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Iris Scott invites Cliff Ryan to the flat she shares with Diane Hunter.  Cliff advises Iris to forget about Ron Brownlow, just keep him as a friend.  Iris says when he left she was a kid, but she has grown up a lot since then and when Ron see's that he will want her back. 

Edna and Gloria Tilling have dinner in the motel restaurant, and Gloria tells her mother that she doesn't mind sharing with Doris, but Edna tells her that she doesn't have to.  She says she has already written to Doris anyway but Gloria tells her that she didn't post the letter.

The postman arrives at the motel with a register letter for David Hunter.  Barbara signs for it then goes into the office where she finds Miranda Pollard.  Barbara asks Miranda if David mentioned that he was expecting a letter from the Polish Embassy.  She opens the letter and tells Miranda that the Polish Embassy is asking if they can accomodate one of their civil servants. 

Iris Scott goes off to the Chinese takeaway to fetch some food for her and Cliff Ryan.  Whilst she is out Cliff Ryan makes a telephone call.  He tells a woman called Stephanie that he wants to see her.

Cliff Ryan goes into the motel reception dressed in his navy uniform, and books a table for two in the restaurant.  His friend Stephanie arrives and they have dinner.  He says the last time they spoke she was with a man called Desmond, and he asks if she married him.  Stephanie says it's only a matter of time. 

Douglas Brady joins Miranda Pollard in the office and she asks him if he was serious last night when he said he was going to ask her father for money.  Douglas says yes, and tells her that he is going to marry her.

Cliff Ryan and Stephanie have drinks int he motel bar.  He says it's time he settled down with the right girl and that girl is her.

Douglas Brady tells Barbara that he and Miranda Pollard are going to be married.  Barbara joins David and Miranda in the office and Barbara tells Mirands that she was just talking to Douglas and he told her that they are getting married.  Miranda tells her that she isn't getting married. 

Later Miranda Pollard asks Barbara, David and Douglas to dinner.  When Miranda see's Paul Ross she quietly tells him to stay at their table because he might hear something interesting.  Paul Ross waits on the table and whilst he is taking the order Miranda turns to Douglas Brady.  "I got the impression that you proposed to me.  Well,  I surrender," she says, and they kiss.

David Hunter asks Paul Ross to keep a dinner table for Mr Radek from the Polish Embassy. 

Glenda Banks see's Cliff Ryan and the motel and Cliff tells her that Iris wants to go to Aberdeen to see Ron.  He says he tried to put her off but she wouldn't listen.  Cliff tells Glenda that he thinks they should warn Ron, and Glenda suggests he phones Ron. 

Kath Brownlow tells Iris Scott that she is going to see Doris Luke in hospital.  Iris tells Kath that Doris's sister hasn't even been to see Doris. 

Cliff Ryan phones Ron brownlow and tells him about Iris Scott.

Kath Brownlow see's Edna Tilling in the motel reception and tells her that she has just been to see Doris in hospital.  She tells Edna that Doris is looking forward to settling in at Longborough Cottage.  Edna tells Kath that there has been a change of plan and Doris won't be moving into the cottage, it would be a bit crowded with three people.  Kath is a little annoyed and tells Edna what she thinks of her.  "Who do you think you're talking to?" asks Edna.  "A very selfish woman," replies Kath.  Edna tells Kath that she won't stand for this, she says she is a guest at the motel and will report her.  Kath tells her to go ahead.

Edna Tilling goes into the motel office and see's David Hunter.  She tells him that she has just been insulted by Kath Brownlow.  David asks her to sit down and tell her what happened.  David asks her if she is suggesting that Mrs Brownlow be saked and Edna Tilling says she thinks that's a bit strong.  David tells her that he will see to it that Mrs Brownlow is reprimanded.

Once Edna Tilling has left the office David asks Kath Brownlow into the office and asks her for her side of the story.  Kath tells him about Doris Luke.

The Polish civil servant Miss Anna Radek books into the motel.

Kath Brownlow goes to see Iris Scott at Diane's flat and tells her about Edna Tilling.  She tells Iris that Doris was supposed to be going to live with Edna but Edna has changed her mind.  Kath says Edna Tilling didn't even go and see her sister when she was in hospital, she just wrote her a letter telling her that she wasn't going to live with her.  She says Doris took it really badly, and told her that Benny musn't find out because he is only working at Longborough Cottage because of Doris.

Anna Radek goes into the motel restaurant and asks Paul Ross if she can book a table.  Paul asks for her name and she says Miss Radek.  Paul asks if he may have her first name.  "Anna," replies Anna Radek.  "It's very charming," says Paul. 

Later, Anna Radek goes to see David and Barbara Hunter in the office.  She tells them that she is here to look into how British hotels are run and report back to her government. 

A letter arrives at the Brownlow's house for Iris Scott.  Glenda notices that it is from her borther Ron, and she phones Iris to tell her that there is a letter for her from Ron.  Iris says she will be right over.






1984 Episodes continued

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