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Later, Douglas Brady telephones Lisa Walters and tells her that he needs to see her.  Lisa tells him that she is seeing someone else. 
Douglas Brady joins Barbara Hunter in the bar and tells them that he phoned Lisa Walters and she didn't want to know.  David joins them in the bar.  Miranda Pollard comes to ask David about a booking and he introduces her to Douglas Brady.
Jill joins Adam in the office and he tells her that he will have to let someone in the garage go.  Jill asks him if he could hang on for a little while and maybe things will pick up.  She says maybe the garage staff would take a cut in their wages but Adam says it would be best if one man goes.  Jill says Ken Sands was the last in so he should be the one to go but Adam says he is the manager. 
Adam Chance asks Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald into the motel office and tells them that he will have to let Ken Sands go.  Adam tells them that Ken was adamant that as he was the last one in he should be the first one out. 
J. Henry Pollard telephones Mr Dempsey and tells him that he has had further thoughts about the Atkinson deal.  He tells Dempsey that he might have to transfer his contract back to the Crossroads garage.
Adam Chance goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet and tells him that he had to sack Ken Sands today.  J. Henry tells him that was a bit drastic but Adam says it was necessary.  Adam says he had to sit there and take Ken Sand's resignation when all the time he knew J. Henry was behind all this.  Adam tells J. Henry that he will get him back and J. Henry says he will have a fight on his hands.  J. Henry tells Adam that behind all this is goodwill, and he knows Adam needs an injection of cash so why doesn't he ask for it.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that he isn't very popular with Percy Dobson because Dobson wanted him to stay. 
Later, Kevin Banks returns home in a state of shock and Glenda asks him what is wrong.  Kevin tells her that Percy Dobson is dead.  He says their row blew up again and he told Dobson what he thought.  He says they found Dobson slumped over a wash basin.
Edna Tilling tells her sister Doris Luke about a house she saw this morning.  Kath Brownlow joins Edna Tilling and Doris Luke in the motel bar and asks them both to dinner.
Adam Chance tells Jill, David and Barbara about his meeting with J. Henry Pollard.  He tells them that J. Henry has made him an offer to inject capital into the garage which will help the business pick up.  David asks him if it is a serious offer.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that he feels bad about Percy Dobson's death when he thinks about some of the things he said.  Glenda tells him that he musn't blame himself.  Kath Brownlow arrives home and notices that Kevin is quiet.  Kevin goes upstairs and Kath asks Glenda what it wrong.  Glenda tells her that Kevin had a row with Percy Dobson and they found him dead later.
J. Henry Pollard goes to the Brownlow's house to see Iris Scott.  He tells her that he thought about what she said about Sid and Joe, and tells Iris that he has managed to sort something out and their jobs are quite safe.  J. Henry tells Iris that she might be offered a job by the motel, the management will send for her, she will go and she will be on her best behaviour. 
David Hunter calls a board meeting without J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry comes into the office and tells David that the garage is a temporary problem and he wants to salvage it by injecting some capital into the garage.  After J. Henry has left the office David tells Jill Chance that she must keep her appointment with Mr Dempsey tomorrow.  He says that if they can prove that J. Henry was behind all this then he still wants him out.
Miranda Pollard meets Douglas Brady in the motel reception and he asks her if she is free for dinner tomorrow evening.
Jill Chance returns from her meeting with Cyril Dempsey and tells Adam that J. Henry Pollard is definitely behind the garage problems.  She asks Adam what they should do and he tells her that they should keep this information to themselves for the time being because if they tell David he will go all out to get rid of J. Henry and he won't get the money he needs to help put the garage back on its feet again. 
Barbara Hunter joins Jill and Adam in the office and asks them if they would like to join her and David for s drink in the sitting room.  Adam tells her that they should be getting home and Jill is tired.  Barbara asks what happened with Cyril Dempsey and Adam tells her that Jill got no information out of him. 
