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Doctor James Wilcox visits Diane Hunter at her flat as she isn't well.  He takes her temperature and Diane asks what is wrong with her.  Doctor Wilcox tells her that she has the onset of pleurisy.
Lisa Walters goes to Douglas Brady's chalet and he asks her to come to South Africa with him.
David Hunter visits Philip Robert's in his chalet and asks him if he is feeling better.  Philip Roberts says he is fine now.  David says all the same he would fell happier if he had the phone number of someone he could phone, but Philip Roberts says there is no one.
Ken Sands asks Carole if it is true about her and Kevin Banks.  Carole says it is true but nothing happened.  Ken asks her if Kath Brownlow knows about this and Carole says yes.  Ken says that is why Kath wants nothing to do with him.
Adam Chance see's Douglas Brady and Lisa Walters having dinner in the motel dining room, and he tells Paul Ross that he knows staff and guests are supposed to dine together.  Paul Ross tells Adam that he is hardly in a position to say anything as Mr Brady is related to the management.
Ken Sands talks to Kath Brownlow in the motel bar and tells her that he knows about Carole and Kevin.  He says he was worried that this was the reason why she didn't want to go out with him.
David Hunter talks to Paul Ross about Lisa Walters and Douglas Brady.  Paul says he is in an awkward position.  Douglas Brady and Lisa Walters come into the office together and David sends Lisa off on an errand.  Paul Ross leaves the office. 
David tells Douglas that the motel has a policy about guests and staff dining together in the motel dining room.  David tells Douglas that Paul and Lisa have only just got to know each other, and is it worth upsetting Paul for a holiday romance.  Douglas tells David that it is more than a holiday romance.
Douglas Brady see's Paul Ross in reception and assures him that he will take care of Lisa.  He tells Paul that he has asked Lisa to come to South Africa with him.
Later, Paul Ross see's Lisa Walters and says Douglas Brady told him that he has asked her to go to South Africa with him.  Paul asks her if she really wants to go.
Doctor James Wilcox confirms to Diane Hunter that she has pleurisy.
An elderly lady arrives at the motel and Adam Chance helps her to the reception desk.  He asks her if she booked a chalet and the woman tells him that she thought Barbara would do that.  The elderly woman tells Adam that she was Barbara and Doug's nanny.  Adam tells her that Douglas Brady is staying at the motel at the moment and if she would like to wait in the office he will fetch him.
Angela Reece and Philip Roberts have dinner in the motel restaurant.  Afterwards they go back to Philip Robert's chalet and Angela realises that she has left her handbag in the restaurant.  She tells Philip Roberts that if someone looks in the bag then the pretence is over because put the newspaper clippings in her handbag. 
In the reception area Kath Brownlow waits for Ken Sands.  The receptionist calls Kath over and tells her that this handbag has just been handed in.  Kath Brownlow takes the bag and looks inside.
Angela Reece goes into the restaurant and tells Paul Ross that she left her handbag in the restaurant earlier.  Paul assures her that they will look for her bag.
Kath Brownlow finds the newspaper cuttings about Philip Roberts in the handbag.  She tells the receptionist that she knows who the handbag belongs to and she will take it to her.  Kath Brownlow apologises to Ken Sands and goes off to Philip Roberts' chalet.
Angela Reece goes into the motel bar and asks the barmaid if a handbag has been handed in.  Ken Sands, who is having a drink in the bar, overhears and tells Angela Reece that Mrs Brownlow found a handbag and said she was taking it back to the owner.
Kath Brownlow goes to Philip Roberts chalet and tells him that she knows the truth.  Philip Roberts asks her what she intends doing.
Douglas Brady goes into the office and welcomes his old nanny.  She asks him what is happening about Grange House because there were a lot of men taking measurements.  Douglas Brady tells her that it is only for tax purposes.  Nanny tells him that she told Sophie that they wouldn't do that to them.  "Do what?" asks Doug.  "Put us out," says nanny.  Doug tries to reassure her that they won't have to leave Grange House.
Kath Brownlow joins Ken Sands in the motel bar and tells him that she can't have dinner with him because something has come up.  Ken asks her if it's this other man that Sid Hooper mentioned.  Kath says it is none of Sid Hooper's business.
Douglas Brady introduces Lisa Walters to his old nanny, and nanny asks her if she is Douglas's young lady.  Douglas Brady says yes, if she wants to be.
Lisa Walters and Douglas Brady go into the motel bar and Douglas tells her that he won't be going to South Africa just yet.  Douglas asks Lisa if she will marry him and Lisa says yes. 
Barbara Hunter asks Douglas to promise that he won't sell Grange House, and Douglas promises.  He asks her if her offer to make the rent up to the going rate still stands and Barbara says yes.  Douglas tells Barbara that he needs an advance on the rent, and he explains that he has asked Lisa to marry him and she has accepted. 
Carole Sands notices that her father is rather quiet and guesses that things didn't go too well last night with Kath Brownlow.  Ken says he asked Kath about this other man.  Carole asks him who told him about the other man and Ken says Sid mentioned it. 
Later Carole Sands confronts Sid Hooper about telling her father about Kath's previous boyfriend.  She tells him to keep his nose out and let Kath and Ken sort things out. 
Angela Reece tells Philip Roberts that Kath Brownlow is a good woman and she won't tell on them. 
Carole Sands visits Diane Hunter at her flat and gives her a get well pesent from everyone.  Diane tells Carole that she had a visit from Jill Chance and she made her a bit angry by saying that Diane facies James Wilcox and she was on the rebound from Colin.  Diane says James Wilcox is just her doctor but he is the only one who seems to care.  She tells Carole that her and the doctor spent an hour just talking about their sons.
Kath Brownlow goes into the garage office and apologises to Ken Sands for the previous evening.  Ken tells her that it doesn't matter, he looks forward to the next time.  Kath says she doesn't think there will be a next time.  She tells Ken that she just wanted him to know that her relationship with John is over.

1984 Episodes continued

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