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Chris Hunter has dinner with Becky Foster at her flat and Chris asks her what her boyfriend would say if he walked in now.  Becky tells him that there isn't a lot of chance of that happening.  "Is he away?" asks Chris.  "Sort of," replies Becky.  Chris asks her where her boyfriend is now.  "Prison," answers Becky. 
Chris stares at her.  He says she could have been had for aiding and abetting a criminal.  Becky tells Chris that Barbara Hunter was very helpful, she believes that Eddie is innocent.  "You get all the trouble and she gets all the glory," says Chris, but Becky says it wasn't like that.  "You put him up," points out Chris.  "So did she," says Becky.  "At the Coach House?" asks Chris.  "Yes, but only for a few days," says Becky.  "Well, there's more to auntie Barbara than I thought," says Chris.
The next day in the motel office Chris Hunter tells David about some ideas of his.  David says he like the idea of the vegetarian menu, and Chris tells him that he got the idea from Becky Foster.
Kevin Banks books a table for dinner in the motel restaurant for the Brownlow's and for his parents.  Glenda Brownlow shows her work colleagues her engagement ring.  Glenda asks Kevin if he has told his parents yet and Kevin says not yet.  He tells her that he never seems to do anything right in his fathers eyes.
Eric Collins comes to the motel and asks Adam Chance if he can see Mrs Jill Harvey, but Adam tells him that Jill isn't here.  Eric Collins tells Adam that his relationship with Mrs Harvey is his business and no-one else's.  Adam Chance asks Chris Hunter to look after the reception desk whilst he and Mr Collins continue their conversation elsewhere. 
Glenda Brownlow shows Kath and Arthur her engagement ring, and Arthur asks Kevin what his parents said when they heard the news.  Kevin tells him that he hasn't told his parents yet.  Glenda says they are waiting to tell them when they meet up in person.
Eric Collins and Adam Chance go into the office and Eric tells Adam that he had no business to make a complaint about him.  He tells Adam that Jill has withdrawn the complaint.  Adam tells Eric Collins that he is making a nuisance of himself, and says that he knows Jill.  Eric Collins says he knows Jill better, she's special and he'll have to get used to it.
Kevin Banks telephones his mother and tells her that he has a surprise for her.  He asks her and his father to come to Marion Owen's house.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kevin Banks that Kath thinks it might better if he didn't stay under the same roof as Glenda until after the wedding.  Kevin says he will move back to his aunt Marion Owen's house.
Later, Arthur Brownlow tells Glenda that he has spoken to Kevin and asked him to move out until after the wedding.  Glenda says she doesn't understand.
Kevin Banks goes to see Marion Owen and tells her that Arthur Brownlow has asked him to move out.
Barbara Hunter confronts Chris Hunter about his relationship with Becky Foster.  She says she doesn't want to see the same thing happen to Becky as happened to Alison Cotterill.  Barbara tells Chris that she promised David that she wouldn't argue with him so she'll make a truce with him.  She says she won't argue with him as long as he doesn't hurt Becky Foster.  "I'll make a truce with you.  You stop interfering in my sex life and I'll stop interfering in yours, okay," says Chris.  "What did you say?" asks Barbara.  "You lay off me and I'll lay off you," says Chris.   
Barbara asks Chris what he means and Chris says he doesn't want her telling him who he can or can't see.  David comes into the room and asks what is going on.  Barbara goes into the kitchen and David asks Chris what is going on.  Chris tells David that Barbara was only worried that he might drink and drive.
Jill Harvey gives Adam Chance the gold shoulder and Adam guesses that she is angry at him for reporting Eric Collins.  Jill asks Adam not to interfere.
Adam Chance shows David an invitation to a dinner from the Inner Wheel women's section of the Rotary Club.  David tells Adam that Chris can represent them at the dinner and Adam says he can't be serious.  David says Chris has shown initiative and he should be encouraged.  "Meg would have a fit," says Adam.  David reminds him that Meg is in Scotland.
Eric Collins asks Jill Harvey to have dinner with him as a thank you for clearing things for him with the district officer.  Eric tells Jill that he has broken off his engagement to his girlfriend, so that they can go on seeing each other.  Jill says that if she hadn't withdrawn the complaint he would have told his boss about the night they spent together.  Eric says she is really scared of that but says he is really proud of it.  The phone rings and Jill answers it.  Adam Chance asks Jill if she will have dinner with him but Jill says she doesn't really feel up to it.  Once she has put the phone down Jill asks Eric Collins to leave and Eric tells her that he will be back and she will see that they are right for one another.  "Get out of my life!" shouts Jill.  "I'll see you love," says Eric Collins and leaves.
Oliver and Sally Banks, Kevin parents, arrive at Marion Owen's house.  Sally Banks asks Kevin what he has been up to and Kevin tells her that he has a surprise. 
Becky Foster goes to the Coach House and has afternoon tea with Barbara Hunter.  Barbara asks Becky exactly how Eddie Lee's name came up in conversation with Chris Hunter and Becky tells her that Chris kept teasing her about her secret boyfriend.  Barbara says Chris will probably tell David.  She says Chris believes she slept with Eddie Lee.  Becky says Chris may be a lot of things but he isn't malicious.
Kevin Banks tells his mother and father about the Brownlow's.  He mentions that they have a daughter, Glenda, and says that he is very keen on her.  He tells Oliver and Sally Banks that he has arranged for them to have dinner with the Brownlow's.  Sally Banks looks at Kevin and says he is obviously serious about Glenda.  kevin says he is, serious enough to ask her to marry him and she has accepted.  "But we don't know her," says Oliver Banks.  Kevin says he will go and fetch Glenda, and says he is sure they will like her.
Barbara Hunter tells Becky Foster about Chris and Alison Cotterill.  David arrives home and Becky leaves soon after.  David asks Barbara what Becky was doing here and Barbara tells him that she is worried about Chris seeing Becky.  She says she thought she would warn Becky about Chris's adventures with the opposite sex.  David looks at her.  "You had no right," he says.  "I'm trying to form a better relationship with my son and everyone seems hell bent on fouling it up," says David.  He tells Barbara that it is none of her business, but Barbara says it concerns him indirectly.  "What do you mean?" asks David.  "Alright I'll tell you," says Barbara.

1981 Episodes continued

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