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Barbara Hunter joins Adam Chance in the office and tells him that she is going to Grange House tomorrow.
Doris Luke visits Mavis Hooper and asks her if she has a spare room in the lodging house, but Mavis says she hasn't got any spare rooms at the moment.  Mavis Hooper tells Doris Luke that she thinks Cecil Beecher Blunt is about to make their arrangement more permanent.  Later Cecil Beecher Blunt walks Doris Luke to the door and Doris tells him that Mavis told her the news.
David Hunter arrives back at the motel following his trip to London.  He joins Adam Chance in the office and asks him where Barbara is.  Adam asks him if he is alone because if Mrs Alexander is coming back then they will have to move her to another chalet.  David tells Adam that he is alone, that Sarah Alexander won't be coming back.  David asks where Barbara is and Adam tells him she is in the sitting room.  Adam says Barbara is going to Wiltshire in the morning.  "No she isn't," says David, and walks out.
Cecil Beecher Blunt and Mavis Hooper have a cup of tea together and Mavis reminds him that this is a leap year and women are entitled to propose to the men.  "Marriage you mean?" asks Cecil.  He says if only it could be.  "There may be someone who would raise some objections," says Cecil.  "Who?" asks Mavis.  "Mrs Beecher Blunt," says Cecil.  Mavis stares at him. 
David Hunter goes into his and Barbara's private sitting room and finds Barbara relaxing in an armchair, music playing softly.  He sits down.  "Barbara," he says softly, and Barbara opens her eyes.  "How was London?" she asks.  "Hectic," replies David.  "Did Sarah drive back with you?" asks Barbara.  "I came back by train, alone," says David.  "I cleared up a lot of things while I was away," says David. 
Barbara walks to the bookcase and replaces a book.  David tells Barbara that he has decided not to invest in Sarah's business.  "Is that the something you cleared up?" asks Barbara.  "Yes," nods David.  "To your satisfaction?" asks Barbara.  David looks down at the floor.  "I'm sorry Barbara," he says.  Barbara looks at him.  "No need," she says.  David walks towards her.  "It's over is it?" asks Barbara.  "Yes," says David.  "Who gave who up?" she asks.  David says he doesn't think that's important at this stage. 
"What made you change your mind?" asks Barbara.  "Guilt," answers David.  "Guilt.  That's not a good enough reason," says Barbara.  "Love.  I want you, if you still want me," says David.  "I was going to leave tomorrow for the country.  I'd lost my nerve.  I was certain I'd done the wrong thing and not fought for you," says Barbara.  "Forgive me?" asks David.  Barbara looks at him, and then hugs him.
Barbara tells David that she was going to go to Grange House, she had given up on them.  "On me?" asks David and Barbara says no.  "Remember I'm studying marriages.  It takes two people," says Barbara.  Barbara says Sarah obviously gave him something she didn't.  David says he loved Sarah once and then let her go, but obviously he didn't let go completely.  "You've let her go now?" asks Barbara, and David says yes.  Barbara walks away from him.  "What, for another twenty years," she says. 
Barbara turns back to face David and apologises.  David says she's angry, he doesn't blame her.  "Why have you let her go now?" asks Barbara.  "Because I want you," answers David.  "Do you, or was it your conscience?  I know about your conscience David.  It's something I loved in you, but don't let your conscience get in the way," she says.  "I need your approval, your assurance, your love.  I know I've had it all these years but I didn't know I needed it," says David. 
Barbara sits down on the settee next to David, and asks him what he needed from Sarah.  David says it wasn't like that.  "Twenty years ago I should have gone off, left Rosemary and gone with Sarah.  I'm not saying we'd still be together now, we probably wouldn't.  The only reason I stayed with Rosemary was because of my conscience.  It would have been better if I had gone," says David.  "What did she give you?" asks Barbara.  David says not as much as he thought.  "Are you trying to tell me you weren't lovers?" asks Barbara.  "No.  I'm trying to tell you it wasn't an affair of the heart," says David. 
Barbara tells David that somehow that doesn't help.  "What is it that I lack for you?" asks Barbara.  "Nothing," replies David.  Barbara tells David that he is an attractive man, that he must have had lots of offers that he never told her about.  "I wanted you," says David.  "You wanted her," says Barbara.  "At least you know conscience had nothing to do with it.  I was being selfish.  I'm being selfish now.  I want you," says David, and takes her hand. 
Joe MacDonald joins Mavis Hooper in the dining room of the lodging house.  He asks if Captain Beecher Blunt is about, and Mavis says he is in his room.  Joe asks Mavis if she is alright.  Mavis tells him that she and Cecil Beecher Blunt had quite a chat.  She asks Joe if he knew that Cecil was married, and Joe says he didn't.  Mavis says she didn't know either.  She bursts out crying, and Joe consoles her.
David suggests to Barbara that they go away for a while, but Barbara tells him that thi sis their busiest time.  David says Jill and Adam can manage.  "That doesn't sound like you," says Barbara.  "What's more important, this business or our marriage?" asks David.  "If we have to take a second honeymoon to save our marriage then we're in deeper trouble than we thought," says Barbara.
"Why didn't you stop me?" asks David.  "Because I didn't want you if you wanted her.  I'm not that kind of woman.  No.  I let her lie to me.  I smiled.  I encouraged you both to go off to London on your business trips, while we all knew," says Barbara.  "So you can't forgive me," says David.  "Did I say that.  No.  I prayed that you'd come back and you did.  It's just a question of trust.  I took you for granted, I admit that but then I like taking you for granted.  Isn't that what marriage is all about, faith, trust," says Barbara.  David moves closer to her on the settee.  "Can we try?" he asks.  "Of course we can try.  After all I still love you," says Barbara.  David moves to kiss Barbara but she turns away.

1984 Episodes continued

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