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Glenda Banks tells Iris Scott off for leaving Doris Luke to look after baby Katie.
Barbara talks to Jill in sitting room and tells her that Sarah is having the baby but has threatened not to let David see the child.  She says she is quite sure David won't go to Sarah.  Jill asks Barbara if David has said anything more about becoming a Justice of the Peace, and Barbara says she had forgotten all about that.  Jill tells Barbara that David dictated a letter to say that he was withdrawing his application.  Barbara says she will try and get David to change his mind.
Diane Hunter goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Iris Scott that she had put her name down on the interview list for the job in the cafeteria but she didn't even bother to phone up about it.  After Diane has left Kath Brownlow tells Iris to phone up now but iris says she isn't too keen.
Barbara takes coffee to David in the sitting room and asks him about his application to become a Justice of the Peace.  She says Jill is disappointed that he isn't going ahead with it.  Barbara suggests a holiday, but David says this is their busiest time of the year.  Barbara says she wants to go soemwhere where there is a beach.
Kath Brownlow goes to Helen Walker's chalet and tells her that she thinks it is time for the truth.  She tells Helne that she thinks she came here with the intention of breaking her and John up.  Kath suggests they get John in here now.
Shortly after John Latchford comes into Helen Walker's chalet and asks Kath and Helen what is going on.  Kath tells him that it is time they stopped mincing words.  She says she just wants to know where she stands.  Kath takes off her engagement ring and tells John that he is free to choose between her and Helen.
Iris Scott arrives at the motel for an interview and sits in reception.  Kath Brownlow see's her and tells her that they won't be able to see her for at least an hour.  Kath asks Iris if she would be able to go down to the village to fetch a prescription for Mr Pollard. 
Kath Brownlow takes a tea tray into the office and Adam Chance asks her why Iris Scott is at the motel.  Kath tells him that Iris is here for an interview for the job in the cafeteria.  After Kath has left the office Adam phones the cafeteria and tells them that they will be interviewing Iris Scott.  He says she musn't get the job.    
Iris Scott takes J. Henry Pollard his tablets and he asks her if she is working here.  Iris says no, but her aunt Kath Brownlow asked her to bring him his tablets.  J. Henry Pollard tells Iris that it is very good of her.  He offers her some money but Iris tells him that she doesn't want any money.
Kath Brownlow see's Iris Scott after Iris has finished her interview, and tells Kath that there wasn't a job.  Kath says that's funny, she knows there was a vacancy.  Iris says Adam Chance has got it in for her and she is sure he fixed it so she didn't get the job. 
John Latchford sees Kath Brownlow in reception and tells her that it's her he wants.  He asks her to put her engagement ring on again. 
Kath Brownlow joins Diane Hunter and Paul Ross in the dining room for lunch.  Kath tells Diane that Iris didn't get the job, and Diane is surprised. 
Paul Ross goes to the office and tells Adam Chance that he heard J. Henry Pollard was taking over the general managership.  Adam tells Paul that J. Henry is just acting manager whilst David goes away on holiday.  Paul tells Adam that Iris Scott didn't get the job in the cafeteria.  He says there is a rumour going around that he used his influence to make sure that Iris didn't get the job.
Miranda Pollard goes to see her father J. Henry in his chalet, and J. Henry asks her what she knows about Iris Scott.  Miranda says she doesn't know a lot about her, but she knows that Iris went for a job in the cafeteria but Adam Chance made sure that she didn't get it. 
Iris Scott comes to the motel to wait for Kath Brownlow, but Kath tells her that she can't get away just yet.  Iris goes into the motel bar and is joined by J. Henry Pollard.  He offers to buy her a drink.
Barbara tells David that she wants him to give serious thought to the Justice of the Peace application, but David says there is no application.  Barbara tells him that Jill didn't send that letter withdrawing his application.  David says he will be away for the interviews anyway.  Barbara tells David that she will ask Jill to type another letter explaining that he will be away for the next three weeks. 
J. Henry Pollard asks Iris Scott about her mother, and Iris tells him that her mother threw her out.  J. Henry asks Iris how long she will be staying in the area and Iris says that depends on whether or not she can get a job.  He asks Iris if she can do shorthand typing, but Iris says no. 
David and Barbara Hunter prepare to leave for their holiday, and Adam and Jill see them off.  David asks Jill if she would send another letter saying that he will be available for intervie for the JP job when they return from holiday. 
Paul Ross tells Adam Chance that J. Henry Pollard wants to see him.  J. Henry tells Adam that he heard Iris Scott went for an interview this morning.  He says the next job vacancy that comes up he wants Iris to get it.  Adam tells J. Henry that Iris isn't what she seems, but J. Henry says she has impressed him and he would like to reward her.
Larry Wilcox, Doctor James Wilcox's son, comes to the motel to meet his girlfriend Patsy Harris who is a waitress at the motel.  Patsy joins Larry in the bar and tells him that she won't be finished work yet because Paul Ross has asked her to work overtime.

1984 Episodes continued

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