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Desmond Elliott books into the motel as Stephanie Maine's husband.  He goes to Stephanie's chalet and they kiss.  He tells her that she has the most gorgeous mouth in the world, and it's a pity it tells so many lies.
Benny tells Iris Scott about Edna Tilling leaving her money to him.
J. Henry Pollard meets Douglas Brady in the motel bar and tells him that he and Miranda have discusses his employment prospects.  He says Miranda said something about him looking at investments and Douglas Brady says he has a few prospective investments.
Benny goes to Longborough Cottage and tells Edna Tilling that he must leave.  Edna tells him he can't, he must stay and protect her.  Gloria Tilling comes downstairs and Edna tells her that from tomorrow Benny is to buy all the food. 
Desmond Elliot goes to the motel bar and see's Iris Scott.  He asks Iris why she made that phone call and Iris says she doesn't know what he is talking about.  Desmond Elliot says she has a very distinctive accent, and asks her why she did it.  Iris tells him that she wanted to get back at Cliff Ryan for spoling something for her, but she wishes she hadn't done it. 
Benny gives Edna Tilling a letter which arrived at Longborough Cottage, addressed to Gloria.  Benny opens a letter from Doris Luke.  Gloria Tilling comes downstairs and asks if there is any mail for her.  Edna says nothing.
Desmond Elliot goes to Stephanie Maine's chalet and tells her that he is leaving, alone.  She asks him not to let this spoil things between them.  Desmond tells her that he wants the truth.  Stephanie tells him that two years ago she was engaged to Cliff Ryan.
Benny asks Edna Tilling why she didn't give Gloria her letter, and Edna says because it's dangerous.  She tells him that the letter is from Gloria's friend.  Edna opens the letter and reads it to Benny.  "Of course if your mother is near the end then there will be a place for you here."
Edna Tilling eats the porridge Benny has made and says it tastes odd.  Benny tries some and says it tastes alright.  Gloria Tilling arrives and Edna accuses her of doing something to the saucepans because the porridge tates odd.
Stephanie Maine tells Desmond Elliott that Cliff Ryan is infatuated with her, and he wanted her to meet him.  Desmond tells her that he would like to believe that they spent their time talking.  Stephanie assures him that nothing happened.  Desmond Elliott leaves the chalet and Stephanie telephones Cliff in his chalet, telling him that Desmond has gone.  She tells Cliff that she sent Desmond away, that when it came to the crunch it had to be him.  
Adam, Jill and Barbara have tea in the office.  Adam says he doesn't think that Paul Ross did anything to upset Anna Radek.  Jill asks who could have upset her then.  Adam asks them if they noticed the cut on Douglas Brady's face, and Barbara says Douglas is always cutting himself shaving.
Gloria Tilling goes to the motel and see's Iris Scott in the bar.  Gloria tells Iris that she came to see if the letter she was expecting had arrived for her care of the motel. 
Adam Chance tells Jill that J. Henry Pollard is going to give his consent to Miranda and Douglas marrying on condition that it is a long engagement.  He says that when Douglas and Miranda do marry J. Henry will probably want Douglas on the board of directors.  Adam tells Jill that it would be useful if he could prove that it wasn't Paul Ross who went too far with Anna Radek.
Gloria Tilling tells Edna that she spoke to her friend Angela in Malta.
Cliff Ryan goes to Stephanie Maine's chalet and she tells him that she was a fool to ever let him go.  Cliff tells her that he is exciting to her because he is out of bounds, it adds a little risk.  He tells Stephanie that he is leaving.  She says they can make it work but Cliff says he has seen what she did to Desmond.
Miranda Pollard and Douglas Brady return from town and Miranda shows off her engagement ring to Jill and Barbara.  J. Henry comes into reception and Miranda shows him her ring. 
J. Henry Pollard asks Douglas Brady if he could have a word with him.  He tells Doug that he would like him to find out about Miss Radek, in particular how Paul Ross acts towards her.
Miranda Pollard finds her father in the motel bar and asks him why he is trying to spoil her happiness.  J. Henry tells her that Douglas knows he has to accept a long term engagement if he is to benefit financially.
Cliff Ryan goes to the Brownlow's house to say goodbye.  He finds Kevin Banks looking after baby Katie.  Kevin tells Cliff that he wouldn't mind going for a few drinks and Cliff tells him to go, he will look after the baby.  
Douglas Brady goes to Anna Radek's chalet and says he heard that she was leaving, and hoped it wasn't because of him.  He tells her that although they met at the wrong time he will never forget her.  Anna Radek tells him that he is marrying Miranda Pollard for her money, but Doug says he isn't.
Glenda Banks returns home to find Cliff Ryan looking after Katie.  She asks him where Kevin is and Cliff tells her that he went to the pub for a couple of drinks. 
Later, Kevin Banks returns home and Glenda tells him that she thought it would be more important for him to be looking after his daughter than drinking. 
Douglas Brady, Barbara, Miranda, Jill and J. Henry go into the motel bar after their meal to celebrate Miranda and Doug's engagement.  Douglas Brady see's Anna Radek sitting at the next table and asks her if she would like to join them for a brandy in the sitting room.  Anna Radek gets up and walks out. 

1984 Episodes continued

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