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David Hunter asks Sarah Alexander if she wants to have the child and Sarah says yes.  David says that's good.  Sarah says she thought he would be angry about it.  She asks David how he feels about it, and David says he isn't sure.  He asks her what the doctor said, and Sarah says she is in good physical condition for her age.  David tells Sarah that he will do everything he can, he'll meet his responsibilities.  He says he will do anything she wants him to.  "Marry me," says Sarah.
David tells Sarah that isn't possible, but he will help out in any way.  Sarah says it's not money she wants, it's love, and can't he spare a little for her.  David sits beside her and puts his arm around her shoulder.  Sarah rests her head on his shoulder.  "That's better," she says.  Sarah tells him that Barbara said he wanted a child.  David removes his arm from around her shoulder, and says he never told Barbara that.  He says they tried but perhaps it was too late.  David tells Sarah that he didn't come back to Barbara out of a sense of duty.  Sarah tells him that he came back because it was the rational thing to do.  "I need you.  We need you," says Sarah. 
Doris Luke visits Mavis Hooper at her boarding house.  Mavis tells her that she has a room free because Cecil Beecher Blunt had to leave suddenly due to illness in the family.  Doris says it's a bit strange expecting a man of his age to suddenly rush to someone's bedside.  "he had to.  It was his wife," says Mavis. 
Kath Brownlow goes to John Latchford's chalet and says she heard that Helen Walker is staying.  She says she heard it from Helen, not from him.  John tells Kath that helen wanted to stay and he could hardly force her to leave.  The phone rings and John answers it.  He tells Kath that was his daughter Donna, and she actually wants to speak to him.
Mavis Hooper tells Sid and Joe that the telegram from Cecil Beecher Blunt's wife was a bit sudden, but she can't see a man like Cecil making something up.  Sid Hooper leaves the room.  Mavis asks Joe if Sid made this up, and orders him to tell her.  Joe says there is nothing to tell.  Mavis says she will find out sooner or later.  Joe MacDonald tells Mavis that it was for the best, Cecil felt it was right so he went along with Sid's idea.
Later Sid joins Mavis in the lodging house kitchen, and sits down for a cup of tea.  Mavis tells Sid that she knows all about the telegram.
Barbara Hunter goes into the motel bar and see's Sarah Alexander.  Sarah says good evening and Barbara sits down on a stool opposite her.  Sarah asks where David is, and Barbara tells her that he is at a meeting in Birmingham.  Barbara asks Sarah if she has got everything settled and Sarah says no, she has to talk to David.  Barbara asks her if this is a private matter and says David will explain, they don't keep secrets from each other.  Sarah tells her that this is not something you can keep secret for long.
Barbara asks Sarah if  she is holding something over David, and Sarah asks her if she is accusing her of blackmail.  Barbara says no.  "I'm going to have David's child," says Sarah.  Barbara stares at her.  "You're not serious," says says.  Sarah assures her that she is.  Barbara asks her what David said, and Sarah says he told her that he would meet his responsibilities.  "I don't believe a word of it.  It's the oldest trick in the book," says Barbara, and leaves.
John Latchford and Helen Walker have a drink in the motel bar.  Helen says it is her birthday tomorrow, and John suggests they go out for dinner with Kath to repay her for cooking them the meal. 
Barbara Hunter goes to the sitting room and confronts him.  David says he was going to tell her.  Barbara says Sarah told her he wants to meet his responsibilities, and David says he does.  Barbara asks what Sarah hopes to gain from him, and David says she isn't going to get anything from him.  Barbara says she couldn't give him a child, and David says they agreed that they didn't want children.  Barbara tells David that she will give him a divorce if that's what he wants.  "No thanks," says David.  He tells her that he wants her, that's why he is here, but Barbara says she can't compete with the hold Sarah has over him. 
At that moment Sarah Alexander comes into the sitting room and hands Barbara an envelope.  Barbara opens the envelope and reads the enclosed paper.  David asks her what it is and Barbara tells him it's the laboratory report.  "I didn't want there to be any doubt," says Sarah.  Barbara stands up, thrusts the paper into David's lap and walks towards the door.  "Barbara!" calls David.  "Later David.  Later," says Barbara and leaves.
David tells Sarah that she won't break him and Barbara up, Barbara has taken him back and will stand by him.  "And who's going to stand by me?" asks Sarah.  Sarah tells David that his marriage is over, and asks him what kind of duty ties him to Barbara.  David says it isn't duty, it's love.  Sarah asks him if he wants this child and David says yes.  She asks him if it would matter to him if she got rid of it.  David stares at her in horror, and asks her if she wants the baby.  Sarah says yes.  "But I want it all," she says.  "You need time to think," says Sarah, walking towards the door.  David says he doesn't need time to think.  "Well you're going to get it," says Sarah, and walks out.
Joe MacDonald joins Sid Hooper in the motel bar, and Sid tells him off for telling Mavis about his part in getting Beecher Blunt to leave.  Joe says he had to, he wasn't going to lie to Mavis.  Joe says Beecher Blunt has gone, that's the main thing.  Sid says it doesn't matter much anyway, and Joe tells him that he might try a little tenderness.
Barbara joins David in the sitting room and David tells her that Sarah hinted at an abortion.  He says Sarah said she would get rid of the baby if he didn't leave Barbara.  "It's blackmail," says David.  "Yes, that's what I'd say it was," says Barbara.  Barbara tells David that she is going to make up the spare room but David says that's silly.  He says he will sleep in the spare room for as long as it takes. 

1984 Episodes continued

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