1983 Episodes ... continued

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Benny goes to see his bank manager and tells him that he wants to take some money out.  The bank manager asks how.  "Twenty," replies Benny.  The bank manager starts writing.  "Twenty pounds," he says.  "No, twenty thousand," says Benny.  The bank manager looks at him and says that kind of withdrawal needs a week's notice.  He tells Benny that he doesn't like the idea of the money been fittered away, there might come a time when Benny will need the money.  Benny tells him he needs it now.
Jill Harvey joins David and Barbara in the sitting room and Barbara asks Jill if it was a successful visit to her solicitor.  Jill says she is hopeful.  David and Barbara leave the sitting room as Adam Chance comes in.  Jill tells Adam that she has had a marvellous idea, to apply for custody of Sarah Jane.  She says she saw her solicitor this afternoon and also spoek to him about the finance for the garage.
Jill Harvey asks Sharon Metcalfe to come to the sitting room.  She tells Sharon that she would like Adam to own Oliver Banks' half of the garage, but Sharon says she has no say in who gets the half which is for sale.  Jill tells Sharon that she could speak to Oliver Banks about it, and gives Sharon the piece of paper with Oliver Banks' phone number on.  Jill tells Sharon that she was supposed to give the number ot David Hunter but didn't, so there is going to be trouble when he finds out. 
Mavis Hooper takes Walter Soper to see Doctor Wilcox.  Doctor Wilcox examines Walter and tells him that the job as car park attendent isn't good for his bronchitis. 
Mavis Hooper asks Benny if he has found somewhere else to live because she wants him out by the end of the week.  She says she must hurry if she is going to catch the 10.45 bus into Birmingham. 
Benny tells Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald that Mavis musn't catch the bus.  Mavis comes back into the room and Benny tells her that she musn't get on the bus, something terrible is going to happen.  Mavis tells Benny that she doesn't want to hear anymore nonsense from him.  Benny says he is only trying to help, and Sid tells Mavis that he would rather she didn't take the bus.  Mavis says alright, if that's what they want. 
Glenda Banks tells Diane Hunter that two men were looking for her and Diane says she knows.  Diane asks how they knew her address and Glenda admits that she told them as they said they were friends of hers.  Glenda tells Diane that the two men were asking after Terry Lawton today.  "You didn't tell them where he is did you?" asks Diane.  Glenda says yes, she gave them the address.  Diane rushes out.
At the Brownlow's house the doorbell rings and Kath opens it to Bert Henderson and his friend Des.  They present Kath with a bunch of flowers and ask if Terry Lawton is at home.  Kath shows them into the living room where Terry is relaxing.  Kath leaves the room to put the flowers in water.  Bert Henderson tells Terry that he wants the 20,000 he owes by noon the next day.  "Or else we'll be bringing you flowers, but you won't be able to smell them," he threatens. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to see Doctor Wilcox and tells him that she feels very unhappy and keeps crying all the time.  The doctor asks her if she has suffered an emotional loss.  Dr. Wilcox receives a phone call and tells Sharon that he has to go, there has been a bus crash and he is needed.
Diane Hunter rushes to the Brownlow's house and is relieved to find Terry Lawton unharmed.  Terry tells her that he has to get the 20,000 by noon tomorrow.  "otherwise you can cross me off your Christmas card list," he says.
Sharon Metcalfe returns to the garage and finds Joe MacDonald and Benny having their tea break in the garage staff room.  Benny looks at his watch and remarks that it is half past eleven.  Sid Hooper joins them in the staff room and asks Sharon how she got on at the doctor's.  Sharon tells him that the doctor was called away to an emergency, a bus crash.  Sid looks at her and asks what bus it was, and Sharon tells him it was the one into Birmingham.  Sid asks which one into Birmingham and Sharon says the only one, the 10.45.
Sid asks Sharon if she knows if anyone was hurt and Sharon tells him that three people were killed.  Sid Hooper rushes out of the garage.  "I told her didn't I.  I told her not to go," says Benny.  Joe MacDonald tells Sharon that Mavis Hooper was on that bus.  Sharon asks Benny if he had a dream about this, and Benny says no, but as soon as Mavis said she was going on that bus he just knew.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the motel office to see David Hunter, and David asks her about the bus crash.  Sharon tells David that Mavis Hooper was on the bus, and David asks her to keep him informed.  He asks her if she has heard from Oliver Banks and Sharon says no.  David says he has Oliver's daughter's phone number in Canada but apparently Oliver is on holiday so he can't contact him.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald wait at Mavis's lodging house.  Mavis Hooper arrives hom and Sid is very relieved.  Sid asks her why she didn't phone him and Mavis says she has never phoned him at work before.  Joe tells Mavis that there has been a bus crash, that three people were killed, and they have spent all morning at the police station waiting for news.  
Kevin Banks meets Glenda at the motel and tells her that he has just come from his father's office where he had to sign some papers about the garage deal.  "So Jill and Adam are getting it then?" asks Glenda.  Kevin says it looks that way.  Glenda says it's not a very fair way of doing business.  David Hunter comes into reception at that moment and asks Kevin Banks if there is any news from his father.  Kevin says no.  David asks Kevin if he would remind his sister that he is very anxious to contact Oliver.
Benny arrives at the lodging house and is very relieved to find Mavis unharmed.  Mavis says she is very grateful to him, he probably saved her life.  Mavid tells Benny that he can stay at the lodging house if he wants, and benny says he never wanted to leave in the first place.
Terry Lawton goes to see Benny in the garage staff room and tells him that he has got to have the money now.  Benny tells him that he can't get the money for another week.  Terry says he can't stay at the Brownlow's any longer, but he has nowhere else to go.  Benny takes Terry to Mavis's lodging house and asks Mavis if Terry can stay.  Mavis says they are full and Benny says Terry can have his room for tonight, so Mavis agrees.
Diane Hunter phones Kath Brownlow and asks to speak to Terry, but Kath tells her that terry has left and she doesn't know where he has gone. 
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper arrive at Mavis's lodging house to find Terry Lawton.  Mavis tells them that Terry is staying here for tonight, he is a friend of Benny's.  Sid tells Mavis that Terry is no friend of Benny's, and orders Terry to go.

1983 Episodes continued

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