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David Hunter goes to Sarah Alexander's chalet and she asks him why he didn't phone her yesterday.  David tells her that he has been busy, and Sarah asks him if he is avoiding her.  David says hardly, he is here now.  David tells Sarah that he wanted to talk to her about Paul Ross.  Sarah tells David that Paul Ross told her that David had ordered him to stay away from her, and David says it is motel policy.
David tells Sarah that it is a bad idea for her to stay on at the motel.  Sarah tells him  that Paul Ross could be useful, he could be their smokescreen.  David sits on the bed beside Sarah.  "Do you use everybody?" he asks.  "To be with you I'd use anyone," replies Sarah.  David says they don't need a smokescreen, Barbara hasn't guessed anything.  Sarah says Barbara isn't very observant for a writer but David says perhaps he's a better liar than he used to be.  "Sarah.  I love Barbara," he says.  "But you want me," says Sarah.  David says no.  "Prove it.  Kiss me just once, then go," says Sarah.
Mavis Hooper recieves some roses from Cecil Beecher Blunt.
Jill Chance see's Sarah Alexander at the reception desk and Sarah asks her what people do with themselves around here.  Jill says she doesn't really know because her and Adam are home birds.  Jill asks Sarah if she got that book of Barbara Hunter's that she wanted to read and Sarah says no, she must ask Mr Hunter for it.  Sarah tells Jill that she really wants to read the book before she meets Barbara Hunter.  Jill tells her that she will have more time because Barbara has been delayed in London.  "Sorry I couldn't be more help," says Jill.  Sarah assures her that it alright.  "You've told me exactly what I want to know," says Sarah quietly to herself. 
Mavis Hooper comes to the motel and asks Diane if she has seen Captain Beecher Blunt.  Diane says she hasn't, but he was asking for Mavis's address. 
Sarah Alexander telephones David from her chalet and asks him if he is busy.  David says he is.  Sarah tells David that she has some brandy in her chalet and she thought he might like to join her.  There is a knock on the door of the sitting room and Diane Hunter comes in with a tray.  David tells Sarah that he will have to call her back. 
Diane pours David some coffee and tells him that she thinks she needs a complete break and she is thinking of giving in her notice.  David tells her to sit down.  Diane tells David that her life isn't a bundle of laughs at the moment and she needs time away.  David asks how they can help, maybe a payrise or promotion.  Diane tells him that he can't really help, it's to do with a man.
Diane asks David if he thinks she should get right away, and David says if it's what she really wants.  Diane says she doesn't know, what she really needs is someone to take her on one side and give her a good talking to.  David tells her that he will get her wages made up, then goes back to his work.  Diane stares at him, then gets up to leave.  David tells her that he is sorry but he has a lot on his mind at the moment.  "Haven't we all," says Diane quietly as she leaves.
Kath Brownlow see's Diane Hunter in the motel dining room and Diane tells her that she has just given in her notice, and Mr Hunter couldn't care less. 
David Hunter goes to Sarah Alexander's chalet.  He sits on the edge of the dressing table.  "You don't look very happy for a man in love," says Sarah.  "That's because the woman I love isn't her," replies David.  "That hurt," says Sarah.  "It wasn't meant to," says David.  "You need protection don't you.  You want her to scare me off," says Sarah, as she loosens David's tie.
Mavis Hooper meets Cecil Beecher Blunt in the motel bar.  He buys her a drink and asks her to have dinner with him. 
John Latchford and Kath Brownlow have a drink in the bar and John tells her that he loves her.  Kath tells him that just because she didn't want to marry Ken Sands it doesn't mean she wants to rush into anything with him.  John says he doesn't want her to name the day, but asks her if she would think about them getting engaged. 
Joe MacDonald is at the lodging house when he hears Mavis Hooper says her goodbye's to Cecil Beecher Blunt.  Joe smiles to himself.  A few moments later Mavis joins Joe in the kitchen and Joe asks her if she is alright.  Mavis says yes, very much so.  Mavis tells Joe that there is another world out there and now she has had her eyes opened she wants more.
Adam Chance recieves a phone call from a customer that David is supposed to be dealing with.  Adam promises the caller that David will get back to them.  When he puts the phone down Adam tells Jill that David should have dealt with that, and Jill says David is missing Barbara.  Adam tells Jill that he can't understand why she always sticks up for David, he is like a spoilt child pining for Barbara.
In Sarah Alexander's chalet David gets dressed.  He sits on the bed whilst Sarah does up his cuff links.  There is a knock on the chalet door and Doris Luke shouts out "Cleaner!".  Sarah Alexander asks her if she could come back later.
Adam Chance see's Kath brownlow in the bar and says that he noticed Diane was looking upset.  Kath tells him that Diane is leaving, she gave in her notice to Mr Hunter.
Adam Chance joins Jill in the office and says he is worried about David.  He says he has just found out that Diane gave in her notice to David.  Adam and Jill look for David but he is nowhere to be found.
The phone rings in the office and Jill answers it.  She tells Adam that switchboard have a phone call for Sarah Alexander and they can't put it through to her chalet.  Jill goes through to reception and tells the receptionist that she will go and check the phone in Mrs Alexander's chalet.  Doris Luke overhears Jill and tells her that she went to clean Mrs Alexander's chalet and she said she didn't want to be disturbed. 
In Sarah Alexander's chalet she replaces the phone receiver.  She and David kiss.  There is a knock on the door and Jill Chance asks if she could have a word.  David looks at Sarah and goes into the bathroom.  He closes the door behind him and waits behind the door. 
Sarah Alexander opens the door to Jill and Jill comes into the chalet.  Jill tells Sarah that reception had a phone call for her but they couldn't put it through.  She goes to the phone, picks up the receiver and dials reception.  Jill tells Sarah that the phone seems to be alright now.  She asks the receptionist to put the phone call through but the receptionist tells her that the caller had to ring off.  Sarah tells Jill that it was probably one of her managers, but they will call back.  Jill apologises to Sarah for disturbing her, and leaves.
Sarah Alexander tells David that he can come out now.  David comes out of the bathroom and back into the chalet.  Sarah kisses him.  At that moment the door opens again and Jill Chance comes into the chalet.  "Oh Mrs Alexander I..." she begins but stops when she see's David.

1984 Episodes continued

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