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Paul Ross asks Anna if Douglas Brady has been in touch and Anna says he sent a cable.
Sid Hooper tells Mavis about Pete Maguire, and she says she can't believe it.  Joe MacDonald joins them and they tell him about Pete.  Joe says he thought there was something wrong.  Mavis Hooper says Iris Scott is caught up in this.
Iris Scott tells Pete Maguire that she wants to help him but she can't cope with it on her own. 
John Latchford prepares to interview his first applicant for the job as his secretary. 
*The following notes were written in May 2005 from rough notes made in 1985.  
February 1985
J. Henry and Miranda Pollard talk in the motel office and she tells her father that if Douglas loves her then he will break his contract with J. Henry.
Mavis Hooper and Harry Maguire wait for Sid Hooper to arrive at the lodging house.  Sid arrives and Mavis tells him that there has been a bit of bother with Pete.  
Sid Hooper tries to be nice to Harry Maguire and asks him to a football match, but Harry refuses the invitation. 
John Latchford interviews Miss Winter for the secretary's job and is very impressed with her. 
Pete Maguire arrives at Iris Scott's flat in a bit of a state, and whilst Iris is in the kitchen making tea Pete helps himself to money from her purse. 
Miranda Pollard and the immigration officer Miss Howard talk in the motel office.  Miss Howard tells Miranda that her department must decide whether or not Anna Radek (Ross) should stay in the country.  She says she has been led to believe that Miss Radek had an affair with Mr Brady.
Later, Miranda Pollard asks Paul and Anna Ross into the office and tells them that Miss Howard was asking a lot of questions but if they are careful then everything will be alright.
Iris Scott goes to Mavis Hooper's lodging house and tells her that she thinks they should all rally around to help Pete Maguire. 
Paul Ross asks Kath Brownlow if she could manage the restaurant for him because he has to go to Birmingham for another interview with Mr Clough and Miss Howard at the Immigration Office.
Anna and Paul Ross are interviewed separately.  Mr Clough tells Paul Ross that he told them that he went to London with Miss Radek on Boxing Day, and asks him if he still says that.  Paul says no, and admits he lied.  Paul Ross tells Mr Clough that he is in love with Anna.  Mr Clough says that isn't it a fact that Anna married him so that she could stay in the country.
Pete Maguire and Larry Wilcox have a drink in the motel bar.
Miss Howard interviews Anna Ross and asks her if her marriage to Paul Ross was genuine.  Anna says yes.  Miss Howard tells Anna that Paul Ross has broken the law and could face charges.  She asks Anna if she told Paul theirs was a marriage of convenience before or after she married him.  Anna says after.  "Then the crime is all yours," says Miss Howard.  "Yes," admits Anna.   
Iris Scott returns to the flat and finds Pete Maguire going through her drawers.  He tells her that he is short of a few pounds, and snatches her purse from her to get the money he needs.
Barbara Hunter tells David that it is her old Nanny's birthday soon and asks David if they are still seeing her for her birthday.  David tells her that she can go, that he isn't one for birthday's.  Barbara says no one is safe from his moodiness today, even her.  "Barbara.  For heaven's sake," says David, and goes to the office door just as Adam Chance comes in.  David tells Adam to put a notice in the bar to say that there are alterations going on and customers should use the other bar. 
David leaves the office quickly, and Adam staes after him.  "Oh dear," says Adam.  Barbara tells Adam that David has been like that since last night, and asks him if he could find out what is wrong with David.
Later Adam Chance finds David Hunter alone in the office and asks him what is wrong.  "Adam, why don't you just mind your own business," says David, walking towards the door.  He stops and turns, then apologises to Adam.  David tells Adam that he is trying to write a letter to Sarah Alexander, and Adam asks him why he is bothering.  David says the child will be born by now and he needs to know if he has a son or a daughter.  He asks Adam if he could talk to Sarah for him but Adam says no.  David says there is a child living and breathing out there because of him, and he has the right.
Harry Maguire's wife tells Harry that they should take Pete back home with them but Harry says no, he washes his hands of him. 
David Hunter telephones to try to find out which nursing home Sarah Alexander is in.  Adam Chance comes into the office just as David gives his name as Pollard.  Adam looks at him, and asks David what he thinks this is doing to Barbara.
David drives to the apartment block where Sarah Alexander is living.  David goes to the reception desk with a bouquet of flowers and the concierge asks him who he is visiting.  David tells him Mrs Alexander and the concierge tells him that she is out at the moment but if he would like to leave the flowers then he will make sure Mrs Alexander gets them.  David tells him that he did promise he would deliver the flowers personally but never thought to ask which nursing home Mrs Alexander is in.  The concierge tells him and David thanks him, then leaves.

1985 Episodes continued

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