1984 Episodes ... continued

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Glenda Banks takes breakfast to Helen Walker in her chalet and asks her what she is trying to do to her mother.  Glenda tells her that she doesn't care what she wants from John Latchford but she isn't going to let her take it out on her mother.
Paul Ross see's Jill Chance and tells her that Iris Scott is back in King's Oak.  He says Glenda Banks was asking about the possibility of a job for Iris and Jill says she doesn't like the thought of Iris working at the motel. 
Later, Diane Hunter see's Paul Ross and tells him that they are understaffed.  She says she could train Iris Scott, she would probably work cheaply.
Doris Luke goes to see Jill Chance in the office and tells her that she has seen her doctor about her legs and he has advised her to walk five miles a day, and cut down on her working hours.  Jill tells her that she will sort something out.
Glenda Banks' babysitter telephones to say that she can't come anymore.  Glenda asks Iris Scott if she could stay with the baby, and Iris says yes.
Jill joins Barbara in the sitting room for coffee.  Barbara tells her that she and David told Sarah Alexander that they are prepared to adopt her baby.  She says obviously she would have prefeered to have David's child herself but this is second best. 
Miranda Pollard arrives at the motel. 
David Hunter joins Barbara in the sitting room and gives her a kiss.  He tells her that Sarah suggested lunch so at least she is willing to talk.  Barbara tells David that it must be a legal adoption, she wants it done properly.  She tells him that she looked in the estate agents today and one house caught her eye.  She says it had a nursery but it will need redecorating.  Barbara asks David what Chris will think and David says he's a bit old to mind.  She asks him if he wants a boy or a girl and David says he really doesn't mind. 
Sarah Alexander comes into the sitting room and David suggests they go through to the restaurant.  Sarah says what she has to say she can say here.  She tells them that she couldn't have a child and then give it up.  "If David were to marry me..." she says.  "No," says David firmly.  He says even if Barbara wanted to give him up, he wouldn't marry her. 
Sarah Alexander tells David and Barbara that there is only one thing to do, and says she will phone the clinic in the morning.  David says this is unbelievable, how dare she use a childs life in this way.  "Get out of here.  Get out of this motel.  Get out of my life!" shouts David.    
Barbara follows Sarah out of the room and asks her when she is going to have the abortion.  Sarah says as soon as possible.  Barbara asks her to put it off for a week, and Sarah agrees.
Jill tells Adam that Barbara and David want to adopt Sarah Alexander's baby.  Adam says he can't see that working out. 
Jill sees Sarah Alexander in reception and says hello.  Sarah tells her that she is leaving. 
Jill Chance finds Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and tells them that she has just seen Sarah Alexander and she told her that she was leaving.  Barbara says Sarah said she would give them a week, but she must have made up her mind to have the abortion.  Jill says that's awful.  Barbara tells Jill that this was her last chance to have David's child, and Jill says maybe it is best this way.  Barbara says yes maybe, for their marriage, that's if they can still salvage it.  She says she isn't sure that what they have is worth a child's life. 
Miranda Pollard receives a phone call from her mother Valerie who asks her where J. Henry is, and Miranda tells her that he isn't here. 
Jill Chance gives John Latchford a message for him to contact his company.  Later, John tells Jill that he is being transferred to London. 
David Hunter finds Sarah Alexander in the motel bar and tells her that she said she would give them a week to work something out.  David says perhaps he could come up with something, but Sarah tells him that nothing can change things.  "You're certain you want this abortion?" asks David.  "It's my decision," says Sarah.  "Yes, but are you certain?" asks David.  "No, of course not," says Sarah.
J. Henry Pollard telephones Adam Chance.  Adam asks him where he is and J. Henry tells him that he is at Birmingham airport.  He tells Adam that he will be arriving at the motel later this afternoon. 
David Hunter and Sarah Alexander talk in the sitting room.  David tells her that he isn't asking to adopt the child now, he is just pleading for the child's life.  He asks her to give him a week.  Sarah tells David that she has loved him for twenty years so she will give him a week. 
Later Barbara joins David in the sitting room and asks him if Sarah is staying on.  David tells her that Sarah said she will give them a week.  Barbara says she could divorce him, she has grounds.  "Don't leave me.  There's only so much I can take," says David.     

1984 Episodes continued

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