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Kath Brownlow gets ready for her evening out with John Latchford.  Glenda, who doesn't know who she is having dinner with, notices her new dress.  Kath tells her that she saw it in the sale.
Paul Ross telephones the Brownlow's house and asks Glenda Banks if she could come into work for a couple of hours.
Kath Brownlow joins John Latchford in the motel bar and Paul Ross gives them the menu's.  John Latchford goes to the bar to get the drinks.  Glenda Banks comes into the bar and notices her mother sitting at one of the tables.  Kath tells her that Edna couldn't come at the last minute.  John Latchford returns to the table and gives Kath her drink.  Kath introduces John to Glenda.  "We have met," says John.  "Yes, we have," says Glenda and walks off. 
Episode 3831 August 1983
See Dvd Volume 2 
The following day, Kath takes John Latchford's breakfast tray to his chalet and apologises to him for Glenda's rudeness the previous evening.  John says it wasn't her fault.  Kath says Glenda hasn't got over her dad yet.
Paul Ross see's Glenda at work and tells her that John Latchford deserves an apology.  He says he is a guest and deserves respect.  Glenda says he had it coming to him and she won't apologise. 
Barbara Hunter helps Jill get Harvey get dressed for her wedding to Adam Chance.
Glenda Banks goes to John Latchford's chalet and tells him that she has been sent to apologise.  "I'm supposed to say I'm sorry, but I'm not," says Glenda.  Glenda says she knows what is best for her mother, and warns Latchford to stay away from her. 
The village church begins to fill for the wedding of Adam and Jill.  David Hunter, who is best man, arrives with Adam Chance.  A short time later Jill and Barbara arrive at the church.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that she warned John Latchford to stay away from Kath, and Kevin tells her to forget it as it's not serious.  The doorbell rings and Kevin answers the door.  He comes back into the living room with a bunch of flowers and tells Glenda that they are for Kath.  Kevin looks at the attached note and tells Glenda that they are from John Latchford.  "He doesn't mess about does he," he says. 
Adam and Jill Chance spend their honeymoon in Venice. 
Barbara Hunter takes Horace Jackman his breakfast in his chalet.  Jacko asks her what all the fuss was about yesterday at the motel and Barbara tells him that it was a wedding.  Barbara asks about Horace Jackman about his wife and whether they got on well together.  Horace says they did at the beginning.
Sharon Metcalfe takes Nina Pagett to school and whilst she is there she bumps into Alison Cotterill who is working at the school.  Sharon asks Alison for her advice on looking after Nina because she isn't sure that she is doing it right. 
Barbara Hunter asks Sid Hooper if the name Danny Jackman means anything to him and Sid says no.  Barbara says he is Horace Jackman's son and he died.  Sid says he will ask his mates in the pub.
Alison Cotterill goes to Sharon and Diane's flat and finds Sharon there with Nina.  Benny arrives at the flat and meets Alison again.  They hug each other.
At their hotel in Venice Adam and Jill walk onto the garden terrace.  Jill notices a woman with a veil over her head sitting at one of the tables.  Jill says of all the tables she had to choose 'their' table.  Adam says he will go and have a word with her and ask her if she would move to another table.  He walks over to the woman who remains with her back to Jill.  Adam talks to her and she slowly turns around to face Jill.  Jill's face lights up as she looks at her mother.  She rushes over to her and they hug.
Kath Brownlow joins John Latchford in the motel bar.  He asks her to have dinner with him but Kath says she can't.  She says perhaps they should cool things for a while because Glenda is really upset.  John tells Kath that she is entitled to a life of her own. 
Horace Jackman wanders into the motel reception and Paul Ross asks him what he wants.  Horace tells him that he wants to see the 'Mrs'.  Paul says if he is referring to Mrs Hunter then she isn't in.  David Hunter comes into reception and asks Horace Jackman if he can help.  Horace Jackman tells David that he wants to see Mrs Hunter to say goodbye.  David says he will say goodbye to her on his behalf.  Horace Jackman tells David that he will stay and say goodbye to Mrs Hunter himself, another day isn't going to make much difference. 
Kevin Banks notces that Kath is a bit quiet and asks her what's wrong.  Kath tells him that John Latchford didn't ge the contract at the garage.  She says she was thinking of asking John to dinner sometime next week.  Glenda looks at her and then goes upstairs. 
John Latchford comes into the motel reception and David Hunter tells him that he has a query on his account.  John tells him that his firm are paying his bill but David asks John to come into his office for a moment.  John Latchford follows David into the office and David tells him that he has received a letter from his firm saying that they will pay his bill up until Friday and then he will have to settle his own bill.  John tells David that there is obviously some mistake and he will phone them.  David passes him the telephone and tells him to feel free to ring his office.  David leaves the office and John sits staring at the phone.
Benny goes to Sharon and Diane's flat and finds Sharon and Alison there.  He suggests they take Nina to the zoo tomorrow.  Benny tells Sharon that Sid asked her to pass on a message, she is to phone Mr Hunter. 
Barbara Hunter goes to Horace Jackman's chalet and asks him to stay a bit longer.  Horace tells her about the time when he used to help train his son Danny.  Horace Jackman agrees to stay longer to help Barbara with the research for her book.
David Hunter talks to Sharon Metcalfe on the phone and he tells her that the accounts are overdue.  Sharon hangs up on him. 
David Hunter goes to the garage office and tells Sharon that he needs those accounts now.

1983 Episodes continued

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