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Kath Brownlow takes some clean towels into Philip Roberts chalet, and tells him that she will empty his dustbin too.  She picks a newspaper out of the bin.  "Oh Exmouth.  Is that where you come from?" asks Kath.  Philip Roberts looksa little anxious and says yes, he comes from near Exmouth.  He takes the newspaper from Kath and she leaves the chalet.  When Kath has left the room Philip Roberts turns the newspaper over revealing a headline 'Local man feared drowned.'   
Douglas Brady registers at the reception desk.  When he opens his wallet Lisa Walters says she has never seen so many credit cards. 
Philip Roberts makes a phone call to a woman named Angie and tells her that he almost put his foot in it earlier.  He explains what happened with Kath and the newspaper. 
Colin Sands arrives late for work and brags about his latest love.  Carole Sands asks him who the woman is.
Barbara Hunter joins David in the office and David says her brother Douglas seems to care about her.  Barbara tells David that it is all for his benefit.  She says Douglas wants money but he isn't going to get it.
Doctor James Wilcox arrives at the motel to treat someone who has the flu.  Kath Brownlow asks him if he could check on Philip Roberts as she thinks he may be going down with it too. 
James Wilcox goes to Philip Roberts chalet and says Mrs Brownlow said he might be going down with the flu.  He takes Philip Roberts' temperature, and says it is a little high.  The doctor asks Philip Roberts who his own GP is, but Philip Roberts says there is no need to bother him about it. 
A little later in reception Kath Brownlow see's Philip Roberts and asks him if he is alright.  Philip Roberts tells her that he is fine and he would appreciate it if she didn't do something like that again.    
Carole Sands see's Diane Hunter in reception and tells her that Colin has got this woman and everyone in the garage gets this graphic description of what Colin and this woman get up to.   
Later, Colin Sands goes to Diane's flat but Diane tells him that she doesn't want to see him.  Colin asks what is wrong and Diane says she doesn't like being made a laughing stock of in front of his mates.  Colin realises that his sister Carole has said something to Diane.  Colin tells Diane that he loves her but Diane orders him to leave. 
Kath Brownlow goes into the garage and welcomes Ken Sands back.  Ken tells Kath that he was hoping that she would have dinner with him as a way of him saying thank you for looking after him. 
Carole Sands goes to Diane's flat and says she was hoping they could have a chat.  Diane gathers up some clothes to iron them and Carole notices some of the items.  She says they look like Colin's things.  At that moment there is a knock on the door and Diane opens it to find Colin Sands on the doorstep with a bunch of flowers.  Carole looks very embarrassed and rushes out of the flat. 
Paul Ross see's Lisa Walters waiting in reception all dressed up.  She tells Paul that she is meeting Douglas Brady.  Douglas Brady comes into the reception area and Lisa introduces him to Paul Ross.
Ken Sands asks Colin if he is staying in tonight and Colin says yes, he isn't exactly welcome at Diane's flat at the moment.  "Di.  You don't mean Di Hunter?" asks Ken Sands.  Colin says he thought Carole would have told him.  Colin tells Ken that he wants Diane back and he is going to get her. 
A woman checks into the motel.  She see's Philip Roberts sitting in reception and is about to walk over to him when Philip Roberts shakes his head.
Later the woman goes to Philip Robert's chalet.  "Angie," says Philip Roberts and they hug.  She says she had to come.  Philip Roberts says it hasn't been easy calling himself by the name of Roberts, but it must have been terrible for her.  Angela Reece says it was all her fault, she stole the money.
David and Barbara have dinner at the motel with Douglas Brady.  Doug tells them that he has been thinking about getting into property development, buying old houses and turning them into flats.  He tells Barbara that he has had an offer of 150,000 on Grange House, the family home.  He says half of that wouldn't mean a lot to her but it would mean a lot to him.  It would mean that he could buy a small farm in South Africa.
Barbara tells Douglas that their father left them Grange House and that there will be no sale.  "I knew there was a reason for you coming.  I was a fool to think you'd changed," says Barbara.  Barbara reminds Douglas that there are two people who live in Grange House, their old nanny and Sophie.  Douglas says they would be compensated.
Philip Roberts sits in the reception area and orders coffee from Kath Brownlow.  Angela Reece comes into reception and sits with Philip Roberts.  She orders some coffee as well.  Kath Brownlow returns with the coffee and puts the tray on the table in front od Angela Reece and Philip Roberts.  Angela Reece puts sugar into Philip Roberts cup and Kath Brownlow notices this.  Philip Roberts tells Angela Reece that she must leave, they can't go on pretending that they are strangers. 
Colin Sands see's his sister Carole in the garage and shows her a present that he has bought for Diane Hunter.  Carole says she is sorry that she said those things, but she had no idea about him and Diane. 
Kath Brownlow goes to see Ken Sands and tells him that she won't be able to go out to dinner with him as arranged because she has to babysit. 
Diane Hunter finds Colin Sands at her flat packing his clothes away.  She finds a gift on the table. 
Angela Reece and Philip Roberts have dinner at the motel at separate tables.  Paul Ross see's Philip Roberts trying to pour a glass of water but he is shaking so much that he can't pour it.  Paul Ross asks Philip Roberts if he is alright and Philip assures him that he is fine.  Angela Reece looks on anxiously.  Philip Roberts knocks over the jug of water.  Paul Ross suggests that maybe he should go and lie down in his chalet.    

1984 Episodes continued

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