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Doris Luke and Edna Tilling go to the Brownlow's house for dinner.
Larry Wilcox goes to the motel bar.  Miranda Pollard goes into the bar and see's Larry.  She tries to explain about her and James, and tells Larry that she and his father are just good friends.  "What kind of friend stands her friend up?" asks Larry.  Miranda says he is right, she behaved very badly. 
Kevin tells Glenda that he has been through the books of the business and it is very bed. 
Douglas Brady tells Miranda Pollard that his old nanny's sister is ill and wants him there.  He tells her that he will have to see about getting a train but Miranda tells him that he won't get one at this time of the night.  Douglas says he will have to borrow Barbara's car, and wonders where she would keep the keys.  Miranda tells him that Barbara would keep the car keys in her handbag which she would keep with her.  Miranda tells Douglas that they could take her car and share the driving.
The next day David Hunter asks Paul Ross if he has seen Miranda Pollard, and Paul tells him that she left with Douglas Brady last night. 
Barbara Hunter receives a phone call from her brother Douglas from Grange House.  he tells her that their old nanny's siter Sophie has had a stroke.  Barbara tells David that Sophie is comfortable but she has to have surgery to remove a blood clot.  She tells David that she has to go to be with her.
Iris Scott moves into Diane Hunter's flat.  Diane gives Iris a letter which was left at the motel for her.  Iris Scott opens it and reads the letter from J. Henry Pollard.  In the letter J. Henry says he hopes thet she will really try and make amends.  He says he has seen a nice side to her nature, and she must work on that side.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that as Percy Dobson's partner the official receivers can take every penny he has to pay off the debts Percy Dobson left behind him.
Benny arrives at Diane Hunter's flat.  Later Benny goes to the motel and asks him if there are any jobs, but David tells him that there isn't anyting at the moment. 
James Wilcox telephones David Hunter and says he heard that Miranda Pollard had gone to Wiltshire, and was wondering when she was coming back.  David tells him that they're expecting her back any moment. 
David Hunter asks Paul Ross if he mentioned to James Wilcox who Miranda Pollard went to Wiltshire with, and Paul says no. 
Larry Wilcox arrives at the motel and see's Patsy Harris.  He notices that she is a bit quiet and asks her what is wrong.  Patsy tells him that she heard that Miranda Pollard has gone to Wiltshire with Douglas Brady.
Benny goes to the Brownlow house and asks Kevin Bansk if there is any chance of any work with him.  Kevin tells him that the business has gone backrupt.
Miranda Pollard and Douglas Brady arrive back at the motel.  Douglas Brady goes into the bar and sits down next to Larry Wilcox.  "So you're back are you?" says Larry.  "How's Miranda?" asks Larry.  He tells Douglas that Miranda will use him like she used his father.
A man in a sailors uniform arrives at the Brownlow home and introduces himself as Cliff Ryan, a friend of Glenda's brother Ron.  He gives them all Christmas presents from Ron.
Patsy Harris tells Diane Hunter that Miranda Pollard stood James Wilcox up for Douglas Brady.  Shortly after Miranda passes Diane in reception and says hell, but Diane ignores her. 
Cliff Ryan tells Glenda Banks that Ron Brownlow gave him a Christmas present for Iris Scott.  Glenda tells Cliff that Iris works at the Crossroads Motel so Cliff says he will go there later to give her the present. 
Doris Luke and Edna Tilling go to see a cottage.
Cliff Ryan goes to the motel and asks Miranda Pollard if Iris Scott is on duty this evening.  Miranda tells him that he will find her in the motel bar.  Cliff Ryan goes into the bar and asks Iris by name for a drink.  Iris asks him how he knows her name and Cliff tells her that he is a friend of Ron Brownlow.  He says he has a present for her from Ron and gives her the gift.  Iris opens the gift to find a diamante brooch. 
Barbara Hunter arrives back at the motel from her trip to Wiltshire, and joins David in the office.  He asks her how her trip went and Barbara tells him that her old nanny and her sister Sophie are being moved to a nursing home.  Barbara tells Douglas that she has put Grange House on the market.
Iris Scott asks Cliff Ryan if Ron Brownlow will be coming home for Christmas and Cliff tells her that he doesn't think so as he is a bit tied up.  Iris says yes with this Morag woman.  Cliff says Morag is very nice.  He tells Iris that Ron still talks about her so he hasn't forgotten her, and Iris says what they had was too much to forget.      
Doris Luke tells Edna Tilling that the doctor said the clinic can fit her in for an operation on her varicose veins, but she will be quite a while convalescing.  Doris Luke meets Benny in the motel reception and introduces him the Edna.  Doris tells Edna that Benny used to work on a farm and he is very good at gardening.  She says Benny could do the garden at the cottage if they buy it, and Edna says they will give him a trial.
Miranda Pollard see's Larry Wilcox in the motel bar and says it is time they had a talk.  She tells Larry that she hasn't hidden anything from his father.  Larry tells her that his father is still making plans fro the two of them.  Miranda tells Larry that she does care, in her own way, and promises that she will phone James Wilcox and explain.  Larry spots his father coming into the abr and tells Miranda that she can tell him to his face.
James Wilcox comes into the bar and sits down.  Larry Wilcox leaves soon after.  James asks Miranda what is wrong and Miranda tells him that Larry thinks she has behaved very badly.  James Wilcox see's Douglas Brady at the other end of the bar.  James tells Miranda that anyone else would be able to see that he had been ditched, but Miranda says he hasn't been ditched, and that their relationship was never like that.  "You're meeting him here?" asks James Wilcox looking over at Douglas Brady.  Miranda says yes.  "I'd better go then," says James Wilcox, leaving the bar.

1984 Episodes continued

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