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Doris Luke tells Jill and Barbara about her new job.  She says she could see that Mr Hunter was embarrassed at asking her to accept a lower position.
Glenda Banks shows Kevin a newspaper article about a woman who was a widow and who was claiming benefit, and it was proved that she was co-habiting with her so-called lodger.  Kevin guesses that she is getting at John Latchford and says the case is not even similar. 
John Latchford returns home to the Brownlow's and Glenda shows him that article, then goes out.  John tells Kevin that Glenda is quite right, it would be difficult to prove that he wasn't co-habiting with Kath.  John tells Kevin that he has just been told by his company that he is being sent to Watford.
Adam Chance tells David, Jill and Barbara that in the first week of June all the chalets are booked for the Pro-Am golfers.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and John Latchford tells her to sit down.  He tells Kath that he is being sent to work in Watford.  Kath tells him to give up his job. she has got some money, but John says no.  He asks her to come with him and Kath says she can't give him an answer straight away.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Benny that she is going to foster Nina Pagett, and Benny says he thinks thats wonderful.  He tells her that people are signing a petition against the home for the handicapped because they think it will affect the value of their houses.  Sharon calls Sid Hooper into the garage office and tells him that she hears that there is opposition to the home for the handicapped.  Sid tells her that he feels sorry for the handicapped people but also for Mavis.
Glenda Banks tells John Latchford that she knows he is trying to split her and Kath up, but Kath refused.  John Latchford says Kath didn't say no to moving away with him, she said she needed more time.  Glenda asks John what he can offer her mother, a crummy bed-sit.  John says at first maybe but it would have been filled with all the love he feels for Kath.  Glenda asks why Kath isn't here then, maybe the motel is more important to her.  John Latchford tells Glenda that he is leaving, and he will be gone when Kath gets back.
Kath Brownlow arrives home and finds Glenda alone.  She guesses that John Latchford has gone.  Kath picks up a photo of Arthur and says it is a year since Arthur died.
Paul Ross see's Diane Hunter looking a bit down.  Diane says it's coming up to Christmas and she feels a bit left out.  Paul says it's her night off, how woould it be if he changed his evening off and they went to dinner together.  Diane invites Paul to the flat and says she will cook him a meal. 
Barbara Hunter goes to see Sid Hooper in the garage and tells him that she has had a bit of an accident with her car.  Sid asks her where it happened and Barbara tells him that it happened in the motel car park, and it was her fault.  Sid says it alright if the other driver was an understanding fellow.  Barbara tells him that David was in the other car.
Kevin Banks talks to Kath about John Latchford.  He says Glenda thinks she blames her for John leaving.  Kath calls Glenda downstairs and tells her that she doesn't blame her for what happened between her and John Latchford.
Denise Pagett goes to Diane and Sharon Metcalfe's flat and Sharon tells her that she has had an idea.  She says she thinks they should hold a public meeting about the home for the handicapped with David Hunter as chairman. 
Barbara Hunter goes to the garage to see Sid Hooper about her car.  Sid tells her that he will do the repair quickly so that Mr Hunter won't even know about it.  David Hunter comes into the garage at that moment and tells Barbara that he saw Sid driving their car across the car park.  He asks what is going on.  Sid says Barbara saw a little bump on the car and didn't want to bother him. 
Kevin Banks receives a phone call from someone who was going to buy a flat being decorated by Percy Dobson and his workers.  Kevin tells Glenda that this person doesn't want the flat because they have heard that it is going to be next door to a nut house.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see David and Barbara Hunter in the motel office, and talks to them about this house for the mentally handicapped which she is helping to set up.  She says she would like to hold a public meeting and she is getting together a committee of local business people.  She asks David if he would be chairman of the committee.  Adam Chance comes into the office at that moment and hears David telll Sharon that he will consider it.
Sharon Metcalfe leaves the office and Adam Chance tells David that the motel has done its bit for the handicapped.  Jill Chance comes into the office and Barbara tells her about the idea of David chairing the committee for the home for the handicapped.  Adam tells them that it would be wrong for the motels image to get involved.  Jill reminds him that Sandy was handicapped.  David says that he has made up his mind.  "I'll chair the committee," he says.  "That's a decision that could cost us plenty," says Adam.
Percy Dobson goes to see Kevin Banks and asks him about this person who changed his mind about buying the flat.  Kevin tells him that the potential buyer wasn't too keen on the home for the mentally handicapped being so close.  Kevin tells Percy Dobson that Sharon Metcalfe has done a lot of campaigning for this home and she has got a lot of people on her side, including David Hunter.  Percy Dobson asks if he could use the phone.  He telephones a friend of his in the local government and asks him to come to the motel for a drink.
Later, Percy Dobson goes to the motel and see's David Hunter.  He asks if he can speak to him privately.  David and percy Dobson go into the motel bar and Percy tells David that he would like to talk to him about this home for the mentally handicapped.  He says he signed the petition against it and he will do everything he can to stop it.
Kath Brownlow notices a letter on the table from John Latchford.  She opens it and tells Doris and Glenda that John apologises for having keft so suddenly.  Kath stops reading the letter and rushes upstairs.  A short time later Kath comes back downstairs and tells Doris and Glenda that Johnsaid in his letter that he had no right to take her away from Glenda, Kevin and the baby.  Glenda tells her mother that she can't leave things like this.  Kath says there is no address on the letter so she can't reply.
Jill Chance arrives home at Chimney's alone and goes into the living room.  She comes face to face with a stranger, a young man.  She tells him to take all she has but to leave her alone.  She says she has got a bit of money in the house, and he can have that.  Suddenly the young man rushes out of the room, saying that he is going to be sick. 

1983 Episodes continued

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