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Kath Brownlow goes to the motel bar and see's Cliff Ryan chatting and drinking with Iris Scott.  Iris shows Kath the brooch Ron bought her.  Kath tells her that Ron didn't leave anyone out.  "What?" asks Iris.  Kath tells Iris that Ron bought her a watch.
Kath see's Edna Tilling in reception and asks her if everything is alright.  Kath tells her that Dors Luke is quite an independant woman.  She says she was chatting to Doris the other day and she thinks she was having a few reservations about living with her.
James Wilcox asks Larry why he didn't tell him about Miranda Pollard, and Larry says he didn't want to interfere.  James says he made a fool of himself.
Edna Tilling's daughter, Gloria, arrives at the motel.
Miranda Pollard gives Diane Hunter a piece of paper with a restaurant booking on, and Diane snatches the paper from her.  Miranda says they can't go on like this.  She tells Diane that she can't hlep it if James Wilcox doesn't fancy her.  Diane asks her if that is all she can think of. 
Diane Hunter raises her voice and tells Miranda that she wants James Wilcox to care for her as much as she cares for him.  She tells Miranda that she isn't going to stand by and watch her make a fool of a man who is head and shoulders above her.  She tells Miranda that she makes her sick and if she stays around here any longer she'll throw up.
Edna Tilling introduces her daughter Gloria to Benny and tells her that he will be doing the gardening at Longborough Cottage.
Iris Scott returns to Diane Hunter's flat and finds her packing a case. 
Edna and Gloria Tilling and Benny look over Longborough Cottage and Gloria remarks that there are only two bedrooms.  Edna tells her that they can partition off the biggest room.
Iris Scott tells Cliff Ryan that if this Morag woman was anything serious then Ron would have brought her to meet Kath.  Cliff tells Iris that Ron talked about how hard it was to walk away from Iris, but he did. 
Glenda Banks telephones Paul Ross and asks him if she could have her old job back. 
Patsy Harris goes to the Wilcox's home and asks Larry how his father is.  Larry tells her that he is taking the breakup with Miranda badly.  Patsy says they should ask him to come out with them.  At that moment James Wilcox comes downstairs and Patsy and Larry ask James to come out with them but James says maybe another time.  James Wilcox tells Larry and Patsy to be careful on Larry's motorbike.
Larry Wilcox and Patsy Harris go along the road on his motorbike.  Suddenly there is a screech of brakes as they come off the bike.  Larry gets up and rushes to Patsy who is still lying on the ground.  He takes her helmet off and tries to reassure her.  He takes her pulse and then flags down a passing car.  Larry asks the driver if he could go to this address and fetch his father who is a doctor. 
Minutes later James Wilcox arrives on the scene and tends to Patsy Harris.  He tells Larry that she has internal injuries and he will have to get her to a hospital.  Once they get back home James tells Larry that he did well, and he did all the right things.
Diane Hunter telephones the motel and asks to speak to David Hunter.  She is put through to the office where Miranda Pollard answers the phone.  She passes the phone to David.  Diane tells David that she won't be coming back to work.  David reminds Diane that she is leaving without giving notice.  Once David has put the phone down he tells Miranda that Diane said he was to ask her and she would know the reason.  Miranda tells David that it has to do with Doctor Wilcox, that Diane has a thing for him and is upset at the way she gave him up for Douglas.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that she has asked Paul Ross for her old job back.  Kevin says he doesn't want his wife working.  The telephone rings and Kevin answers it.  Paul asks to speak to Glenda and Kevin tells him that if he is phoning about the job then Glenda is busy with the baby at the moment.  Glenda, who is standing nearby, asks Kevin to give her the phone.  Kevin thanks Paul Ross for phoning and puts the phone down.
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that she heard Paul Ross say that he would like Glenda to come back to work.  Glenda tells Kevin that she thought he could stay home and look after the baby, but Kevin says he has to look for another job ans he can't do that if he is at home.
Later, Kevin and Glenda return home after a fruitless day job-hunting.  Glenda tells Kath that they have decided that Kevin stay at home looking after Katie whilst Glenda goes back to work.  Glenda telephones Paul Ross and asks him about a job and Paul tells her that he will check with the management and phone her back as soon as he has a start date. 
Iris Scott asks Paul Ross if she could have a weekend off because she would like to go to aberdeen.  Iris tells Kath that she wants to go and see Ron in Aberdeen, but Kath says she doesn't think it's a very good idea. 
Kath Brownlow goes to Longborough Cottage with Doris Luke and Edna Tilling.  Kath has a look around and asks Edna where Doris is going to sleep and Edna tells her the plan to partition off one of the rooms.  Kath tells Edna that she doesn't know if it's practical for Doris.  "And where's Gloria going to sleep?" asks Kath.  "Will you tell her mum?" asks Gloria. 
Edna Tilling tells David Hunter that she won't be needing her chalet after next week as they are moving into their cottage, and David thanks her for letting them know. 
Edna and Gloria Tilling sit in reception and Gloria tells her mother that she isn't keen on decieving Doris.  Edna tells her that she will write Doris a letter and explain. 
John Latchford telephones the Brownlow's home and Glenda answers the phone.  He tells her that he has a couple of days off in London and wondered if Kath would be able to come down and soend the weekend with him.  When Kath comes home Glenda tells her that John Latchford phoned and wanted to know if she could go down to London for the weekend, but Kath says she can't. 
Edna Tilling reads out to her daughter Gloria the letter she has written to Doris Luke.  The letter she explains that Gloria will be living with her and that there isn't room for three people.
Benny helps Edna and Gloria Tilling clean up the cottage.  Edna leaves whilst Gloria and Benny continue working.  Gloria asks Benny what would happen if Doris didn't come to Longborough Cottage to live, but Benny says Doris thinks the world of Edna and she will want to come.  

1984 Episodes continued

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