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Sid Hooper goes to the motel restaurant and see's Paul Ross.  Sid says he understands Mavis had dinner here last night.  Doris Luke comes to ask Paul Ross something and tells Sid that it was a pity he couldn't join Mavis last night.  She says Mavis had a nice evening with the Captain.  "Captain?" asks Sid.  "Captain Beecher Blunt," replies Doris.
Sid Hooper joins John Latchford in the bar and asks him if he could fix him up with some jogging gear.
Adam Chance tells Jill that David is probably going through one of his phases, every now and again he loses interest in the motel.  David Hunter comes into the office and Adam tells him that they have been looking for him all over the place.  Adam leaves the office, leaving Jill and David in awkward silence.
David thanks Jill for her tact.  Jill tells him that she will extend that tact to Barbara of course.
John Latchford tells Kath Brownlow that he has written to his ex-wife because he wants his two daughters to be at their wedding. 
Sid Hooper goes back to Mavis's lodging house and finds a letter from Mavis's solicitor advising him that Mavis is suing him for divorce.  Sid tells Joe MacDonald that he found out who Mavis is seeing, a man called Captain Beecher Blunt.  Joe says he knows Beecher Blunt.
Paul Ross goes to Diane Hunter's flat and tells her that he has come to persuade her to stay.  Diane tells him that she will stay for another two weeks, but that is all. 
Barbara Hunter returns from London and joins Adam and Jill in the office.  Jill kisses her and welcomes her back.  Adam tells Barbara that David has been in a bit of a mood whilst she has been away.  "Jill seems to think it's loneliness," says Adam.  Barbara says they can't live in each others pockets, it does them good to be apart.
David Hunter visits Sarah Alexander in her chalet and tells her that Jill has promised she won't tell Barbara and he believes her.  David says he doesn't like lying to Barbara.  Sarah tells him that he could tell Barbara himself but David says no.  The phone in Sarah's chalet rings and Sarah answers it.  Jill Chance tells Sarah Alexander to tell David that his wife is back if she see's him.  When she has put the phone down Sarah tells David that Barbara is back.  David tells Sarah to leave, there is nothing to keep her here. 
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper that he has a feeling that Cecil Beecher Blunt is broke.
Jill and David walk along the corridor towards the sitting room.  "Jill," says David.  "Don't say a word David," says Jill.  They go into the sitting room and David welcomes Barbara back with a kiss.
Mavis Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that Sid might listen to him.  She says she means it about the divorce.  Joe tells her that maybe she has made her point, she has scared Sid.  "I'm nit out to punish him.  I'm out to be free and for once in my life I'm going to get what I want," says Mavis.
Paul Ross talks to Adam Chance about Diane Hunter.  Paul tells Adam that Diane is in love with someone but he doesn't feel the same way about her.  Paul says in his opinion Diane is long overdue for promotion.
Paul Ross goes into the motel reception and see's Sarah Alexander.  He says he heard that she isn't going ahead with her conference booking, so does that mean she will be leaving.  Sarah tells him that she won't be leaving for a little while yet.  Jill Chance overhears and storms off into the office.
An angry Jill joins Adam in the office and he asks her what is wrong.  Jill tells him that she is in a mood because of Sarah Alexander.  "I walked in on Sarah Alexander and...." begins Jill.  "...and Paul," says Adam.  "No, David," says Jill.  She tells Adam that she went to Sarah Alexander's chalet to check that her phone was working, and then she went back into the chalet to tell her something else she had remembered, and there was David.  "He must have been hiding in the bathroom all the time I was there," says Jill.  Adam tells Jill that they must stay out of this.  "Whatever happens, happens," he says.
Barbara Hunter meets Sarah Alexander in reception and asks her if she would like to have dinner with her and David.
Diane Hunter goes to the office to see David Hunter.  David tells Diane that they would like to offer her promotion to catering supervisor.
Adam tells David that there are people who are in line for promotion before Diane Hunter.  David says they think very highly of Diane.
Diane tells Doris Luke that she has been promoted to catering supervisor.
Barbara Hunter joins Sid Hooper and Jill Chance at the reception desk and Barbara asks Sid how Mavis is.  Sid tells her that Mavis has given him his marching orders after thirty years of marriage.  Sid walks away.  Barbara tells Jill that's terrible after thirty years.  She says these articles she is writing about happy marriages, she doesn't know if she is qualified.  "Marriage is full of surprises," says Barbara.  Jill looks away.
Cecil Beecher Blunt comes into reception.  "Good evening Captain Beecher Blunt," says Adam Chance.  Sid Hooper, who is nearby, overhears.
David joins Barbara in the sitting room and she asks him to massage her neck.  David tells Barbara that he needs a little more of her time, and Barbara says a lot of the time he is preoccupied with his work.  Barbara tells him that she has asked Sarah Alexander to have dinner with them tomorrow night.
Sid Hooper talks to Captain Beecher Blunt in the motel bar.  Cecil Beecher Blunt makes a phone call and when he returns to the bar he tells Sid that that's tomorrow evenings meal taken care of.  He tells Sid that he is having dinner with a charming woman who is well place with a business of her own.
Jill Chance goes to see Sarah Alexander in her chalet, and asks her how long she intends staying at the motel.  Sarah tells her at least until the end of the month.  "How inportant is David to you?" asks Jill.  Sarah says that's really none of her business.  Jill says she knows that but David means a lot to her, she has known him a long time.  Jill says David and Barbara are the perfect couple, and they are blissfully happy.  "They've been married four years and you've known him a week," says Jill.  "Actually I've known David twenty years or so, twenty one to be precise," says Sarah Alexander. 

1984 Episodes continued

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