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Kath Brownlow see's Joe MacDonald in the motel reception and he tells her that he is delivering a bill to Terry Lawton.  Kath tells him that Terry Lawton is being very secretive, not even saying where he is staying.  Joe tells Kath that Terry is staying at Diane's flat, and Kath says Iris never said anything. 
Sid Hooper takes a phone call from Harry Maguire's son Pete, and takes a message.  Sid tells Mavis that Harry Maguire's son wants to speak to him urgently.
Douglas Brady asks Barbara Hunter if she could see that his bill is made up.  Barbara asks him to come into the office.  Barbara and Douglas go into the office where David is working, and Doug tells them that his engagement to Miranda is off.  He tells them that J. Henry Pollard is sending him to Brazil for five years.
Harry Maguire arrives at the boarding house and Sid Hooper tells him that his son Pete phoned and wants him to ring him back urgently.  Sid tells Harry that if he were him he would phone now.  "You do not tell me when to talk to my son," shouts Harry. 
Later Harry Maguire apologises to Mavis Hooper for his outburst.  He tells her that his son Pete has been a terrible disappointment to him.
Paul Ross goes to see Anna Radek in her chalet and he tells her that Douglas Brady is leaving for Brazil any moment. 
Harry Maguire tells Mavis Hooper that his son Pete is a brilliant boy but he threw it away. 
David Hunter and Miranda Pollard man the motel reception desk.  Douglas Brady comes into reception from the private wing and he gives David a cheque to cover his bill.  David wishes him luck.  Douglas tells Miranda that he did love her.
Anna Radek comes into reception and tells Douglas Brady that Paul sais he was going to brazil.  She asks him to take her with him but Doug says he can't.  Douglas Brady leaves the motel.
Iris Scott tells Benny that there is something funny about Terry Lawton taking all the things from Diane's flat, but Benny says it's right that Diane should want her things.  Iris says Terry Lawton said Diane had written to him but it's only his word.
Later, Iris Scott asks Terry Lawton to show her the letter that he received from Diane.  Terry shows Iris and Benny a letter.  Terry lawton asks Benny to help him move the fridge, and Iris says her food is in there. 
Kath Brownlow see's Iris Scott at the motel and asks her what is wrong.  Iris tells her that Terry Lawton has got rid of nearly all the contents of the flat.  She says Diane wrote to Terry sending him a list of the stuff she wanted, but Iris says she doesn't trust Terry.  Kath Brownlow tells Iris that she will come around to the flat tonight and sort Terry Lawton out.
At the flat Terry Lawton looks at a map of England to find the quickest route to London.  Benny asks him to show him where London is so Terry Lawton points it out to him.  Benny asks him where Bournemouth is.  Suddenly Benny grabs Terry by the collar and says Diane is in Bournemouth, not London.  Terry insists that Diane is in London but Benny tells him that he is a liar.  He says Terry was going to sell that furniture.
Shortly after, Kath Brownlow and Iris Scott arrive at the flat and find that all the furniture is back in place.  Benny tells them that Terry has gone to London.
Jill Chance shows Barbara Hunter a letter from the Home Office which is addressed to Paul Ross.  She says there is a similar letter addressed to Anna Radek as well. 
Sid Hooper finds a young man at the boarding house and the young man tells Sid that his father lives here.  Sid guesses that he must be Harry Maguire's son. 
Jill Chance gives Paul Ross the letter from the Home Office.  Paul looks at it and asks Jill if David Hunter is in.  Jill tells him that David is in the office.
Paul Ross goes into the office and finds David Hunter and Adam Chance working.  Paul tells them that he has to go to Birmingham tomorrow because the immigration people want to see him and Anna. 
Pete Maguire goes to the motel garage.  "Hello dad," he says.  Harry Maguire tells Pete that he told him not to come here.  Pete tells his father that he is cured, that he went to a clinic.  He says his old boss has offered him his old job back but he will need some equipment.
Benny tells Iris Scott that he had a letter from Doris Luke and she says there might be a job for him in Peachey.
Pete Maguire goes to the motel bar and chats to Iris Scott.  He tells her that he has just seen his father and asked him to lend him some money.  Pete tells Iris that he has the chance of going back to his old job but he needs the money to buy art equipment.
John Latchford phones Kath Brownlow and tells her that he will meet her at the motel later, because he has some good news.
Pete Maguire stays at Iris Scott's flat.
Anna Ross (Radek) has a drink int he motel bar.  J. Henry Pollard joins her in the bar and notices that she is anxious.  Anna tells him that she has to see the immigration people.
Pete Maguire telephones his mother and gives her his address. 
David Hunter see's Paul Ross in reception and tells him that maybe he should try and calm Anna down a little as she is nervous.  Paul finds Anna in the bar and tells her that he would like to buy her something.  Anna tells Paul that she went to London with Douglas Brady and spent the night in a hotel.  Paul asks her which hotel it was and tells her to describe it to him so that he will know it as if he had been there.
Paul and Anna Ross go to see the immigration people and are interviewed by a man and a woman immigration officer.  The man asks them how long they knew each other before they married and Anna tells him six weeks.  "Only six weeks?" asks the man.  Paul Ross tells them that they are very much in love. 
The male immigration officer asks Anna when she informed her embassy of her intentions, and Anna says she went to London in person to explain to them.  She says the embassy couldn't see her until the following morning so she stayed in a hotel.  The man is a little puzzled and asks if her embassy didn't offer to put her up for the night.  "Well, yes..." begins Anna.  "We booked into a hotel on the spur of the moment," says Paul Ross.  "We?" asks the immigration officer.  The immigration officer says first she said 'I' then she said 'we'.  "You and who else?" he asks.  Paul Ross tells him it was him of course.  The officer says they weren't married then and Paul says no, but he thought Anna might need him. 
Adam Chance tells J. Henry Pollard that he believes he bought off Douglas Brady.  J. Henry tells Adam that Douglas Brady had a choice.
The immigration officer asks Paul Ross if he and Anna singed a register at the hotel in London, and Paul says yes.  The man asks if they signed as Mr and Mrs Ross.  Paul says no, they booked in as Mr and Mrs Brady, and then he remembered that there was a man called Brady staying at the motel. 

1985 Episodes continued

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