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Barbara asks David what James Wilcox said and David tells her that he told them they would have to be patient.  "Well, if you're going to have to wait, then you'll have to wait," says Barbara.  She notices David's expression change.  "David?  You're afraid aren't you.  You're afraid that it you have to wait until she's cured then she might change her mind.  She might want to keep the baby," says Barbara.  "That's got nothing to do with it," says David.  "You don't want her cured do you," says Barbara.  "She's not a right and proper person to bring up my son.  You know she can never be a decent mother," says David. 
David asks Barbara to come with him to see Sarah Alexander.  "She's a sick woman David," says Barbara.  "She's got my son," says David.  Barbara says she won't do it, and once he has thought about it he will realise that he is wrong.  Barbara walks out of the office.                         
Later, Barbara comes into the office and apologises for reacting the way she did.  "I need your help Barbara," says David.  "You know I'll do anything," says Barbara.  "Except this," says David.  David tells Barbara that he wants her to come to the nursing home, she can talk to Sarah and she will listen to her.  Finally Barbara agrees to come with him to the nursing home. 
Pete Maguire gets some drugs from a man in a car but he tells him it's not enough.  Pete telephones Larry Wilcox and asks him to meet for a drink, but  Larry says he has to finish an essay.  He tells Pete that he should be finished by this evening and they arrange to meet in the Crossroads motel bar.
David tells Barbara about Sarah, and Barbara says she has heard of the condition before and apparently it's a worse case of the baby blues.  Barbara asks David if he saw the baby and David says no, that will have to wait a while but the doctors are very hopeful for Sarah if they carry on with the treatment. 
Pete Maguire goes into the motel bar and see's Iris Scott behind the bar.  He tells her that he has arranged to meet Larry Wilcox.  Iris says she thought he would be wanting an easy evening after his day at the clinic.  Pete says it was all fairly easy today, just signing papers and getting to know each other.  Larry Wilcox comes into the bar and they sit down at one of the tables.  Pete tells Larry that he can't pay him back the money he owes him but Larry tells him it doesn't matter.
Barbara asks David if Sarah mentioned the baby and David says yes.  "Anything definite?" asks Barbara.  "She said she's thinking of putting it up for adoption," says David.  "David," says Barbara.  "My next thought my darling is with you.  I must know before we go any further with this.  You said you were prepared to accept her child once," says David.  "Yes I was," says Barbara.  "I've got to know.  Have you changed your mind.  I'd try hard to understand if you had but..." says David.  "Could you...could we...adopt the child," says David.  "No.  I haven't changed my mind," says Barbara.  David smiles.  "If Sarah agrees to it.  If it's best for the child, and if it's what you want," says Barbara, putting her arm around David's shoulder.  "Then I want it to," she says.  David puts his head onto her shoulder and she hugs him.        
Jill talks to Barbara about the adoption and says she doesn't think she will be able to do what she is doing.  Barbara says she couldn't give David a child, and now he has a son then this is the best thing she can do for him.                       
The immigration officer, Miss Howard, talks with Anna Ross in her chalet.  Paul Ross comes into the chalet and Miss Howard tells him that Anna is under arrest and has admitted marrying him in order to stay in the country.  Paul asks Miss Howard if he could talk to Anna alone and Miss Howard says she will wait outside, and leaves the chalet.
Anna tells Paul that she loves him.  There is a knock on the chalet door and Miss Howard comes back into the room.  She tells Paul and Anna that she will give them a few more minutes if they need it but Anna says she has said what needed to be said.
Sheila Maguire goes to see Harry Maguire at Mavis Hooper's lodging house and tells him that they have to help Pete.  Harry says they have done everything they could to help Pete.  Harry tells her that he washes his hands of Pete.  Mrs Maguire asks Harry to come with her to see Pete and maybe they can work something out. 
Pete Maguire makes a phone call to arrange for some drugs.  There is a knock at the door and Pete opens it to his parents.  Pete tells Harry that he was on his way out but Harry tells him that he has taken time off work to come here so he is going to hear him out.  "You're going into a clinic," says Harry Maguire.  "What!" says Pete Maguire.
Harry tells him that he is booked into a clinic and he is going to stay there until they get him off the drugs.  "No way," says Pete.  "I'm not going through that again," he says.  "Fancy prison instead do you?" asks Harry Maguire.  Pete stares at his father.  "Harry did you have..." says Mrs Maguire.  "Shut up!" shouts Harry.  Pete Maguire stands up and faces his father.  "And you can pack that in!" he shouts.  "You're not on a parade ground now you know.  That's your wife.  Your loving wife.  Is she supposed to jump to it as well," says Pete.  Harry Maguire walks up to Pete.  "Have you finished," he says.  "Just cool it dad eh," says Pete.
Harry Maguire tells Pete that he knows he stole the family silver in order to get money to pay for drugs.  Sheila Maguire tells Harry that it is all sorted out now.  Iris Scott arrives at the flat.                     
