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Joe MacDonald and Benny have decided to share one room for the time being.  The following morning Mavis Hooper asks Benny if he slept alright and Benny says yes.  He leaves for work.  Mavis notices that Benny has left his sandwiches behind and calls after him.  Sid tells Mavis that he will take the sandwiches in with him.  Mavis asks Sid what is wrong with Benny because he is very quiet.  Sid tells her that Benny has got some things on his mind. 
Walter Soper moves into Mavis Hooper's lodging house.
Oliver Banks goes to see Sharon Metcalfe and suggests they go away somewhere together.  Sharon tells him that they don't have to go away to find out what they already know. 
David Hunter tells Adam Chance that he wants him to teach Miranda Pollard all about hotel management.  When they are alone, Barbara asks David if he thinks it's the right thing to do, to throw Adam and Miranda together but David tells her that he is trying to steer Miranda away from Paul Ross.   
Adam Chance takes Miranda Pollard into the bar and sets about teaching her all about ordering wine.  Jill comes into the bar and see's them together, then goes out of the bar but keeps them in view.  Miranda tells Adam that under normal circumstances they would be ordering champagne to celebrate their reunion.  Jill, still hidden from view, looks on anxiously.  "I can't afford champagne these days," says Adam.  "Oh don't worry darling.  I'm heiress to a millionaire.  A very desirable property," says Miranda.  
Terry Lawton, Diane brother, arrives at the motel.  Jill Harvey see's him and tells him that it is Diane's night off.  Terry Lawton see's Joe MacDonald in reception and tells him that he hasn't got anywhere to stay.  Joe offers him some money.
Paul Ross speaks to Jill Harvey about a memo he received from David Hunter.  Jill reads it.  "Discontinue instructing Miranda," she reads.  She says it's a bit short and sharp.  Jill tells Paul that Adam and Miranda are in the bar right now talking about their reunion.  Paul tells Jill that if she carries on being jealous she will only drive Adam into Miranda's arms. 
Terry Lawton goes to Diane's flat and Diane isn't too pleased to see him.  She tells him that he's got a nerve turning up after what happened last time when Terry tried to sell a faulty car battery to Barbara Hunter, and letting the oil out of her car.  Terry tells Diane that he is in serious trouble. 
Adam Chance joins Jill in reception and tells her that he has been instructed by David Hunter to teach Miranda Pollard all about management.  Jill see's Paul Ross passing through reception and asks him if he can reserve them a table for dinner.  "Table for three," confirms Paul, and walks off.  "Did he say a table for three?" asks Jill.  She wonders who the third person is.  At that moment Miranda Pollard joins Adam and Jill in reception.  Adam turns to Miranda and tells her it's all fixed. 
Terry Lawton tells Diane about the trouble he is in.  He says he was working for this man in London, who deals in cars, and his job was to take the cars from one place to another.  He tells Diane that he had to pick up this Aston Martin sports car from Jersey, and he just borrowed the car for a while.  He says he took a girl for a drive, parked the car at the side of the road whilst they went for a walk but when they came back the police were swarming all over the car.  He says apparently the car was stolen, and now they've got it in a compound.  Terry tells Diane that he has got two weeks to come up with the money that the car is worth, otherwise he will have the heavy mob onto him.  He says he told them Diane was a director of the motel and she had the money.
Penny Banks arrives at the Brownlow's house and asks Kevin what is going on.  Kevin tells her that their father is lost, things aren't working out with Sharon. 
Terry Lawton see's Kath Brownlow at the motel and asks her if he can have a word.  Kath says she is on duty at the moment, but she finishes in half an hour.  Terry tells kath that he will come around to the house after she finishes work. 
Sharon Metcalfe joins Benny and Sid Hooper in the garage staff room, and asks them what that strange smell is.  When Benny is alone he goes to his locker and takes out a cage with a pet mouse in.
Terry Lawton goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Kath that he is desperate for somewhere to stay.  He asks if he can stay at her house until he finds somewhere else.
David tells Adam that he thinks it was a mistake to let him and Miranda Paollrd work so closely together, it is upsetting Jill.  Adam tells David that he and Miranda enjoy each others company, that's all. 
Penny Banks goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat where she finds Sharon and Oliver.  Sharon leaves Penny and Oliver alone whilst she goes to have a bath.  Penny tells Oliver that Glenda must be looking forward to the baby.  She says Sally is not happy but she is putting on a brave face.
Adam Chance tells Paul Ross that he has to entertain a wholesaler and asks Paul for any tips.  Paul tells him that the man is a womaniser.  Adam says he won't be disappointed on that score.
Paul Ross see's Jill Harvey in reception and asks her why she hasn't changed for dinner.  Jill looks at him puzzled.  Paul tells Jill that he thinks she is about to be asked out to dinner, and he looks at Adam Chance who is at the bar. 
Jill joins Adam at the bar and says she thought they could have dinner.  Adam tells her that he can't, he has to entertain a wholesaler.
Paul Ross see's Miranda Pollard in reception all dressed up and he asks who the lucky man is.  Miranda tells Paul that he must be slipping, he usually knows these things.  At that moment Adam Chance pops his head around the main door of the motel.  "Miranda.  Taxi's waiting," he says.  Miranda leaves.
Jill Harvey see's Paul Ross and asks him if Adam has left yet.  Diane Hunter overhears and tells her that Adam left with Miranda.
Kevin and Glenda Banks arrive home and find Terry Lawton waiting.
Si Hooper, Joe MacDonald, Benny and Mavis Hooper sit down to their meal at Mavis's lodging house.  Benny puts a lettace leaf in his pocket, and mavis see's him.  Benny tells her it's for his caterpillar, and Mavis says he isn't to keep any creepy crawlies in his room.  Benny tells her it's in a jar.
Jill Harvey finds Barbara Hunter sitting in the motel bar and asks her how the book is coming along.  Barbara tells her that she is having a bit of trouble with her heroine and what she is sure the hero is doing.  "Which is what?" asks Jill.  "Two timing with another woman," says Barbara.  Jill stands up.  "Barbara.  That was cruel," says Jill, and walks away. 

1983 Episodes continued

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