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David Hunter relaxes in the sitting room with a book and listening to music.  Sarah Alexander walks up to the door and stops for a moment outside.  She goes inside.  David turns around.  "I heard the music," says Sarah Alexander.  David stands up as Sarah Alexander advances towards him.  "Oh David.  I've thought of you so much," says Sarah, and kisses him. 
David and Sarah Alexander sit on the settee together.  Sarah tells David that she knew they would meet again.  "You and Howard?" asks David.  Sarah tells him that Howard died.  Sarah asks how Rosemary is and David says she's fine, they divorced years ago.  "So it's all over," says Sarah.  David tells Sarah that he has married again.
James Wilcox and Diane Hunter have a cup of coffee together and he asks her if she is alright.  He tells her that her feelings are all part of her depressive illness.  Diane says she has made a complete fool of herself, but James tells her she hasn't.
Sarah Alexander asks David Hunter when he remarried and David tells her it was four years ago.  Adam Chance comes into the sitting room and Sarah quickly removes her hand from David's shoulder.  Sarah Alexander tells Adam that she went exploring and Mr Hunter thought she was a prowler.  Adam Chance gives David a message and then leaves the room.
Sarah Alexander asks David to have dinner with her, and David says they can eat at the motel.  Sarah tells him that she was thinking of somewhere a little more private.  David insists they have dinner at the motel, and Sarah agrees.  She says they could be having a business dinner, she is a businesswoman after all.
Kath Brownlow meets Captain Beecher Blunt in the motel bar and he offers to buy her a drink.  Kath thanks him but says she is waiting for someone.  John Latchford comes into the bar and Kath introduces him to Captain Beecher Blunt.  John Latchford says that sounds like a military name and Beecher Blunt tells him that he was in the army.  John asks him what regiment he was in and Beecher Blunt says intelligence.  John says he was too, and asks Captain Beecher Blunt what exactly he did, but Captain Beecher Blunt says it was all very hush-hush.
Captain Beecher Blunt leaves the bar and Kath tells John Latchford that she didn't know he was in intelligence.  John Latchford tells Kath that he wasn't, neither was Captain Beecher Blunt.  He says Beecher Blunt is a phoney.
Mavis Hooper tells Sid that her solicitor said it would be better if he wasn't living under the same roof as her. 
John Latchford and Kath Brownlow sit down at one of the tables in the bar.  Joe MacDonald comes into the bar and John Latchford gets him a drink.  Joe MacDonald see's Captain Beecher Blunt and wishes him luck in the final.  Joe sits down at the table with Kath and John and Kath Brownlow asks Joe what final he means.  Joe says it's not Beecher Blunt himself but the darts team he supports.  John Latchford asks him where this darts contect is taking place and Joe says at the Britannia pub.
David Hunter sits alone in the sitting room staring at a photo of Barbara.  Sarah Alexander comes in, stands behind his seat and massages his shoulders.  David says he doesn't think this is a good idea.  Sarah tells David that she knew one of them would visit the other tonight, either he woud come to her chalet or she would come here.  She says she got tired of waiting.  Sarah Alexander sits down on the settee next to David Hunter.      
David tells Sarah that this is pointless, he loves Barbara.  Sarah asks him why he is acting now as he did when he was with Rosemary, how can he be so dishonest.  David says he is telling the truth, but Sarah says his record for the truth isn't very good.  "If you knew Barbara..." says David.  "Won't I meet her?" asks Sarah.  David says he would rather she didn't. 
Sarah asks David to extend her motel booking indefinately.  "Have you come here to ruin my life?" asks David.  "Perhaps this life," says Sarah, walking towards the door.  "I'll be waiting," she says.  "Don't expect me," says David.  "Perhaps not tonight," says Sarah, and leaves the room.
Paul Ross see's Sarah Alexander in reception.  Sarah tells him that she is bringing her managers to the motel for meetings and she would like him to take care of all the arrangements. 
Ken Sands searches the garage office for his aftershave.  He tells Carole that he has a date with Kath Brownlow tomorrow night.
David Hunter and Adam Chance discuss some business in the office.  Jill Chance asks David if Mrs Alexander will be staying on at the motel and David says yes.  Jill tells David that she wishes he would have written it in the bookings diary.  Jill says Paul Ross mentioned that Sarah Alexander wanted to book the conference room and David says yes, Mrs Alexander wanted to talk business so he took her to dinner.  Adam says it was obviously a worthwhile dinner.
Adam Chance says that Mrs Alexander seems to be a very acute business woman.  Jill says Paul Ross is already a member of her fan club.  David looks at her, and asks her if she has spoken to Paul.  Jill says it is rather awkward, and she doesn't want to hurt Paul's male ego.  David says he doesn't care about Paul Ross's ego, but he cares about the privacy of their female guests.  "Especially married ones," says Adam Chance.  "She's a widow.  Apparently," says David.
Paul Ross talks to John Latchford in the motel bar.  Ken Sands joins them and asks Paul Ross if he could book a table for dinner.  Paul Ross asks him what day and what time.  "Seven thirty tomorrow evening please," says Ken Sands.  "Seven thirty tomorrow evening.  Mr Sands and...?" asks Paul.  "Mrs Brownlow," replies Ken Sands, with a look of satisfaction at John Latchford.
David Hunter goes to Sarah Alexander's chalet and says he understands she has booked the conference room.  Sarah says yes, she told Paul Ross about it.  She tells David that Paul Ross wanted to know why she and David had dinner together.  David asks Sarah if Paul flirted with her.  "Jealous?" asks Sarah. 
Sarah Alexander asks David when Barbara is coming back to the motel and David tells her tomorrow night.  "If you meet her..." says David.  "Oh David.  I know the drill," says Sarah Alexander.  She says he can deny her all her wants but he must never doubt her discretion.  Sarah says she would like to get to know Barbara, and David tells her to check out as there is nothing to keep her here.
Barbara Hunter returns to the motel and talks with Jill Chance in the office.  Jill asks her how her trip went and Barbara tells her that she has to go back to London again to finish her work off.  Jill tells her that she doesn't think David will be very pleased because he has been irritable all day.  Barbara says she feels guilty but she has so much work to do.

1984 Episodes continued

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