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Back at the motel David telephones the nursing home where Sarah is staying.  "No, no I'm not family.  Just a very close friend," he says.  Adam Chance joins him in the office.  "Any luck?" he asks.  "I don't know if you'd call it that," says David.  Adam looks puzzled.  "I've found out where she is.  Shrubland Court," says David.  "That's a start," says Adam.  David tells him that Sarah has been at Shrubland Court for two weeks, and that's an unusually long time for a confinement.  "There must be something wrong," he says.    
Adam tells him that he is jumping the gun but David says Sarah wouldn't stay there a moment longer than necessary at the prices they charge.  "They wouldn't even tell me about the child.  They asked me if I was family.  I wish I'd had the nerve to say yes," says David.  
Barbara Hunter comes into the office and asks David if he had a successful business meeting.  She notices the bouquet of flowers on the desk and David says he saw them and couldn't resist them.  He gives to her and she kisses him.  "Well, it's nice to know that even if you do seem pre-occupied at least I'm the centre of your thoughts," says Barbara.  Adam looks at David.  Barbara says she had better put the flowers in some water and leaves the office.
"Were they for Sarah?" asks Adam.  "They helped to fool the commissionaire at her block of flats," David tells him.  "That's where I got the address of the nursing home," explains David.  Adam asks David what his next move is.  "Somehow I've got to see her Adam," says David.  "David.  A word of warning.  Don't go thinking you can keep this from Barbara.  Those flowers.  They didn't fool her one little bit," says Adam.        
Kath Brownlow lays on a special meal for Kevin and Glenda Banks' homecoming from Canada. 
Jill Chance shows Miranda Pollard a letter which is a takeover bid for the motel from an international chain of hotels.  Jill tells Miranda that she will be voting against any takeover. 
Jill takes a phone message for David and asks Adam if the name George Pemberton means anything to him.  Adam says no and asks what the message was.  "Tell him it's Shrubland Court," repeats Jill.  She asks him if he knows what it means and Adam says that's where Sarah Alexander is staying. 
Kevin and Glenda Banks return from their holiday in Canada.  Kevin phones about a job but has no luck.  He tells Glenda that it isn't too important because they are a cowboy outfit but Glenda says he can't afford to pass up work.  Kevin tells her that he wishes they had never come back from Canada.  
Barbara Hunter joins David in the office and asks him if he can give her a lift into town, but David says he can't as he has a business meeting. 
David Hunter goes to the nursing home to see Sarah Alexander.  He finds her sitting up in bed.  Sarah tells him that it was very clever of him to find her.  David says he wanted to find out how she is and how the baby is.  Sarah tells him that she is fine and the baby is fine too.  David tells Sarah that he wanted to know whether the baby was a boy or a girl, and Sarah tells him that he knows all he is going to know.  She tells him to leave her alone.
Barbara Hunter talks to Adam Chance in the motel office and asks him why he couldn't have been more honest with her about what is uspetting David.  Adam tells her that he is sorry but he was in an awkward situation.  Adam asks Barbara if she will tell David that she knows where he has been, and Barbara says no, David will tell her when he is ready.
Later, David joins Barbara in the office.  Barbara says he had been gone all day, and asks him if he has been wheeler-dealing.  David says if she has something to say then just to say it.  "How about a drink?" he asks.  "How about telling me where you've been today?" says Barbara.  David says he went to see someone about a booking.  "Happy now," he says.
Pete Maguire tells his mother and father that he isn't going to go to the clinic.  He tells them that he is going to stay with Iris Scott, she will help him.
John Latchford and Elaine Winter's chat to Kevin Banks in the motel bar and John tells him that he could have a job working with his company as a sales representative.  Kevin tells John Latchford that it isn't really for him, he is a painter and decorator and he works with his hands.  John says things change but Kevin says in order to be a good salesman you need to have a bit of the chat, but he isn't any good at that.
Glenda Banks see's Kevin in the motel reception and asks him what he is doing at the motel.  Kevin tells her that he has just seen John Latchford, and he offered him a job.  Glenda's face lights up.  "Salesman," says Kevin.  "But that's fantastic," says Glenda.  Kevin shakes his head.  "Can you see me as a salesman.  Flogging running shoes and table tennis balls," says Kevin.  "Well of course I can if you set your mind to it.  Kevin, a job," says Glenda.  "I turned it down," Kevin tells her.  "You did what?" asks Glenda.  At that moment Glenda spots Paul Ross coming into reception and tells Kevin that she will talk to him later.              
That night in their bedroom David and Barbara Hunter get ready for bed.  Barbara sits at the dressing table, brushing her hair.  David asks her if she is alright as she hardly said a word over dinner.  "I thought I'd let you do all the talking," says Barbara.  "For a change," remarks David.  "Not that you had a lot to say either," says Barbara.  Barbara takes her dressing gown off.
