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Doris Luke talks to Glenda Banks and says she can't take Katie away from her.
Sid Hooper strolls out of the garage in his chauffeurs hat.  He gets into a white car, with ribbons attached.  He notices that the front tyre is flat and goes to the motel bar to find Joe MacDonald. 
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald go into the motel garage and Sid shows Joe the flat tyre, and says he hasn't got a spare.  He looks at the car parked in the garage which one of the mechanics is polishing.  Joe MacDonald follows his gaze and says that's Mr Hunter's car.  Sid says Mr Hunter's away at the moment, so he won't know.
Iris Scott takes J. Henry Pollard into the motel restaurant in a wheelchair, and Paul Ross greets J. Henry.  J. Henry tells Paul that the table is only set for one, and there are two of them, so Paul says he wil get one of the waitresses to set another place.  Iris says it's alright, she can eat in the cafeteria.  J. Henry tells her to sit down.  He asks her if she is doing anything tonight and Iris says no.  J. Henry asks her if she has ever played backgammon, and Iris says she has never heard of it.
James Wilcox comes into the motel bar soaking wet from the rain.  He asks Miranda Pollard what she would like to do this evening, and suggests the theatre or cinema.  Miranda tells him that she doesn't really feel like either.  She suggests they go to her chalet, but James says she doesn't think that's a good idea.  He asks her if she always goes this fast.  "When I care," replies Miranda.  "When I care I go slowly," says James Wilcox.
Sid Hooper joins Joe MacDonald in the bar and tells him that his chauffeur job went fine.  He tells Joe that Mr Hunter's car came in handy.  Diane Hunter, who is closeby, overhears and asks Sid what Mr Hunter's car had to do with it.  Joe tells her that Sid borrowed Mr Hunter's car for a little job he was doing.  Diane is furious and hauls Sid Hooper out of the bar.
Jill Chance goes to see Glenda Banks at home and tells her that she called earlier to see her but she was out.  She says she found Doris Luke looking after Katie but she had left the front door wide open.  Glenda says she isn't sure that Doris is the right person to be looking after Katie, but Kath thinks she is being silly.  Glenda tells Jill that she told her mother she would sleep on it but she hasn't changed her mind.  Glenda asks Jill if she could asks Doris Luke to come and see her if she see's her at the motel.
Miranda Pollard and James Wilcox go to the Wilcox home but halfway through the evening James is called out to see a patient.  He tells Miranda to make herself at home.  The phone rings and Miranda answers it, taking a message for James Wilcox.  Larry Wilcox arrives home and Miranda tells him about the phone call, and says the caller sounded a bit agitated when she answered the phone.  Miranda tells Larry that the caller gave her name as Fiona.  "Oh," says Larry.  Larry tells Miranda that Fiona is his father's ex-girlfriend, and she liked him a lot.
Jill and Adam Chance have a drink in the motel bar after work, and Adam asks Jill about her day.  Jill tells him that she went to see Glenda Banks and her baby.  She says as she was driving back through the village there was a big wedding and she saw a car exactly like David's parked outside the church.
James Wilcox arrives back after after his call-out, and Larry goes off to the cinema.  Miranda Pollard tells James that her and Larry were having a chat, and she thinks he should let Larry take a year out.  Miranda tells James that she had a phone call from Fiona.  "An old flame?" she asks.
Doris Luke goes to see Glenda at the Brownlow home and Glenda tells her that she doesn't want her to carry on as a  babysitter for Katie.  Doris says she lives for that child and she promises she will do anything she asks from now on. 
The next day Kath Brownlow and Glenda Banks wait at home for the new babysitter to arrive.  The doorbell rings and Glenda opens the door to Doris Luke.  Doris apologises for being late, hangs up her coat in the hallway and says she will see to Katie.  She goes upstairs as if nothing has happened.  Glenda stares at Kath and says she can't believe it.  Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that she should be grateful.
David and Barbara Hunter return from their holiday.  Jill welcomes them back and asks David if Chris has solved his problem.  David says there was no problem.  David, Jill and Barbara go into the office and Adam Chance tells David and Barbara about Iris Scott working for J. Henry Pollard.  Adam tells David that J. Henry has also bought the Manor House.
Glenda Banks arrives late for work and apologises to Paul Ross.  She explains that she had to wait for the new babysitter, and in the end she didn't turn up, then Doris Luke turned up as if nothing had happened.  Glenda asks Paul Ross how Doris has been behaving at work, and she tells Paul about Doris's preoccupation with Katie.
David Hunter contacts Frank Jessop, the estate agent who sold the Manor House to J. Henry Pollard.
Diane Hunter see's Miranda Pollard in the bar and asks her if she has seen Doctor Wilcox.  Miranda says she has, and he is very interesting. 
David Hunter joins Barbara in the office and tells her that he found confetti, rice and a hymn sheet in his car.  Adam Chance comes into the office and David tells him about the car, asking him if he can throw any light on it.  Adam tells David to leave it to him.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald have drinks and sandwiches in the motel bar.  Sid tells Joe that he has got more driving lessons fixed up.  He gives Joe 25 for fixing the puncture for him.  Adam Chance comes into the bar at that moment and overhears their conversation.  He asks Sid and Joe if he can have a word with them in the office.  Joe MacDonald asks Adam if he wants to see him as well and Adam tells him that he might want to pay his last respects to Sid.  "I think David might just want to sack you.  Congratualtion Sidney," says Adam, and sprinkles a handful of confetti over Sid's head.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald go into the office and Adam and David ask them for an explanation.  Sid tells them that he was doing one of their customers a favour, his daughter was getting married and Sid's car had a puncture so he used David's instead.  Adam asks Sid how much money he was paid and Sid tells him a couple of hundred pounds.  David suggests they give the money to charity. 
Larry Wilcox's girlfriend Patsy Harris waits at the doctors surgery for her appointment with Doctor Wigmore.  Receptionist Marion Owen receives a phone call and tells Patsy that she will have to reschedule her appointment as Doctor Wigmore has been called out urgently.  Marion Owen asks Patsy if tomorrow will be alright but Patsy says she can't make it because she is working.
Doctor James Wilcox comes into the surgery and Marion Owen tells him that Doctor Wigmore has been called out on an emergency.  Marion tells James Wilcox that there is only one patient and she is in the toilet at the moment.  Doctor Wilcox goes into his consulting room.  Patsy Harris comes back into the surgery and Marion Owen tells her that she is in luck as Doctor Wilcox will see her.

1984 Episodes continued

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