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John Latchford tells Kath Brownlow that he is being transferred to London.
Diane Hunter tells Kath Brownlow that there is a job in the cafeteria for Iris Scott if she is interested.
John Latchford goes to his ex-wife Helen Walkers chalet and tells her that he is being transferred to London.  Helen tells him that whilst there is hope she won't give up.
David Hunter joins Jill and Adam Chance in the motel office and tells them that he is sorry he hasn't been a lot of help recently.  He says he had a letter today inviting him to interview to become a Justice of the Peace.  David asks Jill if he could dictate a letter to them.  He dictates to Jill and explains that there has been a change in his professional life and he would like to withdraw his application.  Jill tells him that she thinks he is being a little premature. 
J. Henry Pollard arrives at the motel.
Helen Walker see's Kath Brownlow in the motel reception area and tells her that she is leaving tomorrow. 
Glenda Banks looks through the motel bookings register at the reception desk.  Kath joins her in reception and glances at the register.  She points something out to Glenda.  She says Helen Walker has left a London forwarding address, not her Rotherham address.
Kath Brownlow goes into the motel bar where she see's John Latchford.  Kath tells him that Helen said she was leaving this morning and was going back to Rotherham.  She tells John that she has just seen Helen's forwarding address in the register and it's a London address.  Kath asks John where he usually stays when he is in London and John mentions an address, which is Helen's brothers address.  Kath says that is the same address as in the register.  Kath Brownlow tells John Latchford that she will be gald to see the back of him and Helen Walker, and walks out.
Later John Latchford goes to the Brownlow house and tells Glenda Banks that he knows Kath thinks he contrived to stay at Helen's brothers on purpose.  He tells her that if it wasn't for the love he feels for Kath he would give Helen a second chance.  Glenda tells him that if he is as unsure as he sounds he isn't going to make her mother happy.
Barbara Hunter goes into the motel restaurant and tells Paul Ross that she and David will be a little late for dinner.  Sarah Alexander passes by and says goodnight to Paul Ross, then says goodbye to Barbara.  "Goodbye?" asks Barbara.  Sarah tells her that she is leaving in the morning.
Later David joins Barbara in reception and they go through to the restaurant.  They take a seat at their table and Barbara tells David that Sarah Alexander is leaving in the morning.  She says if he lets Sarah go they both know what it will cost him, his child.  Barbara tells David that she won't be a moment, and leaves the restaurant.
Barbara goes to Sarah Alexander's chalet and finds her packing.  Barbara tells her that she has come to see her for herself, not for David.  She says David is trying to protect her and their marriage.  "Don't you care for him," asks Barbara.  "I love him," Sarah tells her.  She says she couldn't bring up a child that had David's features.  "Don't you love that child even a little," asks Barbara.  "You bitch!" says Sarah.  "You of all people should know I'm the lucky one of the two.  Isn't that a laugh," says Sarah. 
Barbara tells Sarah that yes, she is lucky, she has something that she didn't think she could have, David's child.  "And you have David," says Sarah.  Barbara asks Sarah to let her have the child, it is better than the alternative.  She tells Sarah that if she kept the child then she would have a hold on David, or she could destroy him now. 
Barbara Hunter goes into the office where she finds Jill Chance.  She tells Jill that she has just seen Sarah , and she feels divorce from David is the only way out.  She says she just feels so jealous of her.
Iris Scott telephones Glenda at work, and tells her that the Job Centre phoned her to say that she has got an interview for a job at 10.30 this morning.  Iris tells Glenda that she can't go for the interview unless Glenda leaves work to come and look after the baby.  
Glenda Banks asks Paul Ross if she could have an hour off to go home and look after her baby so that Iris Scott can go for a job interview, but Paul says no.  
Sarah Alexander pays her bill at the reception desk.  David comes out from the office into reception and asks her if he could have a word with her.  They sit down in reception, and he asks her why she is leaving.  Sarah tells him that she has been thinking about what Barbara says , and tells him that Barbara has persuaded her to have the baby  She tells David that she will bring up the child alone. 
Sarah tells David that she can't hope that he will come back to her once the child is born, so she has to shut herself off from that now.  She tells him that he won't see the child, his name won't be on the birth certificate, and he will have no claim on either of them.  She stands up from the chair, and walks to the motel doors.  She looks back at David who is standing head bowed in reception, and she smiles smugly. 
Doris Luke calls at the Brownlow house and finds Iris Scott alone with baby Katie.  Iris tells her about the interview, and Doris offers to look after the baby whilst she goes for the interview. 
Barbara joins David in the sitting room.  David tells her that Sarah is going to have the baby.  "She said you convinced her.  Why didn't you tell me?" asks David.  Barbara says he would have asked her not to.  David asks her what she said to Sarah, and Barbara says she told Sarah that the child was a tie to him and if she destroyed it she could give up any hope of David. 
David tells Barbara that Sarah told him that he wouldn't see the child and it wouldn't bear his name.  Barbara says she has given her a weapon and she is already using it.  Barbara tells him that she wanted to give him his freedom and he can still have it.  "She'll probably take you back in five years anyway," says Barbara.  David says he isn't proud of any of this, his lack of self control in the first place and anything that has happened since.  "If you want me, in the unlikely event, I'll be in the office," says David, and goes to the door.  "David!" calls Barbara. 
David shuts the door and turns to face Barbara.  She puts her arms around his waist and hugs him.  They hold each other.  "The awful thing is I'm jealous of that child," says Barbara.  David puts his hand to her face and kisses her.

1984 Episodes continued

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