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Sandy and Meg discuss the Arthur Brownlow and Iris Scott incident.  Doris Luke comes into reception and Sandy asks her how things are in the kitchen.  Doris tells him that it's not the nicest atmosphere she's worked in.  Doris says the fact that Iris Scott is staying with Mrs Hunter makes it look as if the management are taking Iris's side.
Becky Foster returns to her flat and gives Eddie Lee some books about convicted killers being proved innocent byt someone taking on their case.  Eddie Lee looks at them quickly and gives them back to Becky.
Iris Scott comes to the motel and Meg tells her that if she would rather not come into work then she would understand.  Iris tells her that she has got to earn some money somehow.  Iris Scott tells Meg that she would rather not go on staying with Mrs Hunter, so Meg says they could let her have a chalet.  Iris says that would be fine.  Doris Luke is standing closeby and overhears the conversation.  She tells Iris that she thought she might be scared to stay in a chalet after what happened.  "Oh yes, you're right," says Iris.
Sandy asks Jill why she broke off her engagement with Tom Peterson and Jill says she was told a few home truths. 
Becky Foster sits at her typewriter in a day dream.  Victor Lee tells her that Gocol are making cutbacks and they might be out of a job soon.  Becky tells Victor Lee that he never talks about his family.  "Don't you have a brother?" asks Becky.  "Have I?" asks Victor Lee.  Becky says she heard someone mention him.
Marion Owen talks to Meg about taking Iris Scott back to stay with her.  Meg says it musn't look as if they are taking sides.
Jill tells Sandy that she has phoned Michael Hislop to ask if she can rent his mother's cottage and he said yes.  She says all she has to do now is phone Stan and ask him if she can have Sarah Jane for the half term holidays.
Jill Harvey phones Stan in Germany and asks him if she can have Sarah Jane during the school holiday and Stan agrees.  Meg comes into reception and Jill tells her that she is going for a short holiday.  Meg tells her she thinks it's a good idea, she was going to suggest it herself.
Doris Luke tells Meg that Shughie McFee has gone down with the flu so Meg prepares to go and help out in the kitchen.  Sandy tells Meg that they will need Jill now but Meg says no, she wants Jill to have a holiday.
Iris Scott goes to see Marion Owen and Marion asks her if she would like to come back and stay with her.  Iris says she would love to because she doesn't want to stay at the Coach House any longer.  Iris tells Marion that Mrs Mortimer offered her the use of a chalet so that proves one thing.  "They're all on my side," says Iris.  She says Barbara Hunter told her that Arthur Brownlow miight go to prison.  "It's no more than he deserves," says Iris Scott.     
Barbara Hunter goes to Becky Foster's flat and finds Eddie Lee there.  She tells him to leave. 
Kath Brownlow goes to see Iris Scott and begs her to go to the police and tell them the truth, but Iris says she is telling the truth.
Becky Foster arrives home and finds that Eddie Lee has packed up all his belongings.  She begins to cry and Eddie comforts her.
Miranda Pollard arrives at the motel and meets Adam Chance again.
Becky Foster goes to the motel and meets Barbara Hunter.  She shouts at her for telling Eddie Lee to go.  
Adam Chance talks to Victor Lee about a concession for a new Italian car.  He tells him that the motel might take over the garage.  Adam tells Victor that he hopes to form a company and asks Victor if he would like to be his business partner.
Iris Scott asks Becky Foster if she can share her flat but Becky tells her that she will have to write to Diane Hunter first.
Victor Lee asks Miranda Pollard what Adam Chance is like as a businessman because he has to put up 10,000 for this partnership.  Miranda tells him that he will have to form his own opinions.
The phone rings at Becky Foster's flat.  Eddie Lee asks Becky if he can come back to stay at the flat.
Adam Chance tells Miranda Pollard that this Italian car concession could be worth 60,000 to the garage.
Becky Foster goes to see Marbara Hunter and tells her that Eddie Lee is back at her flat.  She asks Barbara to help him because she is a writer and she can help prove his innocence.
Miranda Pollard tells Adam Chance that she will put 5,000 towards the garaga concession.
Victor Lee agrees to become a working partner with Adam Chance. 
Barbara Hunter and Becky Foster talk to Eddie Lee.  Eddie Lee explains that he was seeing Yvonne Brook, the wife of the man he is supposed to have killed.  He tells them that Alf Brooks was alive when he left him.
Arthur Brownlow's boss Mr Jenkins tells Arthur that he hasn't been chosen for promotion.
Barbara Hunter tells Eddie Lee that she wants to help him but first he has to give himself up.  Eddie tells her that he is not going back to prison.
Doris Luke goes to the garage office and Victor Lee tells her that the motel might be buying the garage.  Doris Luke mentions this to Meg Mortimer, assuming that she knows all about it. 
Meg goes to see Adam Chance and Adam tells her that Gocol are selling at a lower price and he has made them an offer which they have accepted.  Meg tells him that he should have spoken to her first.  Meg tells Adam that  he can do what he likes with his money but she is not getting involved with this garage deal.
Kath and Arthur Brownlow have a meal at the motel.  They talk with Meg about Mr Hislop senior defending Arthur.
Adam Chance asks Barbara Hunter to contact David to get his opinion about the garage deal.  Barbara Hunter phones David in Guernsey and tries to persuade him to come home for the weekend but David tells her he can't make it.
Eddie Lee goes to the Coach House to talk to Barbara Hunter,  He tries to kiss her but Barbara backs away from him.
Miranda Pollard offers Adam Chance 2,000 to go into partnership on the garage deal.
Special Note:  February 26th 1981 - Actor Roger Tonge, who played Sandy died today, aged 35).

1981 Episodes continued

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