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David Hunter joins Barbara and Jill in the office.  "Welcome back," says David, giving Barbara a kiss.  Barbara says it isn't for long.  Jill leaves the office.  David asks Barbara where she is going and Barbara tells him that she has to go back to London to finish off her interviews. 
Barbara goes into the motel bar and Adam Chance introduces her to Sarah Alexander.  Adam tells Barbara that Sarah Alexander is opening a shop in the area.  "A boutique?" Barbara asks Sarah, but Sarah says it's nothing so glamorous.  Sarah explains that it is a shop dealing in electronic goods, home computers and that sort of thing. 
David Hunter comes into the bar.  Paul Ross joins David in the bar and says he understands he would like a word with him.  David and Paul go off into the office where David warns Paul Ross about socialising with the guests, in particular Mrs Alexander. 
The following day Barbara prepares to leave the motel to go to London.  She finds David in the office and he tells her that he will come with her.  He says he has cleared it with Adam and Jill.  Barbara says he will be very bored.  David complains that they hardly spend any time together, and Barbara remarks that he seems to getting more dependant on her. 
Mavis Hooper gets ready to go out, and tells Sid and Joe MacDonald that she is going to the pictures.  When Mavis has left the house Sid Hooper tells Joe that he is sure Mavis is seeing another man.
Kath Brownlow and Ken Sands have dinner at the motel, and Ken asks Kath to come househunting with him.  Kath tells him that she doesn't know why he wants to move as his house is very nice.  Ken tells her that he wants her to share his home with him, as his wife. 
Sid Hooper telephones Kath Brownlow's sister Rose Scott and tells her that he will be in London for a few days and he thought they could get together for a few drinks.  Rose Scott tells him no, there is another man in her life.
Kath Brownlow tells Ken Sands that she likes him but she can't marry him.
John Latchford is in the motel bar, slightly the worse for drink.  Ken Sands comes into the bar and John Latchford asks him how his dinner went.  Ken says fine, he asked Kath to marry him.  John Latchford tells him that he has got no chance, Kath is too good for him.  John tells Ken Sands that Kath doesn't want to know him but she is too nice to tell him.  Ken Sands tells John Latchford that he is a fine one to talk after just walking out on Kath without a word. 
David Hunter comes into the bar and hears the raised voices of Ken Sands and John Latchford.  David asks Ken Sands if he could have a word with him in the office.  David and Ken go into the office and David tells him that John Latchford's company is very important to the motel and he doesn't want him upset. 
Doris Luke and Kath Brownlow have their lunch in the motel dining room, and Kath tells Doris that Ken Sands has asked her to marry him.  She says she likes him but that's all.  Doris tells Kath that she had better let Ken know where he stands. 
Sarah Alexander asks Paul Ross if he could bring a bottle of champagne to her chalet, and a spare glass.  Paul tells her that he can't bring it himself because there is a policy about guests and staff socialising.  He says he has already been reprimanded by Mr Hunter for his attentions towards her.  Sarah Alexander tells Paul that she would like to apologise, and what better way then over a glass of champagne.
Kath Brownlow goes to the garage office and see's Ken Sands.  Ken Sands tells Kath about his argument with John Latchford the previous evening.  He asks Kath if she has thought about what he said last night.  Kath says she is very touched but she has to say no.  Ken Sands says he hopes they can still be friends.
Mavis Hooper goes into the motel bar.  Diane Hunter see's her and asks her where Sid is.  Mavis tells Diane that she thought she would have an evening out alone.
Kath Brownlow chats to Mavis Hooper.  Kath asks her if Sid managed to get in touch with Rose.  Mavis looks at her, puzzled and Kath tells her that Sid phoned Glenda to ask for Rose Scott's number.
Mavis Hooper goes into the bar and Cecil Beecher Blunt watches her.  Beecher Blunt asks Diane Hunter who that woman is because he is sure he knows her.  Diane tells him that is Mavis Hooper, she runs a lodging house in the village.
Diane Hunter goes into the reception area and see's Adam and Jill Chance talking to Doctor James Wilcox and an attractive woman.  Diane stares at James Wilcox and the woman.  Paul Ross asks Diane to wait on Adam Chance's table this evening. 
In the motel bar Cecil Beecher Blunt asks Mavis Hooper is he can join her at her table.  He tells her that he is sure they have met somewhere before.  Cecil Beecher Blunt introduces himself to Mavis and asks her if she is staying at the motel.  Mavis says no.  Beecher Blunt tells her that when he first saw her he thought she was something to so with hotel management, and Mavis says she does in a small way.  She explains that she runs a lodging house, but she thought it was time she slowed down a little.  She says none of them is getting any younger, and Beecher Blunt says she is only a slip of a girl.  Mavis tells him that she is a pensioner and Beecher Blunt says he can't believe that.
Diane Hunter takes the dinner order at Adam, Jill's, James Wilcox and his companion Fiona's table in the motel restaurant.  Diane tries hard to keep her emotions under control but begins to sob.  She goes off into the corner of the restaurant.  Paul Ross tells her to take a break and he will get someone else to wait on the table.  Diane tells him that she will carry on working but Paul insists that she takes a break.  He asks Diane for her notepad with the order on, and when he looks at it he says it is illegible. 

1984 Episodes continued

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