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Kevin Banks goes to John Latchford's chalet and finds Elaine Winter's there alone.  She tells Kevin to come in and that John won't be long.  Elaine Winter's offers Kevin coffee and asks if she can help.  Kevin tells her it's about what was discussed last night, the job.  He tells her that he discussed it with his wife and they decided that maybe he had been a bit hasty in his decision, so he thought he could discuss it further with Mr Latchford.                
John Latchford arrives in the chalet, and asks Kevin what he can do for him.  "Well the thing is, I've had second thoughts.  About what was said last night, you know, about the job," says Kevin.  "Really?  You, or Glenda?" asks John Latchford.  Kevin looks at him, puzzled.  "we had a bit of a chat," says Kevin.  "Yes.  Bit of a one-sided affair if I know our Glenda," says John Latchford.  Kevin tells John that he has come to apologise and ask if the offer is still open.  "Not many applicants since last night," says John.  "In that case, I'd like to give it a try," says Kevin.  John Latchford shakes Kevin's hand.
Barbara Hunter joins David in their private quarters.  David tells her that he had to change, he spilt coffee all over himself.  "Very clumsy of me.  I have been clumsy lastely.  Don't know why," he says.  He asks if Jill is coping alright and Barbara says yes.  David fixes his tie in the mirror.  "Jill rang the nursing home," Barbara tells him.  "Why?" asks David anxiously, turning to look at her.  "Barbara!" he says.  "You have a son," says Barbara.  "A son," repeats David.  "Yes," smiles Barbara.  "I'm pleased," she adds.  David walks to her.  "It's everything I've always wanted," says David.  "I must make her change her mind," he says.  "Change her mind?" asks Barbara.  "Sarah.  She must change her mind.  She must let me see him, she must," says David.  "You understand?" asks David.  "Of course I understand.  Yes, of course I do," says Barbara, and hugs him.
Kath Brownlow see's John Latchford in the motel reception and she thanks him for giving Kevin the job.  John says he is glad that he is in a position to be able to help.
Harry Maguire takes Pete into the motel garage and Sid Hooper tells him that Adam Chance was looking for him.  Harry says he will phone him from the garage office.  He tells Pete that when he returns he expects the find him still here with Mr Hooper.  "Don't go anywhere," Harry tells Pete.  "Just do as you're told for once," says Harry Maguire.  Harry tells Sid Hooper that he is putting him in charge.  "I don't want this boy to move a muscle.  Understand," says Harry, looking at Sid.  Harry Maguire leaves them.
Jill Chance tells David and Barbara that it would be interesting to know what sort of offer Major International Hotel s would make for the motel.  Barbara says for all they know they could be potential millionaires.  David says it's all academic as they're not selling.  Miranda Pollard joins them in the office and thet tell her that they were just imagining what it would be like to be millionaires.
Miranda tells them that being a millionaire isn't all it's cracked up to be.  She tells them that she received a telex from her father in the Bahamas and he said they have had nothing but tropical storms.  David asks her what J. Henry wanted because he is sure her father didn't send her a telex just to tell her about the weather.  Miranda tells them that J. Henry was responding to a copy of the takeover proposal from Major International Hotels.  "He wants us to accept their offer," she says.  "Does he now," smiles David.
David asks Miranda what J. Henry's reasons for accepting the offer are.  "He reckons there will never be a better opportunity.  He knows some of the top people at Major International Hotels personally," says Miranda.  "I bet he does," says Barbara.  "They can be trusted implicitly," says Miranda.  Miranda says J. Henry wants to know what their intentions are.  "No problem," says Jill.  "We don't sell, under any circumstances.  I've made it quite clear where my vote lies," she says.                   
Sid Hooper asks Pete Maguire what Harry means by wanting him to stand guard over him.  Pete says he's been a naughty boy, and Sid says he did hear something.  Harry Maguire joins them and asks if everything is alright.  "Fine sir," replies Pete.  "Now don't you ...!" shouts Harry Maguire.  Harry Maguire tells Sid Hooper that he has spoken to Mr Chance and he says there is no problem about him taking time off.  Harry tells Sid that he is leaving now.  "I'm not letting you out of my sight Peter," says Harry. 
David Hunter goes to the nursing home and asks to see Sarah Alexander.  Doctor Armstrong asks David if she could talk to him.  Doctor Armstrong tells David that Mrs Alexander has rejected her baby, and she suspects that she hears voices.  David asks the doctor what is being done for Sarah and the doctor tells him that she has been prescribed drugs, psychotherapy and they may use ECT.  She assures David that the condition will pass.
The nurse shows David into Sarah Alexander's room.  "Hello Sarah," says David.  "I told them I didn't want to see you.  She said it would be a good idea," says Sarah.  David tells Sarah that they must talk about the baby.  "Listen," says Sarah, gazing into mid-air.  "I'll do whatever you say of course," she says.  "Sara," says David, anxiously.  "The baby screams all the time.  You should hear it, David.  Screaming, on and on.  I can't stop it!" says Sarah, her voice rising.  "I shouldn't have let you talk me into it.  I shouldn't have had the baby!" says Sarah.  "Don't say that," says David.
"What?" asks Sarah, again staring at something only she can see.  "You see that tree over there," she says, staring out of the window.  "Yes," replies David.  "I don't want anything to do with the baby.  I'd like to leave it over there, under that tree, and let the leaves fall and cover it.  Wouldn't that be nice," says Sarah.  "If you don't want the baby..." says David.  "I told them over and over.  I told Christine.  You've met my psychiatrist haven't you," says Sarah.  David says he has and Sarah says they're quite reassuring.  "I've told them to put it out for adoption," says Sarah.  "If that's what you want, why not let Barbara and me adopt him," says David.  "It screams all the time, I told you.  What would you want with a screaming... " says Sarah.
David tells Sarah that she would know the baby would be safe and happy and that's important.  "I don't know what's important anymore," says Sarah.  "Will you think about it?" asks David.  "Don't make any decisions yet.  No one will force you to do anything you don't want to do," says David.  "Yes, I'll think about it," says Sarah.  David tells Sarah that he must go, but he will come and see her again if she likes.  He asks her if she needs anything.  Sarah looks at David.  "Our child David.  I don't want it," says Sarah.  David turns to leave, then turns back again.  He holds out the box of chocolates he had brought for Sarah.  Sarah takes the gift.  "I'll be alright.  Don't worry David.  It's something to get through.  I'll be alright," says Sarah.                                       
Miranda Pollard stops Paul Ross in the reception area and asks him if he could think of any reason why J. Henry would want to see the motel to a huge consortium who want to take them over.  Paul tells her that  knowing her father there is probaly a whole host of reasons.  Miranda says J. Henry says it would be best for them in the long run.  Paul tells Miranda that if J. Henry says that what he really means is that it would be best for him.      
Jill Chance asks David and Barbara if they think they've done enough to put J. Henry Pollard off.  The telephone rings and Jill answers it.  She tells David that it is Doctor Wilcox for him.  David takes the phone.  "Hello David.  It's about what you were asking me.  Well I had a word with my colleague at the nursing home.  You do understand I'm unable to pass on any specific information," says James Wilcox.  "Why not?" asks David.  Doctor Wilcox tells David that he must know that a doctor can't pass on any information on a patient to a third party," says James Wilcox.  James Wilcox tells David that he shouldn't force a woman in Sarah's condition to make any sort of decision.

1985 Episodes continued

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