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David Hunter joins Barbara in the sitting room.  She is listening to a tape recording of an interview and has headphones on.  David taps her on the shoulder.  He tells Barbara that he wishes they were spending the evening alone. 
Mavis Hooper tells Sid and Joe that Cecil Beecher Blunt is coming to dinner at the house this evening, and she doesn't want them hanging around. 
Cecil Beecher Blunt arrives for dinner at Mavis Hooper's lodging house.  He tells her that she has a lovely home and asks how many rooms she has.  Mavis tells him that she has a spare room and it's his if he wants.  Sid Hooper comes into the living room and ion seeing Beecher Blunt, he remarks that it is a small world.  Sid introduces himself as Mavis's husband.
David and Barbara Hunter and Sarah Alexander have dinner in the motel restaurant.  Sarah talks about the possibility of David investing in her business, and David says he is very interested.  Sarah leaves the table to make a phone call and Barbara tells David that she thinks it would be a good idea for him to have outside interests.  She tells him that she would like to go back to writing full time and wouldn't want him to be bored. 
A woman called Helen Walker books into the motel.  John Latchford comes into reception and Helen Walker walks up to him.  "Hello John," she says. 
Sid Hooper tells Mavis that that is the last she will see of Cecil Beecher Blunt.  Mavis tells him that Cecil Beecher Blunt is moving in tomorrow. 
John Latchford and his ex-wife Helen Walker talk in reception, and he asks her how their two daughters are.  Helen Walker asks him why he is so interestee because he hasn't bothered about them for fourteen years.
Jill and Adam Chance join Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and ask where David is.  Barbara tells them that David and Sarah Alexander are discussing business, and David is going to invest in Sarah's business.  Adam tells Barbara that David hasn't been over attentive to the motel business.
Adam Chance leaves Barbara and Jill together in the sitting room.  Barbara tells Jill that David is very possessive of her time.  She says she wishes she could be more like Sarah Alexander, not dependant on men.  Jill says Sarah Alexander uses men.  Jill asks Barbara if she has ever regretted getting married, and Barbara says no, but she wonders if she has the right temperament for it. 
Jill meets Adam in the corridor and he asks her if she said anything to Barbara.  Jill says no, she said she wouldn't.  Jill says Barbara is walking right into it, but Adam says they musn't interfere. 
Doris Luke goes to see Mavis Hooper at the lodging house and Mavis tells her that she and Sid are separating. 
Cecil Beecher Blunt moves into Mavis Hooper's lodging house.
Paul Ross see's Adam Chance and says that David left a message about a dinner booking but he can't fit it in as the restaurant is fully booked.  Adam tells Paul that he will mention it to David when he gets back. 
Diane Hunter in her capacity as catering supervisor, begins to lay down the law to the other waiters and waitresses. 
John Latchford asks Kath Brownlow if he could talk to her.  He introduces Kath to his ex-wife Helen Walker.  John Latchford and Helen Walker go into the motel bar and John asks Helen why she didn't pass on his letter to their daughters.  Helen tells John that she wants to know what he is up to.
Cecil Beecher Blunt has his first meal at Mavis Hooper's lodging house, and Mavis suggests they go to the cinema afterwards.  Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald arrive at the lodging house and Mavis leaves the room for a moment.  Sid tells Cecil Beecher Blunt that he doesn't think it is very fair, and Mavis should have put him in the picture.  He says Mavis goes off people very quickly. 
David Hunter and Sarah Alexander go into the motel sitting room , and David pours them both a drink.  Sarah asks if they are going to tell Barbara together.  David looks at her.  He sits down next to her and hands her the drink.  Sarah tells David that she loves him.  "Why now?" asks David.  Sarah says she loved him all those years ago and she still loves him. 
Barbara Hunter comes inot the sitting room and Sarah tells her that she and David are just celebrating their business partnership.  Barbara asks Sarah if she will join her and David for dinner, but Sarah says no she has taken up enough of David's time.  Sarah leaves the room.  Barbara tells David that Adam and Jill are pulling their hair out looking for him because he missed the appointment with the accountant.  Barbara tells David that she hopes he isn't taking on too much.  "It was your idea," says David.
Mavis Hooper and Cecil Beecher Blunt go out to the cinema.
David joins Adam and Jill Chance in the office and Adam tells him that he missed the appointment with the accountant.  He says it's obvious he had something more important to do.  "What's that supposed to mean?" asks David.  Adam and Jill are about to leave the office and David asks Adam if he could have a word with him.  Jill leaves the two men together. 
David tells Adam that he doesn't appreciate this needling, and Adam says he wasn't aware that he was needling.  David tells him that he is needling, and he is fully aware of it.  David says Jill will no doubt have told him.  Adam tells David that he can't help it if he doesn't like people who lead a double life.  David stands up and glares at Adam.  "That is an example of the sort of thing I'm not going to take from you Adam," says David.  "A mistake David, I'm sorry.  Then we all make mistakes don't we David," says Adam.  "Is that all?" asks Adam, as he is about to leave.  "I hope so," says David.
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that John Latchford's ex-wife Helen Walker has turned up at the motel.  Kath says John wrote to his two daughters and then Helen Walker turned up.
Barbara Hunter joins Sarah Alexander in the motel bar.  David comes in shortly after and Sarah tells him that she has fixed up an appointment with her solicitor for Friday.  Barbara leaves the bar.  Sarah tells David that she wonders if Barbara knows, but David says that if she did know she couldn't igmore it.

1984 Episodes continued

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