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David and Barbara interview Walter Soper for the job of night porter.  Barbara says it's a very responsible job and he will be in the warm, but Walter says he isn't sure about working nights.  Barbara suggests he gives it a week's trial and see how he gets on, and Walter agrees.
Adam Chance asks Jill how she got on with David.  Jill says David was firm but sweet.  She says she hasn't told her mother about the wedding yet, she was going to write but never got around to it.  Adam suggests that she phones Meg, and he gets the number from Jill's notebook.  Jill dials the phone number and tells Meg the news about her and Adam.  She asks Meg to come to England for the wedding.  When Jill puts the phone down after speaking with Meg she tells Adam that her mother won't come for the wedding because of David.
The following day Jill prepares to take Sarah Jane to the airport.  David see's them off in reception.  "Well goodbye Sarah Jane.  Do I get a kiss," asks David.  "Yes," replies Sarah Jane, and David bends to kiss her. 
Sharon Metcalfe phones Doctor Wilcox and tells him that a patient of his, Denise Pagett, left something behind at the garage and she would like to return it to her.  Doctor Wilcox says she will call round to Sharon's flat and pick it up.
Kath Brownlow receives a phone call at reception from someone asking for Miss Cartwright.  She asks Walter Soper to go to the restaurant and tell Paul Ross to page Miss Cartwright.  Walter goes into the restaurant and shouts "Paging Miss Cartwright."  Paul Ross glares at Walter and tells him not to come into his restaurant and shout.  Miriam Brookes goes up to Walter Soper.  "You paged me," she says.  Walter tells her that she is wanted on the phone in reception.  Paul Ross stares at Miriam Brookes, puzzled.
Doctor Wilcox arrives at Sharon and Daine's flat and tells Sharon that she was very good with Nina Pagett.
Jill Harvey joins Adam in the bar after she has seen Sarah Jane off at the airport.  Walter Soper comes into the bar and tells Jill that there is a phone call for her from Mr Harvey.  Jill and Adam go to the office where Jill takes the phone call.  When she puts the phone down she tells Adam that Stan is accusing her of turning Sarah Jane against him.  She says Sarah Jane ran off the plane in tears and told him all about her and Adam getting married.
Sharon Metcalfe buys a present for Nina Pagett and telephones Doctor Wilcox to ask for Denise Pagett's address.  Doctor Wilcox suggests that Sharon meets Nina from school.
John Latchford checks into the motel and tells Barbara, who is on reception duty, that he is here to see Mr Banks, the owner of the garage.  Barbara explains that there has been a change of ownership and suggests that he see's the new owner Adam Chance.
Miriam Brookes and Paul Ross go for an afternoon drive.  They go to Miriam Brookes chalet and Miriam tells Paul that she has some explaining to do.  She says there isn't a Mr Brookes, he didn't turn up at the church.
John Latchford goes to the garage and speaks to Sid Hooper.  He asks to see Sharon Metcalfe but Sid tells him that she is out.  Sid tells John Latchford that he sort of runs things around here so maybe he can help.  John Latchford shows Sid Hooper some samples of things he is trying to sell and suggests they meet in the bar.
Later, Sid Hooper and John Latchford meet in the motel bar and John asks Sid how long he has been running the garage.  Sid says a few years on and off.  Diane Hunter comes through to the bar and notices Sid chatting to John Latchford.  John Latchford looks approvingly at Diane.
Adam Chance comes into the bar and introduces himself to John Latchford.  Adam tells John that Sharon Metcalfe won't be in today but John says Sid has been looking after him.  Adam says Sid has no authority but John says Sid was just giving him back his racing magazine.  Adam Chance walks away and Sid thanks John Latchford for sticking up for him.      
Barbara Hunter comes into the motel with a scruffy looking man called Horace Jackman, or Jacko.  She tells him to wait in reception and heads off to the office.  Paul Ross comes into reception and see's Horace Jackman.  He asks him to leave, but Jacko tells him that he was asked in by a lady. 
Barbara Hunter comes back into reception and see's Paul Ross trying to get Jacko out of the motel.  Barbara tells Paul that it took her ages to persuade Jacko to come in the first place.  She goes after Jacko.
Paul Ross comes into reception and hears a heated exchange between Diane Hunter and John Latchford.  Paul asks Diane what is going on and Diane tells him that John Latchford made a pass at her.  Paul suggests that they talk about this a little more discreetly.  
Barbara Hunter takes Horace Jackman into the sitting room and explains to him that she is writing a book and she needs his help.  She tells him that she would like to hear about his life.  She suggests that Horace stays at the motel for a while so that they can talk.  Barbara leaves to sort out a chalet for him. 
David Hunter comes into the sitting room and see's Horace Jackman.  "What on earth are you doing here?" asks David.  "The Mrs brought me," explains Horace Jackman.  "Who?" asks David.  "Babs," replies Horace Jackman.  He tells David that he thinks the woman is a bit barmy.
Barbara Hunter takes Horace Jackman into a chalet and asks what she should call him.  Horace says Jacko, that's what everyone calls him.  Jacko asks Barbara what he has to do and Barbara says nothing, just talk to her. 
Sharon Metcalfe meets Nina Pagett at school.
Kath Brownlow tells David Hunter that Mrs Hunter has installed a tramp in a chalet.  Barbara comes into reception at that moment and David catches her by the arm.  He asks her what she is up to, and Barbara explains that she needs Jacko for her book.  David tells her that Jacko can't stay here, not the way he looks, and Barbara tells him not to worry because Jacko won't come into reception. 

1983 Episodes continued

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