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Eddie Lee stays the night at the Coach House as he had too much to drink.
Barbara Hunter tells Becky Foster that Eddie Lee was at the Coach House last night because he had too much to drink so she thought it best if he stayed.
Barbara finds Eddie Lee still at the Coach House when she returns home, and tells him that he must go.
Doris Luke tells Becky Foster that Diane Hunter is coming back to the motel.  Becky telephones Barbara Hunter and tells her that she has to keep Eddie Lee there because Diane Hunter is coming back.
Mr Hislop goes to the Brownlow's house and asks Arthur to tell him the whole story of the incident with Iris Scott. 
David Hunter does not want to get involved in the garage project.
Adam Chance tells Miranda Pollard that he can't accept any money from her.
Marion Owen tells Iris Scott that Kath Brownlow was at the doctor's surgery because she has been having dizzy spells.
Arthur and Glenda Brownlow arrive back home and find Kath collapsed on the floor.
Jill Harvey arrives back at the motel after her holiday.  Meg tells her that there is a bit of trouble at the moment and explains that Adam Chance wanted to take over the garage but she and David don't want to get involved.  Meg tells Jill that Adam Chance has done some things behind her back which she doesn't like.
Becky Foster receives a letter from Diane Hunter to say that she won't be coming home for a couple of weeks.
Meg Mortimer receives an invitation from J. Henry Pollard asking her to go to Scotland to supervise a new hotel which J. Henry is building there. 
Jill Harvey see's Adam Chance and tells him that she doesn't like seeing him and Meg at each others throats.  Adam tells her that it will all blow over soon.
Iris Scott has been spreading rumours about Becky Foster living with a man.  Becky Foster tells Victor Lee that these rumours aren't true.  Becky Foster and Victor Lee leave the office together at the end of the day.  Victor Lee goes back into the office shortly after and notices Becky Foster's purse on the desk.  He picks it up.
Adam Chance joins Jill Harvey in the motel office and gives her a bunch of flowers.  Jill tells him she would rather he gave them to her mother.  Adam says he doesn't think Meg would appreciate them at the moment.  Jill asks him exactly what all this is about and Adam explains that he had a scheme for the garage but Meg doesn't like the idea.  He tells Jill that Meg phoned David Hunter and he took her side.  "I'd love to know what she said to him," says Adam.  "Why don't you ask him.  He'll be here in half an hour," says Meg Mortimer, coming into the office and overhearing the conversation.  "Does Barbara know?" asks Adam.  "No, he wants to surprise her," says Meg.  Meg tells Jill and Adam that Chris Hunter will be coming back with David.  "Anything else you'd like to know?" Meg asks Adam.  "Yes," says Adam Chance picking up the bunch of flowers.  "Will you accept these with my compliments," he says.  Meg laughs.
The phone at Becky Foster's flat rings and Becky answers it.  It is Yvonne Brooks, the wife of the man whom Eddie Lee is supposed to have killed.  Becky tells Yvonne Brooks that she would like her to come and see her as soon as she can.  Becky tells her that Eddie Lee didn't kill her husband and she can prove it.
Eddie Lee is alone at the Coach House when there is a knock on the door.  Eddie lets Becky Foster in and she tells him that Diane won't be coming back for a few weeks so he can come back and stay at ther flat.  Eddie Lee tells her that he and Barbara Hunter have talked and Barbara thinks it best if he stays at the Coach House.  Becky gives him a package which arrived addressed to Eddie.
David Hunter arrives back at the motel with Chris, and Jill welcomes him back.
Barbara Hunter is working in the office alone when David walks in.  She looks at him, then runs to him, hugging and kissing him.  David tells her that he has Chris with him and he thinks he should stay at the Coach House for a while.  Barbara tells him that she has a friend staying there at the moment but she will ask the friend to leave.  "Remind me to tell you something later," says David.  "What?" asks Barbara.  "You're more beautiful than ever," says David.  "So are you," says Barbara.
When David has left the office Barbara Hunter phones the Coach House and tells Eddie Lee that he will have to leave the house, as her husband has returned.  She tells Eddie that she will phone Becky Foster and let her know that he is coming back to her flat.  "And make sure you don't leave anything.  You used David's aftershave this morning so open a window," Barbara tells him.
Chris Hunter goes to Diane's flat expecting to find Diane there, but instead finds Becky Foster.  Chris asks Becky where Diane is and Becky tells him that she is out of the country.  Chris introduces himself and asks if he could stay at the flat for a few days, but Becky says no.  Chris says he does have a claim on the flat, he is Diane's husband. 

1981 Episodes continued

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