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Marion Owen arrives at Chimney's and finds Jill Harvey shaking.  Marion is about to call the doctor but Jill tells her not to, that she has got to do this by herself.

Doris Luke tells Adam Chance, Barbara Hunter and Sandy what happened in chalet 7.  She tells them that it's serious, the police are treating it as an assault.

Marion Owen receives a phone call asking her to go to the surgery.  She asks Jill Harvey if she will be alright on her own.  Jill telephones the motel and Adam Chance answers the phone.  He guesses immediately that something is wrong and tells Jill that he will be there as soon as possible.

Iris Scott talks to the policewoman and tells her that Arthur Brownlow locked the door and put the key in his pocket.  The policewoman asks her why she didn't tell them this before.  The policewoman tells Iris that there are a few things that don't agree with what she told them earlier.  Iris tells her that she can't remember, that she is in shock.  

Adam Chance arrives at Chimney's and gives Jill a drink to calm her down.  Jill tells Adam that she doesn't think she can get through this night.  "Stay with me Adam and help me get through it," says Jill.  "Of course I'll help you through," Adam tells her.

Becky Foster asks Eddie Lee why he went to prison and Eddie tells her that he killed someone, at least they say he did.  He tells Becky that he didn't do it but she needn't believe him.  Becky tells Eddie that she does believe him.

Doris Luke tells Sandy that she doesn't want to go through it all with the police but Sandy tells her that her statement will be very important.  Doris wonders where Iris Scott is going to stay as she can't go back to the Brownlow's.  Sandy tells her that Barbara Hunter has taken Iris to the Coach House.

Kath Brownlow sits at home waiting for Arthur to arrive home.  Glenda arrives home and Kath tells her that Arthur isn't home yet.  She telephones Arthur's boss, Mr Jenkins to ask if Arthur is there but Mr Jenkins tells her he isn't. 

The police officer takes Arthur Brownlow back into chalet 7.  The policewoman who had been questioning Iris Scott takes her colleague aside and they talk in lowered voices.  The policeman asks Arthur to empty his pockets which Arthur does.  Arthur removes a key from his top pocket.  "What would that be?" asks the policeman.  Arthur tells him that he doesn't know how it got there.  The police officer asks Arthur to accompany him to the station.  Arthur asks if he can phone his wife first.  Arthur Brownlow phones Kath and tells her that there has been a bit of trouble and he will be home as soon as possible.  

The policewoman goes to the Brownlow's house and asks Kath Brownlow where Arthur said he was going.  Kath tells her that Arthur told her he was going to see his boss Mr Jenkins.  The policewoman asks about Iris Scott and tells Kath that Iris Scott alleges that she was assaulted.  Kath asks if Arthur is a witness.  "It's not like that.  Mr Brownlow is at the station helping us with our enquiries," the policewoman tells Kath.  "Oh no, he wouldn't do anything like that.  Not Arthur," says Kath.

Later that evening Arthur Brownlow returns home and Kath and Glenda ask him what happened.  Arthur tells them that he was supposed to meet Iris at the motel but she started screaming and tearing her clothes, making it look as if he had been getting at her.  Kath tells him it's all over now, but Arthur say she doesn't think it is.  "You see, the police think I did it," says Arthur.  "I could kill her for what she's done.  I could kill her," says Glenda.

When they are alone Arthur tells Kath that he grabbed Iris Scott to try and make her be quiet.  Kath tells him that if he did do something then it's alright, he can tell her.  Arthur looks at her horrified.  Kath tells Arthur that he told her that he was going drinking with Mr Jenkins.  "Where were you Arthur?" asks Kath.  Arthur tells her that he went to the motel to pick up a birthday present for her.

At the Coach House Iris Scott tells Barbara Hunter that Arthur Brownlow says he came to the chalet to collect a present for Kath, but she doesn't know anything about it.  She says she didn't even know it was Kath Brownlow's birthday.  Iris asks Barbara what she thinks will happen, will Arthur just get a telling off.  Barbara tells her that it's a very serious matter and Arthur Brownlow could go to prison.   

Kath Brownlow apolgises to Arthur for doubting him but says she had to ask.  Arthur says it's not going to be easy.  "I'll tell you one thing.  There's no one I'd rather have standing by me," says Arthur.

Marion Owen goes to Chimney's to see Jill Harvey and finds her feeling much better.  Jill tells her that she managed to get through the night without the pills so she won't need them anymore.  She takes the pills and flushes them down the toilet.

Glenda and Kath Brownlow go into work at the motel and Doris Luke tells them that they are all upset about what happened.  Glenda tells her there's nothing to be upset about because her father is innocent.  Meg tells Glenda that she is very sorry.  "We'll be alright if only people would leave us alone," Glenda says. 

Tom Peterson goes to Chimney's to see Jill Harvey and Jill tells him that she is sorry that she messed up his chances of the job in the Middle East.  She tells Tom that she realises that she doesn't love him and tells him that she won't be marrying him.

Kath Brownlow goes to chalet 7.  Meg Mortimer comes into the chalet and suggests that maybe Kath should take a few days off, but Kath says no.  She says Arthur is innocent and if they stayed away it would look as if they were scared. 

Barbara Hunter asks Becky Foster if she would like to come to the Coach House for dinner but Becky says she can't as she has a previous engagement.

Adam Chance joins Barbara Hunter at the reception desk and Barbara tells Adam that she meant to ask Becky Foster if she would share her flat with Iris Scott until all this business is cleared up.  Adam tells Barbara that he thinks Becky Foster is sharing her flat with someone already.  He tells her that a few days ago Becky rang to book a chalet, there was a conversation and then she cancelled.  Barbara says Becky never mentioned anything and Adam says he is sure it was a man Becky was having the conversation with.

Marion Owne goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Kath that she heard all about what happened.  She asks where Iris Scott is and Glenda says they don't know and they don't care after what she has done. 

Becky Foster tells Eddie Lee that if someone could take up his case they could prove he is innocent.

Tom Peterson tells Meg that he is leaving the motel.  He tells her that Jill has broken off theri engagement.

Iris Scott goes to Becky Foster's flat and tells her that she can't go back to live at the Brownlow's.  Iris asks Becky if she could stay with her for a while but Becky says she can't because it's not her flat.  Iris Scott goes into the kitchen and notices a man's shirt and shoes.

Becky Foster goes to the Coach House and tells Barbara Hunter that she can't stay long because she has someone waiting.  "A boyfriend?" asks Barbara, and Becky says no.  Becky tells Barbara that she has an idea for a book.

Tom Peterson leaves the motel.  Meg asks Adam Chance if he has any idea why Jill should have changed her mind about Tom.

Becky Foster tells Barbara Hunter about Eddie Lee, and tells her that she knows he is innocent.  Barbara tells Becky that she is an accomplice, she is aiding and abetting a criminal, and she must go to the police.  "If you don't, I will," warns Barbara.  "But you gave your word," says Becky Foster.  "Well I never knew what I'd be giving my word to," says Barbara.  Becky tells Barbara that she won't betray Eddie.  Barbara says that by telling her she has made her an accessory and it's her duty to report it.  Becky bursts into tears and says she just wants to help Eddie Lee.               

1981 Episodes continued

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