around to saying thank you but says she is grateful for all she has done.  Kevin Banks arrives to take Iris to the station.

1981 Episodes continued

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