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Edna Tilling finds Gloria at Longborough Cottage writing a letter and snatches it away from her to read it.  Gloria says in the letter tat she will be going to Malta but not yet because her mother is ill and she doesn't know how long it will be.  Edna asks her if she wants a date so she can put it on her headstone. 
Edna Tilling tells Gloria that the dinner she made tasted funny, and accuses Gloria of trying putting something in her food.  Gloria laughs and tells her not to be so silly.  She goes to her mother to try and calm her down but Edna backs away.  "You're trying to poison me," says Edna.
Douglas Brady notices Anna Radek sitting alone in the motel reception and asks her if she minds if he shares her table.  Paul Ross, standing nearby, seethes. 
Paul Ross takes a lunch tray to Miranda Pollard in the office and tells her that Douglas Brady is sharing MIss Radek's dinner table and he seems to be enjoying every moment.
In reception Anna Radek gets up to leave the table, and tells Douglas Brady that she must go.  Douglas kisses her hand as Paul Ross and J. Henry Pollard look on.  J. Henry Pollard tells Douglas Brady that he wants to see him in the motel bar at ten precisely.
Iris Scott hears Cliff Ryan and Stephanie Maine talking about Stephanie's boyfriend Desmond Elliott.  Later Iris looks up Desmond Elliott's name in the phone book.    
Iris Scott telephones Desmond Elliott and says he doesn't know her but she is phoning about Stephanie Maine.  Desmond Elliott asks if Stephanie is alright and Iris tells him it depends how you look at it, but from his point of view, no.  Iris tells him that Stephanie is staying at the Crossroads motel.
Douglas Brady goes to Anna Radek's chalet with a red rose.  He kisses her, and Anna tells him that perhaps he should tell Miranda.  Douglas says he is going to marry Miranda.  Anna Radek backs away from him and throws her rose on the floor. 
Edna Tilling goes to the motel bar and asks Paul Ross and Iris Scott if they could witness her signature on a will.
David and Barbara Hunter get ready to go to the opera with Anna Radek.  Anna Radek joins them in the motel office and tells them that she can't go to the opera with them, that she has to make a written request to her embassy and it has to be done tonight.  Barbara says she seems upset and Anna says it is just that she has some work from her embassy which she can't do so she is asking her ambassy to recall her. 
Anna Radek leaves the office and Barbara tells David that she wonders who could have upset Anna so much.  David Hunter phones the restaurant and asks Paul Ross if he would come to the office. 
Paul Ross comes to the office and David tells him about Anna Radek, and assumes that Paul has done something to upset her.  Paul tells him that he hasn't been to Anna Radek's chalet.  David tells him that if it was up to him he would sack him but thanks to Barbara he is being given a second chance. 
Edna Tilling returns to Longborough Cottage and Gloria tells her that she was worried about her.  Gloria tells her mother that seh has kep her dinner for her but Edna says she doesn't want to eat her food.  Edna shows Gloria a copy of her will and asks her to read it.  The will says that Edna is leaving everything to Benny.  Gloria tells her mother that she doesn't care what she does with her money but Benny isn't even family. 
Benny comes into the room and Edna Tilling says she is going upstairs.  She tells Benny that it has been a good day for him in ways he doesn't know.  Benny asks Gloria Tilling what Edna means and Gloria tells him that Edna has left everything to him in her will.  Benny says he doesn't want it.
Edna Tilling comes back downstairs and Benny says Gloria told him about the will.  He tells her that he doesn't want the money.  He says Gloria is her daughter, and he will give the money to her.  Edna tells Benny that Gloria has even managed to turn him against her.
Cliff Ryan and Stephanie Maine have drinks in the motel bar.  Stephanie looks across the bar and tells Cliff that her boyfriend Desmond has just walked in.  Desmond Elliott joins Stephanie and she introduces him to Cliff Ryan.  Cliff goes to the bar to order drinks and Desmond tells Stephanie that he has a phone call from someone to say that he could find her here.  Stephanie asks him who it was and Desmond says he doesn't know but he thought she might be able to enlighten him. 
Cliff Ryan returns with the drinks and Stephanie tells him that she is sure he will want to get back to Eleanor.  Cliff says yes and goes to the bar.  Desmond Elliott tells Stephanie that it might be the woman at the desk who made the phone call because she was giving him funny looks.
Cliff Ryan faces Iris Scott across the bar and asks her why she made that phone call.
Paul Ross goes to Anna Radek's chalet and asks her what she said to Mr and Mrs Hunter about him.  Anna says she didn't say anything, only that she was asking her embassy to recall her.  Paul says something happened in this chalet which made David Hunter threaten to sack him.  "Who was he?" asks Paul Ross.  Anna assures him that nothing happened. 

1984 Episodes continued

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