"Have I said something?" asks David.  "Said something?" asks Barbara.  "Something to make you angry.  Something to upset you?" asks David.  "Whatever gave you that idea," says Barbara.  She gets into bed and David turns onto his side, facing away from her.  Barbara turns her bedside light off, and then turns it straight back on again.  "Seeing as how you ask.  Yes, I am angry," says Barbara.  David half turns towards her but Barbara has her back to him.  "Why did you lie to me?  Again," says Barbara.  "Barbara," mumbles David turning onto his back.  Barbara turns around.  "Why didn't you tell me about Sarah?" she asks.  David looks at her.                       
"Why couldn't you have told me.  Discussed it with me.  Told me what you were going to do.  I thought that was what marriage was all about, discussing things, talking together about things that are important.  All behind my back.  Well, if we can't talk, and if we can't understand each other..." Barbara tells David, as they lie in bed.  "I didn't want to hurt you," says David, looking at Barbara.  "And this is not being hurt," Barbara tells him.  "I didn't know that you'd find out," says David.  "Find out David.  Oh.  Have you forgotten what happened, what I accepted," says Barbara. 
David tells her that he hasn't forgotten and he is very grateful.  "Don't say grateful.  No.  I don't want your gratitude.  I just want what I've earned.  Your trust," says Barbara.  Barbara asks David what has happened.  "Has she had the baby?" asks Barbara.  "Yes.  She's banned me from ever seeing it or approaching her, or seeing the baby or..." says David.  Barbara says she is sorry.  David tells Barbara that Sarah seemed possessed.  "Alright Barbara.  No more deceit.  I can't leave it there," says David, but Barbara tells him that he has to.  "I must see it.  I must," says David.  "Oh David.  Let it end.  Just let it end.  You have no choice," says Barbara.  "Please," she says as she lays a hand on David's chest.
The following morning David finds Jill in the office and asks her if it was her or Adam that told Barbara because she knew all about it.  Jill says they both bent over backwards not to tell Barbara but she guessed what was going on.  Jill tells David that Barbara made a special point of asking them not to say anything because she wanted David to tell her himself.
Kath Brownlow and Kevin Banks are sitting at home watching the television when Glenda returns home after work.  Kevin asks her if she is alright.  "Fine.  Run off my feet but I'm fine because I'm earning money.  You?" says Glenda, pointedly.  "Glenda," says Kath.  "And how did moneybags spend his evening then.  Feet up, watching the telly.  Deciding which job offer he might contemplate accepting," says Glenda.  "Leave it alone eh," says Kevin.  "Leave it.  Your son in law mum, has turned down a job this afternoon," Glenda tells Kath.  "Kevin?" asks Kath, looking at Kevin.  "And why not.  The offers are flooding in aren't they.  Why not wait for the one that suits you," says Glenda. 
"What job?" asks Kath.  "John Latchford offered him a job.  But mister high and mighty here..." says Glenda.  "Calm down," says Kevin.  "Calm down!  I am furious!" says Glenda.  Kath Brownlow asks what sort of a job.  "Salesman," replies Kevin.  "I'm no salesman.  I just couldn't do it," explains Kevin.  "I'm no waitress Kevin.  I'd much rather be, I don't know, a fashion model or married to Robert Redford.  But what am I.  What I am is run off my feet as a waitress, but I do it because we need the money.  And I have to listen to you say you're not going to take a job because you're not cut out for it," says Glenda.  "She's right you know," says Kath.  "Alright.  But it's too late now.  I've turned it down," says Kevin.  "Oh use your head.  You can change your mind can't you," says Glenda.  "Alright Glenda.  Alright," says Kevin. 
Barbara Hunter joins Jill in the office and she asks where David is.  Jill tells her that he spilt coffee down his suit so he has gone to change.  "Not feeling his best this morning," says Jill.  "We spent a great deal of the night talking as you can imagine," says Barbara.  "He told me all about it.  I think it all sounds very suspicious," says Barbara.  "Yes?" asks Jill.  "Yes.  I mean, where is the baby.  Apparently there was no cot in the room.  No sign of a child anywhere.  And there was this total refusal to allow David any access of any sort," says Barbara.  "I mean.  Think about it.  What does it sound like to you?" asks Barbara,
Jill Chance telephones the nursing home.  "Yes, well thank you for that," she says, and puts the phone down.  Barbara paces the office.  "Well?" asks Barbara.  "Mother and son are doing well," says Jill.  "So David has a son," says Barbara, thoughtfully.

1985 Episodes continued

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