1983 Episodes ... continued

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At Diane's flat there is a knock on the door and Diane asks who it is.  "It's me," says Terry Lawton, so Diane lets him in.  She asks him what he is doing here and Terry says he has nowhere else to go. 
Bert Henderson and his friend Des go to the Brownlow's house and find Glenda there alone.  They invite themselves in and Bert tells Des to go and have a look around.  Benny comes downstairs and confronts the two men.  He tells them that they will have their money this afternoon.
Kevin Banks shows Adam Chance and Jill Harvey the contract for the half of the garage which they are buying.  Adam suggests they go into the bar to sign the papers.  In the bar Adam Chance signs the papers and asks Paul Ross to witness his signature.
Benny arrives late for work and tells Sid Hooper that he had to pick up something for Terry Lawton.  Sid says he threw Terry out of Mavis's lodging house last night.  Benny asks where Terry went and Sid says he doesn't know. 
Terry Lawton is alone at Diane's flat when there is a knock on the door."Benny," says Terry as he opens the door expecting to see Benny.  Instead he finds Bert Henderson and Des.  A few moments later Benny arrives with Terry's money.
Jill Harvey joins Barbara Hunter in the office and asks her where David is because there is something she has to own up to.  David comes into the office and Jill asks him if she can have a word.  "I've bought the garage," announces Jill.  David stares at her.  "You've what," says David.  "I've bought the garage.  I know it was an underhand way to do it behind your back..." says Jill.  David asks Barbara if she could leave him and Jill alone.
Diane Hunter returns to her flat and finds Terry Lawton packing.  He tells Diane that he is going back to London.  Diane asks him about the money he owes and Terry tells her it has been paid.  Diane asks who he got the money from.  The phone rings and Diane answers it.  She tells Terry to stay where he is but as soon as Diane's back is turned he slips way.
Jill tells David that she bought the garage for Adam, he needs to be more than a working partner.  David says Kevin and Sharon knew all about this yet carried on as if they knew nothing.  David says the Jill Harvey he knows doesn't operate in this way, she must have been influenced by someone.  "And you don't have to be a genius to work out who by," says David.  "You're on the worng track David.  This one really is down to me," says Jill. 
Miriam Brookes books into the motel and Adam Chance notices that the booking is for two people.  Mrs Brookes tells him that Mr Brookes will be joining her later.
Sharon Metcalfe goes into the motel office to see David Hunter.  David says he asked her about Oliver Banks' intentions concerning the garage and twice she was evasive.  He asks her why.  Sharon says it seemed to her that Jill wanted the garage for Adam more than David himself wanted the garage.  She says Jill is very much in love with Adam and convinced her.
Jill and Adam have a drink in the motel bar.  Jill tells Adam that David was cool when he found out what she had done, and she would have preferred a full blown row. 
Later, Jill talks with Barbara in the office.  Barbara tells her that she has hurt David more than she realises.  She says this is the sort of thing David expects from J. Henry Pollard and it doesn't hurt him because David doesn't care about J. Henry, but he does care about Jill.
Diane Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe that Terry said he had paid the money he owed but she wonders who could have lent him that much money.  Sharon looks at Diane and says she has just remembered something someone said and she thinks Benny might have lent Terry the money.
Sarah Jane, Jill's eight year old daughter, sits in the office with Jill and Barbara.  Adam Chance comes into the office and gives Sarah Jane an ice cream.  Whilst Adam talks to Jill and Barbara Sarah Jane throws the ice cream into the dustbin.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald that the new owner of the garage is Adam Chance.  Benny comes into the garage and Sharon tells him that Diane is at home and she isn't feeling very well.  She tells benny that Diane would like to see him.
Adam Chance looks through the garage books and remarks that Sid Hooper isn't exactly overworking himself. 
Glenda Banks tells Paul Ross that there is something strange about Miriam Brookes.  Paul see's Miriam Brookes in the reception area and asks her if Mr Brookes has arrived yet.  Miriam Brookes says no.  Paul notices some brochures Miriam Brookes is looking at and says he would be glad to take her to a Mozart concert.
Benny goes to Diane's flat with a bunch of flowers.  Diane tells Benny that he must be mad lending Terry 20,000.  She says he will never get it back, and Benny says he doesn't care about Terry, he did it for her.  "I love you, isn't that enough for you?" asks Benny. 
Glenda Banks receives a phone call from someone enquiring as to whether someone called Miss Cartwright has checked in.  Glenda consults the register and says there is no one by that name registered.  Barbara Hunter, who is at the reception desk with Glenda, says the name Cartwright rings a bell. 
Later Barbara checks some papers and discovers that Cartwright is Miriam Brookes maiden name, and that she is on her honeymoon.  Barbara asks Miriam Brookes about this and Mrs Brookes says it must have been her father phoning.
Walter Soper goes to see David Hunter and tells him that the doctor advised him not to work out of door because of his health.  He says he was wondering if he could have a little hut which he could shelter in when he isn't working.  David tells him that the motel doesn't employ him so they can't provide him with a hut. 
Adam Chance see's David Hunter and tells him that when he and Jill went through with this garage business they didn't realise he would be so upset about it.  Adam assures David that the garage will work in complete harmony with the motel.
Paul Ross tells David that htere was a bit of a scene in reception last night, the night porter was a bit rude to some guests.  Paul says he thinks that the night porter should be replaced.
At Mavis Hooper's lodging house Walter Soper gets packed ready to leave.  The phone rings and Mavis Hooper answers it.  David Hunter asks to speak to Walter Soper.  "Wally!" shouts Mavis, and Walter Soper comes to the phone.  David Hunter asks Walter if he could come over to the motel for another talk. 
Jill Harvey finds David in the office and gives him an LP record as a peace offering.  She says she hopes she is forgiven.  David says yes, but this must not happen again, they have to be able to trust each other.  David tells Jill that both their lives revolve around the motel, take it away and he doesn't mind admitting that he would be quite lost.  He says they have both put too much into this business to see it all come to nothing.
Joe MacDonald goes to the garage office with a little girl.  Shortly after the little girls mother Denise Pagett comes into the garage office and explains to Sharon that her daughter Nina has a habit of running off.  Denise Pagett tells Sharon that Nina is Downs Syndrome and needs constant watching. 

1983 Episodes continued

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