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Pete Maguire goes to see his father Harry at the garage, and Harry tells him that he shouldn't have come here. 
Paul and Anna Ross conclude their interviews with the immigration officers.  They leave the room and the two officers discuss the case.  The male officer says he doesn't think that they should pursue the case but the woman officer isn't too sure.  She tells her colleague that she asked London to find out how Paul Ross paid the hotel bill, and they said that the bill was paid in cash.  The male immigration officer tells the woman that Paul Ross did say that he had been discreet, and the woman says not discreet enough because the description of the man with Anna Radek didn't quite fit Mr Ross.
Pete Maguire goes to the motel bar and Sid Hooper joins him.  Sid asks Pete to come back to the lodging house.
Pete Maguire and Sid Hooper go to Mavis's lodging house and Sid asks Pete what happened with his father.  Pete tells Sid that he had to give up work because of some allergies, and he needs to borrow some money to buy back the equipment he needs to get his old job back.  Sid asks him how much he needs and Pete says 500 altogether.  He says he has got 400 but he had to ask his father for the other 100 and he turned him down.  Sid Hooper tells Pete that he can lend him 100.  Pete promises that he will give the money straight back to Sid as soon as he gets his first pay cheque.
Sid Hooper tells Mavis that Pete Maguire needed 100 to start up again but Harry Maguire turned him away.  Harry Maguire joins them in the living room of the lodging house and Sid tells him that he has just missed his son.  Harry tells Sid that he shouldn't encourage Pete and Sid says he's a boy looking for kindness and he turns him away. 
Pete Maguire goes to Iris Scott's flat and tells her that he is going to London.  He tells her that he has got the money he needed.
John Latchford tells Kath Brownlow that he has been promoted at work.
J. Henry Pollard tells David Hunter that he isn't sure that he did the right thing buying Douglas Brady off, and David tells him it's not too late. 
Pete Maguire asks Iris Scott to come to London with him and Iris says she can't.  She tells him that she has somewhere to live and a job and that's a lot to her. 
J. Henry Pollard see's Paul Ross and tells him that he will put his solicitor at Paul's disposal, but Paul says he has his own solicitor.
The woman immigration officer arrives at the motel and asks Miranda Pollard if she could see Mr and Mrs Ross.  Miranda tells her that they are out at the moment.
Harry Maguire and Joe MacDonald have lunch in the motel bar.  Harry Maguire tells Joe that he knows he thinks he is being hard on his son Pete, and tells Joe that Pete is on drugs. 
Kath Brownlow see's the female immigration officer talking to one of the motel waitresses, and she tells the waitress to get back to her work.  Kath apologises to the immigration officer and tells her that Mr Ross has already had to tell the waitress off.  The woman says she hopes Mr Ross doesn't discipline the waitress too much.
The female immigration officer asks Kath Brownlow about the woman at the reception desk, and says she was a bit off with her.  Kath tells the woman that Miss Pollard is a little upset as she was due to be married to Mr Brady.  Kath Brownlow excuses herself and the female immigration officer reaches into her bag to switch off the tape recorder. 
Paul and Anna Ross returns to the motel and Miranda Pollard tells them that they have a visitor.  Miss Howard, from the immigration department, asks Paul to see his wife, and Paul tells her that Anna is in the chalet.
Miss Howard goes to the chalet and Paul Ross joins them shortly afterwards.  Miss Howard asks them about their honeymoon and Paul tells her that they are having a honeymoon at a later date.  The immigration officer looks doubtful so Paul shows her some travel brochures, and tells her that she will find some hotels circled.  Miss Howard tells Paul and Anna that she will make out a report and they will hear from her soon.
Miss Howard see's Jill Chance in the motel reception and asks her if Mr Brady left a forwarding address.  Jill tells her that they can pass on any letters but they can't pass on the forwarding address to her.  Barbara Hunter joins Jill at the desk and Jill tells her that Miss Howard would like to ask about her brother.
Miss Howard asks Barbara Hunter if they could go somewhere more private so they go into the motel office.  Adam Chance and J. Henry Pollard see Barbara and Miss Howard leaving reception and J. Henry asks Adam who that woman with Barbara is.  Adam tells him that Miss Howard is from the immigration department, and J. Henry asks if it is connection with Paul Ross.  J. Henry tells Adam that he offered Paul the use of his solicitor but Paul thought it was a trick, so he would be grateful if Adam would remind Paul of his offer should he need it. 
Harry Maguire tells Sid Hooper that he knows he borrowed Pete some money and asks him how much he lent him.  Sid says he gave Pete only what he needed.  Harry Maguire tells Sid that he would sink that low to get back at him, and grabs Sid by the collar.  Sid Hooper tells Harry that he lent Pete the money because he didn't want him to miss out on his chance to buy back the equipment he needed.  Harry Maguire tells Sid Hooper that Pete needed the money to buy drugs, he is an addict.  Sid says he can't believe it.
Pete Maguire and Iris Scott talk at Iris's flat and he tells her that he would like her to come to London with him.  Pete reaches out to take her hand and Iris notices the needle marks on his arm.  Pete follows her gaze and tells Iris that he can stop at any time.  Iris tells him that he must see someone, and Pete tells her that he has and is coming off the drugs slowly.  Iris Scott tells him that he can't do that, not if he is hooked.  Pete Maguire tells her that what he really needs is a friend to see him through this, and he thinks he has found one in her. 
John Latchford tells David Hunter and Miranda Pollard that he is interviewing for a new secretary and he really needs somewhere to interview the applicants. 
Sid Hooper tells Harry Maguire that he honestly didn't know about Pete's drug problem.  Harry tells Sid that he got Pete into a clinic and he was off the drugs for a while, but it's done no good. 

1985 Episodes continued

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