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Percy Dobson joins Joe MacDonald in the Brownlow's living room and tells him that Benny is going about the gardening all the wrong way.  He says he hopes Kath isn't going to give a half-wit like that the free run of the house.  Joe says Benny is alright, and tells Percy sarcastically to sit down to his free meal.  Percy tells Joe that he wouldn't sit down at the same table as him, and walks out passing a bewildered Kath Brownlow on the way. 
The next day Percy Dobson goes to the Brownlow's house and gives Kath a box of chocolates.  He tells Kath that he wants to apologise for yesterday, and explains that he and Joe MacDonald had a bit of a row.  Kath says it's not like Joe, he is always pleasant. 
Adam Chance joins Jill Harvey in the office and Jill reminds him that last year he asked her to marry him.  She asks him if the offer still stands.  Adam says he can't marry her, he hasn't anything to offer her.   
J. Henry Pollard joins David and Barbara in the sitting room and says it is obvious that Jill and Adam are going to get married.  He asks David if he will say yes if Adam asks for his old job back.  Jill comes into the room at that moment and J. Henry asks her if she is going to marry Adam Chance.  Jill tells him that she fully intends marrying Adam.  "When Jill?" asks David.  "As soon as possible," replies Jill, and leaves.  J. Henry Pollard tells Barbara and David that he and Valerie will not stay at the motel if Adam remains. 
J. Henry joins Valerie and Miranda in the motel bar and J. Henry asks Miranda to make travel arrangements for him and Valerie to Italy for the day after tomorrow. 
Eddie Lee goes to the garage office and see's Sharon Metcalfe.  Sharon tells him that she wants a serious talk with him.  At that moment Sid Hooper comes into the garage office.  Eddie tells Sharon that a serious talk needs peace and quiet so he will see her at her flat at 7.30 this evening.    
J. Henry tells Valerie that he will have to get Miranda away from the motel because soomer or later she will find out about Adam and Valerie. 
Later, Miranda joins J. Henry and Valerie in the bar and Valerie tells her that they would like her to come to Italy with them.  Miranda says she can't just leave the motel like that.
Benny takes Walter Soper to the garage office and introduces him to Sharon Metcalfe.  Walter asks Sharon if there are any jobs, but Sharon says no.
Eddie Lee goes to see Sharon at the flat, and Sharon says it's time they had a talk.  She says she is with Oliver and no one can do anything about it.  She says this is affecting a lot of people and tells Eddie that Oliver has a son, and a daughter called Penny.  Eddie says he knows because Penny Banks telephoned him.  Sharon tells Eddie that she is begging him to go away but Eddie says she doesn't have to beg him, she knows that.
Percy Dobson goes to see Kath Brownlow and tells her that he is worried about her.  He says she needs looking after.  Kath begins to say something but Percy says he was wondering if she could learn to feel the same way about him as he does about her.
Sharon Metcalfe tries to explain to Eddie how she feels about Oliver Banks.  She says at the moment life revolves around the garage but there has to be more to life than that.  Eddie walks slowly to the door, and leaves the flat as Sharon goes on talking.  She looks around and realises that Eddie has gone.
Kath Brownlow tells Percy Dobson that she is sorry but she doesn't feel the same way about him.  She says it is her fault for encouraging him.  Kath tells Percy that she has had one happy marriage and she isn't looking to get married again.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Oliver Banks that Eddie has left for good.
Kevin and Glenda Banks arrive home.  Kath joins them in the living room and says she was just picking some roses that Arthur planted.  Glenda notices that her mother has been crying and Kath says she was just remembering all the time she and Arthur had together.  Kath tells Glenda that she had a visit from Percy Dobson, and Glenda was right, Percy was getting serious.  She says percy Dobson asked her to marry him but she says she could never marry again.
Diane Hunter finds Benny in the garage staff room and asks him why he doesn't go home for his lunch.  Benny says he doesn't like living at Mrs Price's now.  Diane tells him that he should buy himself a small flat with the money his father left him.
Later Benny sits in his room at the lodging house.  He hears footsteps and walks towards the door.  Suddenly the lights go out.  Benny stand still for a moment and then sits down.  The lights go on again.  He hears more footsteps and  goes to the door.  He opens it.  "Mrs Price?" he says.  Diane Hunter comes in and tells Benny that she found the door open downstairs, and advises Benny to make sure the door is shut otherwise anyone can get in.  Benny tells Diane that the lights went out and he could hear footsteps.  He starts sobbing.  Diane tells Benny to get his things together and he can come and stay with her until he finds somewhere else to live.
The following day Sid Hooper telephones his wife Mavis and asks if she has any room for Benny.  Joe MacDonald tells Sid that the noises and footsteps Benny heard were made by the lad who hit Benny over the metal detector episode.  Joe says Diane caught the lad as she was leaving Mrs Price's boarding house but didn't mention it to Benny otherwise he would have gone after him.
Barbara and David see J. Henry and Valerie Pollard off as they leave the motel.  Adam and Jill come into reception arm in arm and Adam asks David if he could have a word with him.  David tells Adam that he will see him in the bar in a few minutes.  Adam goes through to the bar.  Jill goes up to J. Henry Pollard.  "Don't I get a kiss?" she asks.  J. Henry looks at her, picks up his bag and walks out of the motel.
Walter Soper comes into the motel reception as J. Henry and Miranda Pollard leave.  He asks David if he could have a private word with him and David suggests they go through to the bar.  David and Walter Soper sit down at one of the tables and David asks Walter what he can do for him.  Walter says it's more what he can do for them.  He says they need a car parking attendent, but David says they don't.  Walter tells David that he wouldn't ask for any money, he would rely on tips.  David tells him that he won't make a living out of that but Walter says he is willing to give it a try.  David agrees to give him a month's trial. 
David Hunter goes to see Adam Chance in the bar and Adam tells him that he and Jill are very much in love.  David tells Adam that he knows why they are having this talk, Adam wants his job back.  David tells Adam that he can have his job back.
Walter Soper goes to see Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper in the garage and tells them that he has got a job as a car park attendent.  He says Mr Hunter told him he could use the garage staff room.
Oliver Banks telephones his daughter Joyce in Canada.  He asks her how Sally is and asks to speak to his wife, but Joyce tells him that she is out. 
Miranda Pollard asks Paul Ross why J. Henry reacted the way he did towards Jill Harvey, and Paul says he doesn't know. 
Kevin Banks joins his father in the garage office and Oliver tells him that the family house is not on the market.  He tells kevin that he has been living there on his own, living with memories of the childrens childhood.  "How do you put a price on that?" he asks.  Oliver tells Kevin that he phoned Canada because he was feeling guilty, he thought Sally would be grieving but apparently she is enjoying herself.  He says he is the one who has lost.  Kevin asks his father how things are between him and Sharon and Oliver says there is nothing there anymore but they just can't face it.
Joe MacDonald and Benny move into Mavis Hooper's lodging house.  Mavis tells them that she wasn't expecting them yet and she has rented one of the rooms to an elderly gentleman.  Mavis tells them that the man is a relative of Kath Brownlow so he is respectable.  At that moment Walter Soper arrives at the lodging house. 
Sid tells Mavis that Walter is the car park attendent at the motel, and that the job is unpaid.  Mavis asks Walter Soper if this is correct and Walter says he will earn more in tips then all of them put together.  Sid tells Mavis that he organised the rooms for Joe and Benny ages ago.  Joe says it's alright, he will find somewhere else.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda about his talk with his father, and says he has never seen him like that before.  He says if they handle this properly they might be able to salvage something.  Kevin telephones his sister Penny.

1983 Episodes continued

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