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Doris Luke goes to see Doctor Wilcox about her legs, and he asks her how the walking is going.  Doris tells the doctor that she has a babysitting job, and she does a lot of walking when she takes the baby for a walk.
Kath Brownlow takes some coffee to J. Henry Pollard in his chalet, and J. Henry is surprised to see Kath and says she doesn't normally do this.  Kath tells him that they are short staffed.  Kath tells J. Henry Pollard that there is a vacancy in the cafeteria, and J. Henry tells her to leave it with him and he will see what he can do. 
J. Henry Pollard goes to see Paul Ross and says he understands that there is a vacancy in the cafeteria, but Paul tells him there isn't.  J. Henry says he was led to believe that one of the girls didn't come up to scratch, and Paul says yes, but he will be replacing her.  J. Henry tells Paul to hire Iris Scott, and Paul says he hires his own staff.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald have a drink in the motel bar and Sid shows Joe a business cards.  He says he is going to get some of these made up and is going to give driving lessons. 
Miranda Pollard see's Larry Wilcox in the motel bar and tells him that she is sorry for the misunderstanding.
J. Henry Pollard joins Adam, Jill and Miranda in the motel office and tells them that he is buying a house, the Manor House right next door to the motel.  Afterwards Adam tells Jill that David isn't going to like that much because David wanted to buy the Manor House in order to extend the motel.
Larry Wilcox takes girlfriend Patsy Harris to his home and tells her that his father is going on a three day conference soon so they will have the place to themselves.  He asks her if she has been to the doctor yet but Patsy says it's a bit embarassing.  Larry says she's old enough so the doctor can't refuse to give her the pill. 
James Wilcox arrives home and Larry introduces him to Patsy.  They ahve lunch together and Patsy leaves soon after.  James Wilcox tells Larry that Patsy is a nice girl.  James Wilcox talks to Larry about his future plans, and Larry tells him that he doesn't want to become a doctor. 
Doctor James Wilcox goes to the motel and see's Miranda Pollard in reception.  He apologises for his Larry's behaviour but Miranda says there is no need.  James Wilcox asks her if she would like to come to dinner with them at his home. 
Kath Brownlow tells Iris Scott that J. Henry Pollard wants her to phone him so that he can explain to her personally why he couldn't get her a job.  Iris telephones J. Henry and thanks him for trying to get her a job.  J. Henry Pollard asks Iris to have lunch with him tomorrow.
Miranda Pollard and James Wilcox arrive at the Wilcox home, and James calls for larry to come downstairs as they have a guest.  Larry Wilcox comes down the stairs.  "Oh, you're the guest," he says when he sees Miranda.  James Wilcox tells Larry to apologise.
Adam Chance goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet.  J. Henry says he thought he made it clear that he was to be informed about the next job vacancy which came up at the motel.  Adam tells him that the vacancy has only just come up.  J. Henry tells Adam that he has given instructions to Paul Ross to take Iris Scott on, and Adam says he has had those orders countermanded. 
Adam tells J. Henry that he won't have Iris Scott working at the motel under any circumstances.  He says she blackmailed him and Jill.  J. Henry tells Adam that that was some time ago, surely he isn't going to bear a grudge forever.  "We're not having her here J. Henry," says Adam firmly.  "We are," says J. Henry.  "No way," says Adam.  "It is what I want," says J. Henry.  "Well it's a great shame J. Henry because it's not what you're going to get," says Adam.
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he has had his first booking as a driving instructor.  He tries to get Joe involved but Joe tells him that he wants nothing to do with it. 
Iris Scott waits in the motel reception for her lunch with J. Henry Pollard.  She talks to Doris Luke and asks her if she never gets lonely going for walks on her own.  Doris says not now she's got Kitty.  "Who?" asks Iris.  Doris Luke tells her it is her name for Glenda and Kevin's baby Katie.  Iris tells Doris that she and Glenda wondered about this soft talk, and that Glenda isn't keen on it.  She says Glenda was wondering if Doris is right person to look after Katie.  Doris says they can't take Katie away from her.
Diane Hunter goes to the garage to collect the coffee cups and whilst she is in the garage office the telephone rings.  She answers the phone just before Joe MacDonald.  The caller asks for Sid Hooper.  Diane tells Joe MacDonald that it is someone who wants to book a driving lesson for ten o'clock.  Diane tells the caller that she will see to it that Mr Hooper gets the message.  When she has put the phone down Diane asks Joe what is going on, and Joe tells her that Sid Hooper is giving driving lessons.  "On the company's time?" asks Diane.
Later Diane phones the garage and Sid Hooper answers.  "Hello this is the Acme school of driving," he says.  Diane disguises her voice and says she is Mr Goodman's neice and she wanted to talk about having some driving lessons.  She says she could meet him for a drink and a chat, and suggests the Crossroads Motel.  Sid agrees and asks what her name is.  "Just call me cuddles," says Diane trying hard not to laugh. 
Sid Hooper takes an attractive young blonde woman for a driving lesson but she crashes into something.  Sid slides underneath the car to look at the damage.  Paul Ross pulls up in his car and asks the girl if he can give her a lift. 
Glenda Banks notices Iris Scott still waiting for J. Henry Pollard in the motel reception, and suggests Iris phones J. Henry's chalet.  Glenda asks the receptionist if she could phone through to Mr Pollard's chalet to remind him that Iris Scott is here.

1984 Episodes continued

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