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Terry Lawton, Benny and Iris Scott have dinner at Diane's flat.  Terry sweet talks Iris and congratulates her on the meal.  he tells her that she needn't worry about cooking for him whilst he is staying here.  Iris looks at him and Terry tells her that Diane said he could stay.
Sid Hooper arrives home late and tells Mavis that Harry Maguire made him deliver a car although he knew he had a darts match.  He says he did it on purpose.  Sid tells Mavis to give Harry Maguire his marching orders but Mavis says she can't do that because she has no cause for complaint. 
J. Henry Pollard goes to Douglas Brady's chalet and Doug tells him that he can't stop him marrying Miranda.  J. Henry tells Douglas that he knows he made love to Anna Radek and unless he breaks off his engagement to Miranda, he will tell her all about Doug's intentions towards Anna Radek.
Douglas Brady goes to the phone in his chalet and telephones Miranda.  He asks her to come to his chalet because her father has something to tell her.  Moments later Miranda Pollard arrives at the chalet, and Douglas Brady goes, leaving Miranda and J. Henry Pollard together.
Kath Brownlow comes to the chalet to clean and on seeing J. Henry and Miranda Pollard she asks if this is an inconvenient time.  J. Henry tells Kath to carry on with her cleaning duties.  J. Henry Pollard tells Miranda that he would like to see her get married in church rather than a registry office.
When Douglas Brady returns to his chalet Miranda tells him that he father would like them to get married in church.
Iris Scott prepares to leave Diane's flat to go to work and see's Terry Lawton looking closely at the ornaments.  When Iris has left the flat Terry makes a phone call.  He says he understands that they buy and sell furniture and household goods, and he has got some to sell.  
Harry Maguire joins Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald at the lodging house for breakfast.  Sid tells Harry that the woman he delivered the car to last night wasn't even expecting it.  The telephone rings and Mavis Hooper answers it.  She tells Harry Maguire that there is a call for him, and it is his son.
Terry Lawton goes to the motel garage and Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald are not pleased to see him.  Terry Lawton goes to see Harry Maguire in the garage office and arranges the hire of a van.  Harry tells him that he will need two references.
Sid Hooper goes into the garage office and notices some papers on the desk.  He looks at them, and tells Joe MacDonald that Harry Maguire has been writing down the times that they come into work in the morning.  Later Sid Hooper talks to Harry Maguire about him keeping tabs on him.  Sid tells Harry that his time keeping is wrong because he and Joe come into work at the same time each morning which isn't what Harry has written down.  Harry says that is true but Joe comes in, gets straight into his overalls and gets on with his work whereas Sid puts the kettle on and reads his newspaper.
J. Henry Pollard talks to Barbara Hunter in the office and tells her that he has no intention of letting Douglas marry Miranda.  Barbara says she is Doug's sister so naturally she will take her brothers side.
J. Henry Pollard tells Douglas Brady that he has been talking to his lawyers about this business deal and they think it is a good idea.  He tells Doug that he has had a contract drawn up, and advises him to look at the document very carefully. 
Anna Radek asks Jill Chance if Miranda Pollard has returned to the motel yet, and asks Jill to let her know as soon as she does. 
Douglas Brady signs J. Henry Pollard's contract.  J. Henry tells Douglas that he will now break off his engagement to Miranda and never set eyes on her again.  He tells Douglas that he thinks that all along money has been more important to him, and he asks Douglas to tell him what is more important - money or Miranda.  Douglas Brady answers that Miranda is more important.  J. Henry picks up the contract and is about to tear it up but Douglas stops him, and admits that money is more important.
Iris Scott returns to Diane Hunter's flat and notices that the television has gone.  Terry Lawton tells her that he is only carrying out Diane's orders, and she wants the TV. 
Benny tells Mavis Hooper that he went looking for work but there is nothing.  he says he will ask Joe MacDonald to ask Mr Maguire if there is any work for him in the garage.  Mavis tells Benny that it isn't the way to deal with Harry Maguire, that he must ask him face to face. 
Benny goes to the garage and see's Harry Maguire in the garage office.  He asks him if there is any work that he could do, but Harry says there isn't any work at the moment.
Anna Radek see's Miranda Pollard go into the motel office and follows her.  Anna tells Miranda that she has something to tell her, and confesses that her she and Douglas Brady are lovers and have been since the day she arrived.  Miranda tells her that she is making it up, but Anna tells her that she spent the night with Douglas in London.  Miranda says Douglas is marrying her and Anna says yes, for the money and because J. Henry is backing him in a business deal. 
Douglas Brady goes to Miranda Pollard's chalet and tells her that he has a confession to make.  He tells her that he signed a document giving him the financial backing he needs on condtion that he breaks off their engagement, which he insists he isn't going to do.  "You love me that much?" asks Miranda.  "Of course," says Douglas.  "As much as Anna?" asks Miranda.  Douglas looks at her.  "Who told you?" he asks.  Miranda says Anna told her.  She tells Douglas that she is breaking off the engagement.  Miranda takes the ring from her finger and gives it to him.  "Now get out!" she shouts.

1985 Episodes continued

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