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Sid Hooper tells Ken Sands that there was another man in Kath Brownlow's life, he was a sales representative and he was very find of Kath but Glenda didn't like the thought of someone replacing her father. 
Douglas Brady goes to the sitting room and tells David Hunter that he will be staying on for a couple of weeks.  He apologises for bringing up the subject of Grange House at dinner the other evening.  Douglas asks David if he could speak to Barbara about it. 
Carole and Colin Sands have their tea break in the garage staff room.  Carole tells Colin that Diane Hunter is not the type of person to be messed around.  She tells Colin that he has no morals.  Colin tells her she's a fine one to talk about morals, at least he doesn't go around wrecking marriages.  Ken Sands comes into the garage and hears them arguing, and he asks them what is going on.  "Go on, you tell him.  You tell him or I will," says Colin, and storms out.  Ken Sands asks his daughter what's going on but Carole tells him that Diane has given Colin the elbow so he is just taking it out on her.       
Barbara Hunter joins David in the sitting room and David tells her that he has just been talking to Douglas about Grange House.  Barbara says she was hoping to redecorate for her and David to live in once her nanny and Sophie were gone.
Ken Sands tells Joe MacDonald that Philip Roberts has brought his car in to be serviced but the service is going to cost more than the car is worth. 
Angela Reece tells Philip Roberts that she is staying to  make sure that he is alright.
Barbara Hunter joins her brother Douglas in the motel bar and says he always complained about the rent nanny and Sophie pay so she will make it up to the going rate.  Douglas tells Barbara that that isn't the sort of money he needs.  Barbara wanrs him to stay away from David and not to try to influence him.
Anglea Reece waits in Philip Roberts chalet whilst he goes to the garage to talk to Joe MacDonald about his car.  There is a knock on the door of the chalet and Angela Reece goes into the bathroom out of sight.  Kath Brownlow lets herself into the chalet.  She goes into the bathroom to put clean towels and see's Angela Reece there.  Angela Reece tells Kath that she wants to explain but Kath says there is no need.  "I'm his wife," says Angela Reece. 
Kath Brownlow tells Angela Reece that she guessed her and Mr Roberts knew each other.  Angela says it's a little complicated and explains that they were having a trial separation and that's why they booked into the motel under different names.  Angela Reece tells Kath that she came after Philip a few days after he had left, but says Philip musn't know anything of this.  Kath says her secret is safe with her. 
In the motel garage Philip Roberts discusses his car with Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper.  He gives them the go ahead to do the repairs. 
Douglas Brady and Barbara Hunter are in the motel bar when there is a phone call for Douglas.  Barbara asks him if there are any problems and Douglas says no, it's just a debt.  Barbara asks him how much he needs and Douglas says he won't take any more money from her.  Barbara asks her brother if the phone call was from his friend Derek Thomson and Douglas says no.  Barbara Hunter leaves the bar and asks the girl on reception if the phone call just put through to Mr Brady was from a Mr Thomson.  The receptionist tells her it was.
Philip Roberts returns to his chalet and finds Angela Reece and Kath Brownlow there.  Angela Reece tells him it is alright, Mrs Brownlow knows they are married and that she came here to get him back.
Jill Chance receives a phone call about Douglas Brady's credit cards.  Paul Ross comes into the office and tells Jill that he noticed Douglas Brady has booked a table for two in the restaurant and that his guest is Lisa Walters.  Paul says he just wanted to make sure about the policy of guests and staff dining in the restaurant.  Jill tells Paul to start a new account for Mr Brady, to charge everything to the management account.  Jill tells Paul that he is not to tell Barbara Hunter about it.
Jill see's David in the sitting room and tells him that there is a problem with Douglas Brady's credit card, he has gone over his limit.  She tells David that she has opened up a management account.  Barbara Hunter joins David and Jill in the sitting room and she tells David that when she was talking to Douglas in the bar he had a phone call.  She says Douglas said it was nothing important but when she checked with reception she found out that the phone call was from the property dealer Derek Thomson.
Adam Chance joins David, Barbara and Jill in the sitting room and tells them that he lost 25 to Douglas Brady on the golf course.  Barbara tells Adam that Douglas was a golf professional in Singapore.  Douglas Brady comes into the sitting room at that moment and Barbara tells him that she knows the phone call he received was from Derek Thomson.  She says she phoned Thomson and told him that she wouldn't sell Grange House at any price. 
David Hunter tells Douglas Brady that he has gone over the limit with his credit card.  Douglas produces another credit card and tells David that he will use this one. 
Doctor James Wilcox goes to see David.  He tells David that one of their guests, Philip Roberts, is a very sick man.  David asks the doctor what can be done, and James Wilcox says nothing, it's just a matter of time. 
Colin Sands goes to the garage and tells his father Ken that he has just come to check on what jobs he has got on tomorrow.  He looks through the books and says there is nothing for him.  Ken tells him that he has managed to get on the wrong side of everyone, and that he is finished at the garage.
Colin tells Ken Sands that Carole has done this.  He says Carole isn't exactly pure and innocent, and Ken asks him what he means.  Colin Sands tells his father that Carole was housekeeper at the Hunter's and Kath Brownlow's son-in- law was decorating.  "Let's just say he didn't stick to his schedule," says Colin.  He tells his father that this is the reason why Kath Brownlow has been avoiding him.  Ken Sands tries to hit Colin with his stick but Colin stops him. 

1984 Episodes continued

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