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Barbara Hunter joins David in the motel dining room, and David asks her how she got on at her publishers.  He tells her that he knows she went to see Sarah.  Barbara assumes Jill told him but David says he got a phone call from a very irate Doctor Armstrong telling him about Sarah's regression following her visit.  David tells Barbara that he or anyone representing him is allowed to see Sarah.  Barbara tells him that she thought she could talk to Sarah woman to woman.  "I want that child Barbara," says David.  "To the exclusion of all else?  Even me," asks Barbara.  Barbara says this is driving them apart.
Barbara joins David in the office and asks him if he is ready.  David stares blankly at her and Barbara reminds him that he is taking her to dinner.  David says he won't be able to because Sarah phoned and wants to see him.  Barbara says he is banned from Shrubland Court but David says Sarah asked to see him.  Barbara says she is just a little anxious that this isn't a trap by Sarah to get him into trouble.  Barbara asks him if Sarah said anything and David tells her that she has made up her mind about the adoption. 
Larry and James Wilcox have lunch in the motel dining room to celebrate Larry's good mock exam results.  Larry tells his father that he can't help thinking about Pete Maguire.  He says he wonders what went wrong for Pete and right for him. 
Sarah Alexander sits in the reception area of the nursing home.  David arrives and joins her on the settee.  "I'm on my way home David," says Sarah, smiling broadly.  "That's splendid.  You're better then?" asks David.  "They seem to think so.  Of course everyone will be keeping a close watch on me.  If I so much as sneeze they'll know about it," she laughs.  "That's very reassuring.  Perhaps we can meet?" suggests David.  "There's not much to talk about.  And the taxi will be arriving in a minute," says Sarah. 
An elderly woman passes by in reception and calls Sarah's name.  "My mother," says Sarah.  "She's coming to live with me.  With us, rather.  I'll have to get used to that," says Sarah.  "Your mother?  Us?" asks David.  "Me and Jonathan," says Sarah.  "He's named after my father.  My mother will help look after the baby until I feel strong enough to cope.  And that won't be too long," Sarah explains.  "What exactly are you saying?" asks David.  "I've made plans for the future," he says.  "I felt I had to tell you face to face.  Not on the telephone.  It's so cold somehow," says Sarah.  "What are you saying exactly?" asks David, as Sarah stands up to leave.  "We won't be meeting again," says Sarah.  "This isn't right," says David.  "I don't need any help from you," says Sarah, putting on her coat. 
Sarah Alexander walks out of the nursing home closely followed by David.  "What about the adoption?" asks David.  "There won't be an adoption," says Sarah.  "Of course there will be.  I had it all worked out," says David.  "I'm sure you did David.  I've changed my mind.  I have, I think, come to my senses," says Sarah.  Sarah gets into a car.  David leans on the rear door of the car.  "He's my son," says David.  "You'll just have to get used to the idea you won't be seeing him again," says Sarah.  "I'll fight you on this," says David.  "You'll lose.  Don't waste your time or your money," says Sarah.  The nurse hands Sarah her baby.  "Goodbye David," says Sarah.  "You can't do this," says David.  "I'm doing it," says Sarah and pulls the car door shut.  "Sarah!" calls David as the car moves away.       
Jill Chance joins Barbara Hunter in the office and Barbara tells her that David was summonsed to the nursing home this morning, and he has been gone more than six hours.  Jill asks her why she didn't phone the nursing home and Barbara says she didn't want to appear the anxious wife.  Jill offers to phone for her.  She dials the number.  "Oh hello.  Could you tell me if there's a Mister Hunter there.  He came to see Mrs Alexander.  What?  What time was this?  Oh yes, I see. Thank you very much," says Jill and puts the phone down.    
"Mrs Alexander's checked out," Jill tells Barbara.  "She couldn't have," says Barbara.  Barbara says she wasn't due out for a while.  "A swift recovery they said.  She left at one forty five.  And David was with her," says Jill.  "They left together?" asks Barbara.  "What's going on.  He didn't say anything earlier," says Barbara.  Adam Chance comes into the office and Barbara and Jill tell him that Sarah and David left the nursing home together.  
Barbara, Adam and Jill have drinks in the motel bar.  Adam tells Barbara that there is probably a perfectly simple explanation.  Adam tells Barbara that he and Jill are staying the night at the motel because they are on duty early in the morning.  Barbara insists that she will be alright.  "David will turn up, shortly.  Won't he," says Barbara.
