1984 Episodes ... continued

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Sid Hooper waits in the motel bar for his meeting with 'cuddles'.  Diane Hunter comes in and tells him that he has just missed a fantastic looking girl who was looking for him, she answered to the name of cuddles.  Diane tells Sid that the woman said she didn't want anything to do with anything underhand like organising driving lessons on the company's time.  "It was you wasn't it?" says Sid.
There is no reply from J. Henry Pollard's chalet.  Glenda says he isn't out because his key is still hanging in reception.  Iris says she is going around to the chalet. 
Iris Scott goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet and knocks on the door.  There is no reply so she goes in, and glances inside the chalet.  "Mr Pollard," she calls from the door.  She walks into the chalet.  "Oh my god," she says as she sees J. Henry Pollard laying on the floor.  She goes to him.  "Say something," she says kneeling next to him.  J. Henry manages to tell Iris to get one of his pills and put one under his tongue.  Iris phones reception and asks the receptionist to call a doctor.
J. Henry Pollard is soon feeling better and is siiting up on the floor.  He says perhaps he should get onto the bed, and Iris tries to help him but J. Henry groans.  Miranda Pollard comes into the chalet and asks her father if he is alright. 
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that Diane Hunter gave him an earful and threatened to tell Adam Chance about his driving school.  He tells Joe about his new idea for offering a chauffeur service at weddings.  Joe tells Sid that he isn't going to cover for him and he wants nothing to do with it. 
Doctor James Wilcox examines J. Henry Pollard in his chalet and tells him that he thinks he should admit him to hospital.
Larry Wilcox comes to the motel and see's Patsy Harris, but she tells him that she can't talk to him now because she is working.
Iris Scott goes to see J. Henry Pollard in his chalet and he tells her that he is very grateful to her.
When Iris Scott returns to the Brownlow house she finds Doris Luke looking after Katie.  She notices a potty that Doris has bought for Katie, and tells her that Glenda won't like it.
Miranda Pollard and Doctor James Wilcox go into the motel office and the doctor telephones the hospital in order to admit J. Henry.  James Wilcox asks Miranda to have dinner with him and they arrange to eat in the motel restaurant.
Patsy Harris goes to the Wilcox house to see Larry Wilcox.  Larry tells her that he had the results of his A level exams today, and he failed all of them.  He says his father will go mad. 
Later James Wilcox arrives home and Larry gives him his exam results.  James tells his son that he can sit his exams again, and Larry says he could get a job.  James Wilcox tells Larry that he isn't eighteen and is still his responsibility.  Larry tells him that he will try and get into the polytechnic and take some courses in agriculture, but James Wilcox tells him that he can sit his A levels first and then they will talk.
Later Miranda Pollard meets James Wilcox in the motel bar and James tells her about Larry failing his A levels, but that he is re-taking them.
Iris Scott goes to see J. Henry Pollard in his chalet and he asks her what she wants to do.  Iris tells him that she wants a job, and some money.  J. Henry tells her that he would like to help, and suggests she works for him, but Iris says no, the management don't like her.  J. Henry says she would be working for him, not the motel.  "What do you say?" he asks.  "It would be one in the eye for them wouldn't it," says Iris, grinning.  J. Henry laughs.
Patsy Harris goes to see Larry Wilcox at his home and he asks her if she has been to see the doctor about getting the pill yet.  Patsy tells him that she hasn't had time, and says she will phone now.  Patsy Harris phones the doctors surgery and asks to make an appointment with Doctor Wigmore, who is Doctor Wilcox's partner in the practice. 
Glenda Banks arrives home and hears Doris Luke upstairs talking to baby Katie.  Doris Luke comes downstairs and tells Glenda that she took Kitty to the park.  Glenda tells her that the baby's name is Katie, not Kitty.  Glenda finds the potty that Doris bought and tells her that she doesn't want Katie rushed.  She tells Doris that she is Katie's mother and will teach her in her own good time.
Iris Scott has tea with J. Henry Pollard in his chalet and tells him that she might work for him in her spare time, but J. Henry says he was thinking about her working for him full time.  J. Henry says he has no idea about the current wages, and asks Iris what she was paid a week as a waitress.  Iris tells him 40, so J. Henry says he will take that as a guide, and double it.  Iris stares at him.  The telephone rings and J. Henry tells Iris that she can start working for him by answering the phone.  Iris answers the phone and tells J. Henry that it is his wife.  J. Henry tells her to put the phone down.
J. Henry Pollard and Iris Scott go into the motel reception and J. Henry tells Adam Chance that he wants Iris to go into the village to get him a few things, so could Sid Hooper come to the motel and drive Iris to the village.  Adam tells J. Henry that won't be possible because Sid Hooper is very busy.  J. Henry glares at Adam, and then asks the receptionist to order him a taxi right away.  Adam walks over to Iris.  "All part of the plan Iris?" he asks.  Iris tells him that it was Mr Pollard's idea, and it had nothing to do with her.     

1984 Episodes continued

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