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John Latchford talks to Sid Hooper and says he understands Mrs Hooper runs a lodging house.  He asks Sid if there are any room vacant but Sid tells him there aren't any rooms available.
Sid Hooper see's Barbara Hunter and tells her that he found out that Danny Jackman was a boxer, he got knocked out in a fight and died. 
Barbara goes to Horace Jackman's chalet and finds him in a troubled sleep, calling Danny's name.  She wakes him up, and asks him to tell her about Danny.  She says it must have been very difficult when Danny was killed.  Horace Jackman tells Barbara that Danny shouldn't have been fighting that man.  He says he threw the towel in to stop the fight but the opponents said they didn't see it.  Horace says his wife blamed him for Danny's death, and perhaps she was right. 
Paul Ross and Miriam Brookes are in Miriam Brookes chalet when the phone rings, and Paul answers it.  He asks who is speaking, and he face changes.  He hands the phone to Miriam and tells her that it is Mr Brookes.  Miriam Brookes takes the phone.  "I'm fine.  Absolutely fine.  It doens't matter.  I never thought I'd hear your voice.  Oh, no one darling.  Only the waiter," says Miriam Brookes.  Paul Ross stares at her and then walks out.          
John Latchford goes to the Brownlow's house and has a meal with Kath, Glenda and Kevin.  John offers to help wallpaper the room for the baby but Glenda says she wants the room aired before they put the wallpaper up.
Miriam Brookes checks out of the motel and Paul Ross says goodbye to her.
Doris Luke arrives back to the motel and Diane Hunter welcomes her back.  Doris tells Diane that she went to Mrs Price's lodging house and a total stranger answered the door.  Doris asks if Kath Brownlow is still working at the motel because she was hoping she would give her a room.  Diane tells her that Kath already has a lodger, so Doris says she will stay at the motel until she can find somewhere to stay.
Kath Brownlow and John Latchford relax at the Brownlow's house after dinner.  John tells Kath that if the situation gets too explosive then she is to tell him and he'll leave.  Kath tells John that it's time she stood up for herself, and John says she's got him now, he'll stick up for her.  Kath tells John that she misses having someone to turn to.  John kisses her.
Barbara Hunter tells David that Horace Jackman was really heartbroken.  She asks David to come with her to talk to Horace.  They go to Horace Jackman's chalet and find it empty.  Barbara finds a note saying, 'Thanks Mrs.' 
Jill and Adam Chance return from honeymoon, and David welcomes them back.  David asks Adam if he could have a word.  They go into the office and David tells Adam that Sharon Metcalfe is being awkward. 
Doris Luke goes to see Kath Brownlow and tells her that Tom Logan died.  Kath asks Doris what her plans.  Doris tells Kath that Tom left her a bit of money but not to live on.  She says work is going to be a problem.  Kath tells Doris that she has taken in a lodger, he's a sales representative. 
Denise Pagett goes to Sharon Metcalfe and Diane Hunter's flat.  She tells Sharon about her boyfriend Trevor.  She says he doesn't get on with Nina, he wants her put in a home. 
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that she was tidying up and she found some betting slips belonging to John Latchford.
David Hunter asks Adam Chance to stay at the motel and entertain some people from a golfing society.
Alison Cotterill goes to see Sharon Metcalfe and shows her a leaflet about a house for the handicapped which they are hoping to buy.  Alison says she was hoping to put some of the leaflets in the motel, and Sharon tells her she had better see David Hunter about that. 
The wife of the owner of the golfing society, Daphne Philpots, telephones Adam Chance. 
Alison Cotterill goes into the motel reception and Barbara welcomes her.  David comes through into reception and picks up one of leaflets Alison has put on the reception desk.  Alison tells David and Barbara about the house they are hoping to buy for the handicapped.
John Latchford gives Glenda Banks a present, but Glenda tells him she doesn't want his presents, she can't be bought.
David Hunter gives Alison Cotterill a donation towards the home for the handicapped.  He says he will have to talk to Adam Chance and Paul Ross about taking in handicapped guests.
David Hunter asks Adam Chance and Paul Ross into the office and asks them how they would feel about taking in a party of handicapped people.  Adam asks him if he is joking, and David says no. 
Denise Pagett goes to see Sharon Metcalfe.  Sharon suggests that she takes care of Nina whilst she tries to make a go of things with her boyfriend. 
Adam Chance has dinner with Daphne Philpots, and Daphne Philpots tells him about the Gold Clubs annual do.  Adam asks her who does their catering.
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald and Benny that this home for the mentally handicapped being so near to Mavis's lodging house might be bad for business.  He says it might affect the property value.  Joe tells him that he saw people yesterday collecting signatures against the home.
David finds Doris Luke waiting for him in the office, and tells her that he has been trying to think of a job for her and he has come up with something, general help.  He says he didn't offer the job to her before because he was afraid she wouldn't even consider it.  Doris Luke accepts the job as general help.
Adam Chance tells Daphne Philpots that the motel can do the catering for the gold club function, and can also offer accommodation.  Daphne says that would be marvellous.

1983 Episodes continued

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