David and Barbara Hunter go to the nursing home to visit Sarah Alexander.  Sarah tells David and Barbara that they did warn her that thet were coming.  "There's something over there I think you'll want to see.  Your son," says Sarah.  David goes over to the cot and looks inside.  "He's beautiful," says David.  Barbara joins him and says David is right.  "It looks shapeless to me.  They bought it in this morning," says Sarah.  "Yes, but you must be pleased," says Barbara.  "Must I?  If you says so," says Sarah, looking at her.  David thanks Sarah for letting them see the baby.       
Harry and Pete Maguire go into the motel bar and Harry asks Iris Scott if he can stay at her flat tonight as it is Pete's last night before he goes into the clinic. 
Sarah Alexander tells David that she hasn't given the baby a name.  "Nothing seems suitable," she says.  David asks Sarah if it would be a good idea if they went ahead now, set things in motion, about the adoption.  "David," warns Barbara.  Sarah tells David and Barbara that the baby cries all the time and Barbara says he is just getting used to things.  "Well I mean you're strangers to each other," says Barbara.  "How would you know about that.  You've never had a child," says Sarah.    
David tells Sarah that she can't keep running away from this.  "How can I run.  That thing will follow me everywhere," says Sarah.  Sarah tells them that they will have to leave soon.  "Go away David.  Before they throw you out," she says spitefully.
Iris Scott settles Pete Maguire onto her settee for the night.  Harry Maguire sits in the armchair.  Pete thanks Iris for helping him.           
Barbara Hunter joins David in the office the following morning and he tells her that he is writing to his solicitor to set the wheels in motion about the adoption.  Barbara tells him that Sarah hasnt agreed to anything yet. ' 
Doctor James Wilcox arrives at Iris Scott's flat to collect Pete Maguire in order to take him to the clinic.  Iris tells Pete that he will be alright, and that she will come and visit him.  Doctor Wilcox leaves with Pete Maguire.
Barbara Hunter tells David that she doesn't like what he did at the hospital yesterday when he saw Sarah.  David tells her that Sarah will want to adoption sooner or later and what he did was perfectly reasonable.  Barbara tells him that he was backing Sarah into a corner.  "You're taking advantage of Sarah's confusion.  You know that and I don't like it," says Barbara.
Doctor James Wilcox and Pete Maguire stop at the petrol station.  James fills up the car and goes to the office to pay, leaving Pete Maguire in the car.  Pete gets out of the car and runs off. 
Barbara Hunter joins Jill Chance in the office and Jill asks her if everything is alright.  Barbara says no, not really.  "Something you can talk about?" asks Jill.  "Not with David.  He tenses up at the very mention of Sarah.  He's so on edge I just wish I could help," says Barbara.  Barbara tells Jill that she needs to convince Sarah that they aren't going to put any pressure on her.  "How are you going to do that when she wouldn't even listen to you the other day," asks Jill.  "No, she wouldn't listen to David.  He behaved so selfishly I'm not surprised," says Barbara.  "Barbara, do you think it's wise, talking to her woman to woman?" asks Jill.  Barbara tells Jill that she just thinks that on her own she might be able to get through to Sarah.
James Wilcox examines Sheila Maguire in her chalet.  She asks Doctor Wilcox if there is any news about Pete and James Wilcox says not yet.
Pete Maguire walks the streets.
Larry Wilcox joins Iris Scott in the motel bar and guesses from his expression that there is no news from Pete Maguire.  Iris tells Larry that maybe they could go looking in some of the places Pete might go, but Larry isn't too sure.  Iris tells Larry that if the police get to Pete first it will kill him.  Iris says she would like to try.   
Iris Scott and Larry Wilcox walk the streets trying to find Pete Maguire.
Barbara Hunter goes to the nursing home to see Sarah Alexander.  Sarah walks in with an elderly lady and Barbara goes to her.  Barbara tells Sarah that she thought they could talk but Sarah says she has a visitor.  "I don't want your flowers, I don't want your talk and I certainbly don't want your thinly disguised pleas for David," says Sarah.  Barbara says she would just like to put things right between them.  "Just leave me in peace the pair of you!" says Sarah, and walks away.       
Pete Maguire goes into a chemist and gives his prescription to the counter assistant.  He sits down to wait.  The assistant calls over the chemist and they talk and then the assistant points in Pete's direction.  Pete looks at them then runs out of the shop.
David Hunter goes into the office and Jill Chance tells him that he should call the nursing home and speak to a Doctor Armstrong.  David dials the number and asks why no one tried to find him before.  "Doctor Armstrong.  What time was that?  I agree.  It would be most unfortunate for all concerned.  Did Mrs Alexander settle down afterwards? " asks David when he makes contact with Doctor Armstrong. 
When David puts the phone down he tells Jill that Barbara took it upon herself to act as go-between.  "And they didn't like it," says Jill.  "Her doctor has issued strict instructions that neither of us be allowed in to see and, antagonise, as she put it, Mrs Alexander," says David.  "Sorry David," says Jill.  "Not half as sorry as Barbara's going to be," says David, and leaves the office.
Kevin Banks meets John Latchford in the motel bar and John asks him how he got on with a client.  Kevin tells him that he spent two hours talking to the client and he only sold some socks. 

1985 Episodes continued

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