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Iris Scott arrives at the Brownlow's house and Glenda gives her the letter from Ron.  Iris opens it eagerly and reads it.  "Well thank you very much for what you've done," she says.  Iris tells Glenda that someone has spoken to Ron and she guesses it's Cliff Ryan.  She tells Glenda that she is going to give him more trouble than he can handle. 
Douglas Brady sits in the motel bar writing a letter to J. Henry Pollard telling him about his and Miranda's relationship.  Miranda Pollard joins him in the bar and tells him that she doesn't want her father to know yet.  Douglas tells her that he has the chance to buy a small business and has to have some money.
Stephanie Maine tells Cliff Ryan that she is going to book into the motel.  She says her boyfriend Desmond thinks she is meeting a girlfriend.
Paul Ross goes to Anna Radek's chalet and asks her if she got his note about meeting him for dinner.  Anna tells him that she would like to but she won't be in England for long.  She says she has finished her assignment and must return to Poland. 
Edna and Gloria Tilling unpack their belongings at Longborough Cottage.
Cliff Ryan and Stephanie Maines wake up in her chalet afer spending the night together.  Stephanie tells him that she must phone Desmond.  She phones her boyfriend whilst Cliff Ryan is in the bathroom and tells him that the girlfriend she is with is in a bit of a state and she doesn't think she should leave her like this.
Later Stephanie Maine and Cliff Ryan go into the motel bar and Cliff orders drinks.  Iris Scott serves him his drinks and says she hopes it chokes him.  Cliff asks her what is wrong and Iris tells him that she got a letter from Ron.  She accuses him of ruining everything. 
Gloria Tilling tells her mother that she may go to Malta for a holiday.
Cliff Ryan tells Stephanie that he will leave the navy and get a job ashore, but she tells him there is no nned, that they can go on seeing each other like this.  Cliff Ryan tells her that he doesn't want her sneaking off with another man.
Gloria Tilling tells Benny that her mother isn't really ill, she only does it to keep her here. 
Paul Ross gives Anna Radek a parting gift.  She tells Paul that she isn't leaving just yet and her embassy phoned and told her to stay in England a little while longer. 
Edna Tilling tells Benny that he may have heard her and Gloria arguing, and she tells him that Gloria is a little unbalanced.  She tells Benny that Gloria seems to have chosen to talk to him, and he is to tell her if Gloria starts talking wildly. 
Benny goes to see Iris Scott and tells her about Edna Tilling.  He says Edna wants him to tell tales on her own daughter.  Benny tells Iris that he wishes he could leave Longborough Cottage, there is something creepy about that place. 
Gloria Tilling finds her mother Edna looking in her bag and asks her what she is doing.  Edna tells her that she is looking for her tablets.  Gloria tells Edna that she wrote to her friend in Malta and asked if she could go back and stay with her.  She tells her mother that it was a mistake  coming back to England. 
Benny comes rushing into Longborough Cottage and tells Edna and Gloria Tilling that he heard something in the village.  He tells them that the land Longborough Cottage was built on is an ancient burial ground.
The next day Benny see's Gloria Tilling in the motel reception area and asks her if she would like to come to the hospital with him to visit Doris Luke.  Gloria tells him that Doris came out of hospital a few days ago, and Benny says no-one told him.
Jill Chance arrives back at the motel after visiting her daughter Sarah Jane in Germany. 
Benny goes to Longborough Cottage and asks Gloria Tilling where Doris Luke is.  Gloria tells him that she has gone to stay with relatives.  Benny asks when Doris Luke is coming to Longborough and Gloria tells him that she isn't, she has changed her plans.  Benny tells her that he only came to the cottage because Miss Luke was coming to live here, but Edna tells him that he came because he needed a job.  Benny says he doesn't need a job that much.  Suddenly Edna Tilling doubles up.  "Help me," she calls.  Gloria Tilling asks Benny to stay because she can't face looking after her mother alone, and Benny agrees to stay but only until Edna is better.
J. Henry Pollard arrives at the motel and asks for Miranda.  Jill and Adam Chance tell him that Miranda is out at the moment.
Shortly after Miranda Pollard arrives with Douglas Brady.  She goes into the office where she finds J. Henry.  He asks her about Douglas Brady and says he heard he was unemployed.  Miranda tells him that Douglas is looking  into investments.  Miranda asks J. Henry about her ,other and J. Henry tells her that their marriage broke up a long time ago but he and Valerie stayed together for Miranda's sake.  He says now he is free to divorce Valerie.
Miranda Pollard comes out of the office looking distraught and Douglas Brady thinks it is because of him.  He goes into the office to have it out with J. Henry.  Douglas introduces himself to J. Henry and says he just saw Miranda looking upset.  J. Henry tells him that he just told her that he is divorcing her mother.

1984 Episodes continued

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