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Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper about Cecil Beecher Blunt.  Cecil Beecher Blunt comes into the room and Sid asks him how the 'Mrs' is.  He asks Cecil where exactly she lives and Beecher Blunt tells him that she lives on the south coast.
David Hunter asks Adam Chance if he would mind if he and Barbara took some time off.  He asks Adam to see to it that Mrs Alexander's things are forwarded on to her in London as she won't be returning to the motel.  Adam offers David his congratulations and David apologises for his temper.  Adam tells David that Jill will be over the moon to hear the news, she thought that if it could happend to David then it could happen to Adam.  "Don't let it.  It isn't worth it," says David.  He says he loves Barbara.  "Don't tell me, tell her.  And keep telling her," advises Adam.    
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald go into the motel bar.  Sid tells Joe that he phoned the Britannia pub and asked if he could pick up a few things after the pub has been demolished.  He tells Joe that he will asks some questions about Beecher Blunt whilst he is there. 
Jill Chance joins Barbara in the sitting room and tells her that Adam told her the news about her and David.  Jill tells Barbara that whatever she did, it worked.  She notices that Barbara doesn't look very happy and Barbara says she just wonders if David left Sarah, or came back to her.  Jill says surely it's the same thing.  There is a knock on the office door and Jill answers it.  One of the waitresses hands her a bouquet of red roses and tells Jill that they are for Mrs Hunter.  "There's your answer," Jill tells Barbara.
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that Cecil Beecher Blunt apparently does this sort of thing quite often, and he has quite a few ladies lined up.  He says when things get a bit too hot to handle a letter arrives for Beecher Blunt from his wife, saying she is ill and needs him.
Paul Ross shows David Hunter that evenings dinner menu and asks him if he had a successful business trip.  David says not really, he has decided not to invest in Mrs Alexander's business.  Paul tells David that he thought it was a good business proposition but David says it would have taken him away from the motel too much. 
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald talk to Cecil Beecher Blunt.  Cecil Beecher Blunt tells them that he meant no harm and he never suggested marriage.  Sid tells him that he must tell Mavis the truth or leave.
Later Sid, Mavis, Joe and Cecil Beecher Blunt have dinner at the lodging house.  Mavis Hooper brings in a telegram for Cecil Beecher Blunt.  He opens it and reads it, then hands it to Mavis Hooper.  "Dorothy needs you.  Come at once," says Mavis, reading the telegram.  Mavis asks Cecil Beecher Blunt what is wrong with his wife.  "Deranged," says Cecil Beecher Blunt.  He tells Mavis that he will have to go, it is his duty. 
Jill Chance is on duty at the reception desk when Sarah Alexander comes into the motel.  Sarah tells Jill that she would like a chalet, and Jill says they are fully booked.  Sarah asks about the reserve chalet.  Sarah asks Jill if Mr Hunter is available because she would like to see him alone. 
Jill asks Paul Ross if he would look after the desk for a moment, and she leaves reception to go through to the private wing.  Paul Ross acts coolly towards Sarah Alexander and she asks him if anything is wrong.  Paul tells her that she took him for a fool and used him as a decoy.  Paul says he doesn't understand her at all.  "You will," says Sarah, touching his hand. 
Cecil Beecher Blunt prepares to leave the lodging house.  He says goodbye to Mavis Hooper.  He tells her that his heart will always ache with the thought of what might have been.  He kisses her on the forehead, and leaves.  Outside the door he breathes a sigh of relief.
Jill finds David and Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and tells them that Sarah Alexander is back at the motel.  David says he isn't afraid of her, and Barbara says neither is she.  David says they will see her together.  Jill tells them that Sarah specifically asked to see David alone.  At that moment Sarah Alexander comes into the sitting room and tells David that she wants to see him alone.  Jill leaves the room.
Sarah Alexander tells Barbara and David that Jill disliked her from the moment she set eyes on her.  "While I liked you enormously," says Barbara.  Sarah says she can't apologise for that because she liked her to.  Sarah tells David that she has something to tell him alone.  Barbara leaves the room.
David tells Sarah to sit down.  "I'm sorry," he says.  "Why did you go?" asks Sarah.  David tells her that he left her a note.  "What we have isn't enough for a life together," says Sarah, remembering what his note said.  "You stopped long enough to write one sentence.  Why couldn't you face me?" asks Sarah.  "Because if I'd stayed that night you wouldn't have let me go," says David.  "No I wouldn't have," says Sarah.  "And because each night made it worse for Barbara," says David.  "Why, because it was better for us.  Can you deny that.  Each night made your marriage seem just that much more pale," says Sarah.  "No," says David.  "Why then?" asks Sarah. 
"Do you love her enough?  The other night you called me 'my Sarah'.  Your Sarah," says Sarah.  "I didn't say I didn't love you.  I'd never say that," says David.  "You admit that.  Why didn't you wait for me?" asks Sarah.  David tells her that he should have waited, he wasn't thinking rationally.  "What are you afraid of David.  Me?" asks Sarah.  "Afraid that you might get hurt for once in your rational life," says Sarah.  Sarah tells David that he is afraid of himself, afraid of what he wants.  "Why do you want so little?" she asks.  David turns to face her.  "Because I have so much," he says. 
David tells Sarah that she doesn't know what he and Barbara have together.  "I know what we have together, and it's more.  It's enough," says Sarah.  "It isn't love letter time David.  It's plain simple fact.  I'm going to have your child," says Sarah.  "I'm forty years old.  Never had a child but I'm going to.  And I'm terrified," says Sarah.  "Please help me David," she says. 

1984 Episodes continued

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