Miranda Pollard finds Douglas Brady in the sitting room and he asks her out to dinner again, but Miranda tells him that she has a date with Doctor Wilcox.  "Well not a date as such," she says.  "So you can break it?" asks Douglas Brady.
J. Henry Pollard tells Adam Chance that he will have the cheque for him first thing in the morning.  Jill tells him that she has spoken to Cyril Dempsey and they know he was behind all this.  J. Henry tells her that Iris Scott asked him to do something about the garage because she was worried that Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald would lose their jobs.  
Miranda Pollard see's Douglas Brady in the motel reception and reminds her of their date.  Miranda tells him that she will try her best to get out of her date with James Wilcox.  Miranda telephones James Wilcox and tells him that she has to work late so she can't meet him tonight.
Adam Chance shows David and Barbara the cheque from J. Henry.  Barbara says she is surprised that J. Henry gave him the cheque without any conditions.  Jill says there was a condition, that they give Iris Scott a job at the motel.
Adam and Jill Chance ask Paul Ross into the office.  Jill says she knows he is understaffed and they have found domeone to help out.  Adam tells him it is Iris Scott.  Paul Ross refuses but Adam tells him that he has no choice.
Paul Ross goes into the dining room and tells Diane Hunter that Iris Scott will be joining the staff and he is putting Diane in charge of training her. 
Patsy Harris see's Larry Wilcox in the motel bar.  Larry tells her that after she finishes work they will go back to his place for a relaxing evening.  Larry tells her that his father is going out so they can have the place to themselves.
Miranda Pollard and Douglas Brady have dinner in the motel restaurant. 
Patsy Harris joins Larry Wilcox in the motel bar after she has finished work.  Miranda Pollard comes into the bar and Larry Wilcox asks her if his father is here.  Miranda says no, and explains that the motel needed her to do some extra work.  At that moment Douglas Brady comes into the bar and slips his arm around Miranda's waist.  Miranda removes his arm and introduces Douglas to Larry.  Miranda tells Larry that Mr Brady is helping them out.  "Don't work too hard," says Larry and leaves the bar.
Jill tells Adam that maybe they should have a word with Iris Scott and set things straight.  She telephones the Brownlow house and asks Iris if she could come into the motel.  Iris asks why and Jill tells her that J. Henry Pollard is anxious that she should be fixed up with a job.
Iris Scott waits in the motel reception to see Adam and Jill Chance.  Adam deliberately keeps Iris waiting and then asks her into the office.  He tells Iris that there is a vacancy in the motel bar.  Iris says that's great.  Iris tells Adam and Jill that before she leaves she would like to say something.  She says she is very sorry about the trouble she caused.  Jill says it's best forgotten.
Doris Luke reminds Edna Tilling that they are having dinner at the Brownlow's this evening.  Doris says they'll catch a bus but Edna tells her that she isn't going by bus, she's travelling by taxi.
Diane Hunter see's Iris Scott in the bar and tells her that she will be training her.  Iris tells Diane that she is stuck for somewhere to stay and was wondering if she could sleep on Diane's settee at her flat.  Diane agrees but says it's only for the time being. 
Kevin Banks tries to do the books for Percy Dobson's business and tells Glenda that he thinks Percy has left them in debt.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald go into the motel bar and Iris Scott comes in with her uniform on.  Sid asks her if she works her and Iris says yes.  She says she wouldn't have got this job without J. Henry Pollard's help, and he's got a heart of gold.  Sid Hooper tells her that she should look after her shoulder when she is around J. Henry.  Iris tells Sid that it it wasn't for J. Henry Pollard he and Joe would be out of a job.
Douglas Brady see's Miranda Pollard in the motel office.  Paul Ross comes into the office and Douglas asks him if he could book a table for dinner.  Paul tells Douglas that he will see to it.  Douglas Brady leaves the office.  Paul Ross tells Miranda that she is going to give her some advice and tells her about Douglas Brady and Lisa Walters.  He says Douglas Brady has no sense of responsibility.

1984 Episodes continued

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