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Kevin Banks meets his aunt Marion Owen in the motel reception and he tells her that he heard about Arthur Brownlow and Iris Scott.  He says it's rubbish.
Chris Hunter tells Becky Foster about his time in Algiers.  The phone rings and Becky answers it.  It is Barbara Hunter telling Becky that Eddie Lee is on his way over.  Becky tells Chris that he will have to go because she is expecting someone.  Chris asks her if it's a boyfriend and Becky says yes.  There is a knock at the door and Becky opens it to find Victor Lee standing outside.  "Hello Victor," says Chris Hunter, and then leaves.
Eddie Lee arrives at Becky Foster's flat but hears his brother Victor's voice coming from inside the flat.  He hides in the doorway of another flat until he hears Victor Lee leave. 
Eddie Lee knocks on the door of Becky's flat and Becky Foster lets him in.  He apologises for messing her about and explains that he had to leave the Coach House because David Hunter is back.  Becky puts her head on his shoulder and tells him that he can stay for as long as he wants.
Chris Hunter arrives at the Coach House and Barbara asks him where he has been.  Chris tells her that he has been looking for somewhere to stay but didn't have any luck.  Chris sits down on the sette and picks up an empty beer can from behind the cushion.  Barbara tells him that she had some people here in connection with some research on a book.  Barbara asks him how long he will be staying and Chris says it depends, on Meg for one.  He tells her that his father wants him to learn the hotel business.
Kevin Banks arrives at the Brownlow's house with Glenda.  Glenda tells Kath and Arthur that Kevin is looking for somewhere to stay and she thought he might be able to stay here.  Kath says that would be fine.
Kevin Banks tells Arthur Brownlow that he is on his side, he knows what Iris Scott is like.  Kevin tells Arthur that he would like to help and would be willing to give evidence.  Arthur tells him that's very good of him and he will phone his solictor to ask him to come over.
David and Meg talk in the office.  Meg tells David that Chris is a problem and he leaves a trail of chaos wherever he goes.  David says Chris is intelligent and he has got some imagination.
Yvonne Brooks goes to Becky Foster's flat and finds Eddie Lee alone.  She goes to kiss him but he turns away.  Eddie asks her what she is doing here and Yvonne tells him that she had to talk to Becky Foster.
Mr Hislop, Arthur's lawyer, arrives at the Brownlow's house.  Arthur tells Mr Hislop that Kevin Banks knows Iris well and is willing to give evidence of her character.
Eddie Lee and Yvonne Brooks kiss.  She asks him if he thinks Barbara Hunter will be able to help him.
Jill Harvey joins Meg in the sitting room and Meg tells her that she doesn't want Chris Hunter here but she is fond of David and doesn't want to hurt him.
Chris Hunter joins Barbara and David in the office and David tells Chris to wait here until he fetches Meg.  "Do I have to?" asks Chris.  "Yes," says David and leaves the office.  "I need this like I need another head," Chris tells Barbara.  David returns to the office with Meg and Meg asks to be left alone with Chris.
Once they are alone Meg tells Chris that David seems to think that he is interested in learning the hotel business, but she can't really believe that.  Chris asks her if she wants him to get down on his knees and say he is sorry, and Meg says she thinks it would be better if he went back to where he came from.  Barbara Hunter peeps her head around the door and asks them if they have finished.  "Yes, he's all yours," says Meg, and leaves the office.
Chris Hunter tells David that the whole idea of him learning the business is rediculous and it just isn't going to work.  David reminds him of certain promises he made and Chris agrees to do his best.
Becky Foster meets Chris Hunter in reception and asks him if he works here, and Chris says sort of. 
David Hunter asks Adam Chance if he would be willing to sell his shares.  Adam reminds David that when he wanted his help with the garage project David phoned Meg and asked for her opinion, so he will do the same.
Barbara Hunter goes to Becky Foster's flat and finds Eddie Lee, Becky Foster and Yvonne Brooks.  Eddie Lee asks Becky and Barbara to leave him and Yvonne alone, so Barbara and Becky go for a walk.
Yvonne Brooks asks Eddie Lee what Barbara Hunter can do and Eddie says she can raise doubts in people's mind.  Yvonne Brooks begs him to call it off.  "Why?  What could she possibly find out?" asks Eddie.  "I did it," says Yvonne Brooks.  "You!" says Eddie Lee.  He walks towards Yvonne Brooks.  "You did it.  You did it," he says, putting his hands around Yvonne Brook's neck.  "I ought to kill you," says Eddie.  "It was for you, for us," says Yvonne Brook's.  Eddie tells her that he did time for her and she didn't say anyhting.  Yvonne says she thought he knew.
Outside the door of Becky Foster's flat Barbara Hunter listens to Eddie Lee and Yvonne Brooks talking.  Eddie Lee pushes Yvonne Brooks onto the settee and raises his hand to hit her.  Barbara Hunter comes into the flat.
Victor Lee comes into the motel reception and gives Adam Chance the keys to his car.  Victor says Becky Foster should have given them to him but she left early for some reason.  Adam tells Victor Lee that he believes Becky had a friend to dinner, a Mrs Brooks.  "Mrs Brooks?" asks Victor Lee.  Adam tells Victor that Mrs Brooks arrived a few days ago.
Kevin Banks goes to his aunt Marion Owen's house and says hello to Iris Scott.  Kevin asks Iris how she is and Iris says fine.  Kevin tells Iris that Kath Brownlow is going to pieces, she is on the verge of a breakdown.  Kevin says he is sure that Iris doesn't want Kath to suffer, and asks her to go to the polcie and tell them what really happened.  Kevin tells Iris that when they get her in the witness stand they will tear her to pieces.

1981 Episodes continued

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