Pete Maguire goes back to Iris Scott's flat with a girl and she gives him some drugs.  The girl admires the flat and Pete tells her that it belongs to a friend, but he doesn't want her involved with any of this. 
Paul Ross see's Barbara Hunter wandering around reception and he asks her if everything is alright.  He tells her that sometimes it helps to talk to someone about the problem.  Barbara thanks him but says there's really nothing to talk about.  Paul says there is no need now as he spots David walking into reception.  Barbara takes David into the office.
Larry Wilcox goes to the motel bar to see Iris Scott and asks her if she has heard anything from Pete Maguire.  Iris says she hasn't heard anything.  She says she doesn't think Pete will contact them now, that he is gone for good.  Larry says maybe it's for the best.   
David sits dejectedly in a chair in the office, whilst Barbara paces the floor.  "So, you saw Sarah," she says.  "Oh yes, I saw her.  She was doing a disappearing trick.  Now you see it now you don't," says David.  Barbara asks him to tell her what happened.  "I deserve that at least," she says.  "She's changed her mind about the adoption," says David.  "Oh David.  What can I say," says Barbara.  "She wants me to have nothing to do with him.  I'm never to see my son again," says David, quietly.              
Barbara goes to David and puts her arm around his shoulder.  "Poor David.  I'm so sorry," she says.  "I was convinced she'd say yes," says David.  Barbara says she did try to warn him and David says he didn't want to listen.  Barbara asks David where he has been and David says he walked.  "I was sure she'd say yes," he mutters.  "We must try and pick the pieces up darling," says Barbara.  David looks at Barbara.  "Why.  The dreams over Barbara," says David. 
Iris Scott goes back to her flat and finds Pete Maguire lying on the settee.  She tries to wake him up without success.
Iris Scott goes to the Brownlows house and Kevin tells her that he heard about Pete Maguire's death.   
Jill Chance tells David that she is very sorry about the adoption.  David says it's over and he has to get used to it.  Jill tells David that she will go and get some coffee.  David thanks her for her concern.
Kath Brownlow and Glenda Banks arrive late for work at the motel, and Paul Ross tells them off.  Kath tells Paul that they had an upset last night.  She tells him that Iris Scott went back to her flat last night and found Pete Maguire dead. 
Larry Wilcox goes to see Iris Scott at the Brownlow's and says he is really sorry about Pete.  Iris tells Larry that she doesn't want to go back to the flat but she knows she has to face up to it sometime.  
Jill Chance tells David that she is going to go and see the laywers about this takeover bid.  David tells her that he is going into Birmingham later so he will go.
Iris Scott asks Larry if he would come and help her sort Pete's things out at the flat.  She says she wants to get all Pete's things packed up for his parents.
Harry Maguire goes to work at the garage as usual but Joe MacDonald tells him that he doesn't need to be here.  Joe tells him that he can look after the garage whilst he goes home.  "When I want your help I'll ask for it.  I want to be here.  I want to work.  Don't you understand," says Harry Maguire.
Barbara joins David and Jill in the office and tells David that she thought they might have lunch. David says he can't because he has to see the company laywers about this takeover.  David leaves the office.  Jill tells Barbara that David seem's to be taking it well.  "Yes, doesn't he just," says Barbara.  "The usual calm and efficient David," says Jill.  "Disturbing isn't it," says Barbara.  Jill looks at her, puzzled.  Barbara says she is not convinced.  "He's too calm.  And it worried me," she says.    
Larry Wilcox and Iris Scott go to Iris's flat.  She thanks him for coming with her because she couldn't have done it on her own.  Iris opens the door and walks inside.  She shudders.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that he has to get that order tomorrow otherwise he could be out of a job.  Glenda says John Latchford wouldn't sack him, he's almost family.
David arrives back in the office and Barbara asks him where he has been.  David tells her the meeting just went on.  Barbara tells him that this is the second day he's disappeared without telling anyone where he is going.  Barbara says he could have phoned.  "It would be nice to not be taken for granted," says Barbara.  David tells him that Harrison insisted on a few drinks.  David asks her what is wrong because she is obviously upset.  "I'm sick to death of waiting, and I'm sick to death of your stories," says Barbara.  David tells her they are not stories. 

1985 Episodes continued

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