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Diane Hunter and Oliver Banks return to Diane's flat and asks Eddie Lee what happened between him and Mr Dolman.  Eddie says he just showed Dolman the error of his ways, and he doesn't think they will have any more trouble from him.
Glenda Banks joins Kath in the family living room and apologises for the things she said.  There is a knock at the door and Kath Brownlow answers it.  Walter Soper comes into the living room, puts his suitcase down and says it is good to be home.  Kevin and Joe arrive and see Walter Soper.  Kath tells Walter that she has nowhere to sleep him, Joe has the spare room.  Walter says he doesn't mind sharing if Joe doesn't.  Joe says it's alright, he will sleep in the living room.
Barbara and David Hunter relax in the motel sitting room.  Barbara receives a phone call to say that Adam Chance would like to see David.  Barbara leaves the room as Adam comes in.  Adam tells Barbara and David that he is leaving in the morning so he came to say goodbye. 
Barbara Hunter joins J. Henry and Valerie Pollard in the motel bar and J. Henry tells her that he would like Miranda to become a director.  Valerie says Miranda could take over some of Barbara's duties and so leave her free to do the things she wants to do.  J. Henry asks Barbara if she would speak to David about it.
Diane Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe about the confrontation between Eddie Lee and their landlord Mr Dolman.  She says Eddie said they shouldn't be having any more trouble from Dolman, and she believes him.  Sharon asks Diane how it was between Eddie and Oliver and Diane says they seemed to be getting on fine, she heard Eddie says something about their business deal.  Sharon says Oliver wouldn't get involved in any business deal with Eddie Lee.
Joe MacDonald gets a mattress fixed up downstairs at the Brownlow's.  Kath says she feels terrible turning him out of his room, but Joe says he doesn't mind. 
Jill Harvey joins Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and gives her some papers for her and Adam to look at.  Barbara tells Jill that Adam has gone, he has resinged.  "Resigned.  Why?" asks Jill.  Barbara says she and Adam had a little heart to heart, and Jill asks if this heart to heart was about her.  Barbara says yes.  "How dare you!" says Jill and storms out. 
Kath Brownlow asks Walter Soper if he is being honest with her about losing his job in Blackpool, and Walter says yes.  Kath leaves the house.  There is a ring at the doorbell and Walter Soper answers it to Percy Dobson, who is surprised to see a strange man in the house.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Oliver Banks that she heard he was doing business with Eddie Lee.  Oliver tells her that he was hoping Diane wouldn't say anything.  Sharon asks what it is all about and Oliver tells her that Eddie was under the impression that he could take her away from him.  Oliver says that Eddie wanted compensation if he agreed to leave the field clear.  Sharon phones the motel and asks to be put through to Eddie Lee's chalet.
In his chalet Adam Chance packs his belongings into a case.  Jill comes in and says David told her that he was leaving for business reasons and Barbara said he is going because of her.  Adam tells Jill he is going because he has the chance of another job.  Jill turns away from him.  "I hope you're lying," she sobs.  Adam turns her to face him and they kiss.
Adam and Jill go into reception and the receptionist tells Adam that his taxi is here.  Jill asks her to cancel the taxi.  Adam and Jill go through to the office. 
Eddie Lee joins Oliver Banks and Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office.  Sharon asks Eddie who the hell he thinks he is, and tells him that he isn't a threat to her and Oliver.  Oliver Banks tells Eddie that whatever happened between him and Sharon is over now and they would like him to leave.
Barbara Hunter finds Adam and Jill in the office and Jill tells her that Adam in not leaving.
Benny tells Diane Hunter that she had no right to tell Barbara Hunter about him being able to see and hear things.  Diane says she is sorry but it just came up in conversation.  Later, Diane finds Barbara and she tells her that Benny is upset because she told her about his psychic ability. 
Barbara Hunter goes to the garage and asks Sharon if she can spare Benny for a few minutes.  Sharon asks her if it has anything to do with this ESP thing and Barbara says yes, she wants to do a test with Benny.
Diane Hunter serves Eddie Lee with coffee in the motel reception and thanks him for getting Mr Dolman off their back.  Diane asks him to the flat for a meal.  Eddie asks if Sharon will be there but Diane says Sharon will be going out.
Barbara explains the test to Benny.  She shows him some cards with symbols such as circles, squares, diamonds, stars on them, and explains that she will turn over a card away from his view and she wants him to draw the symbol he thinks is on the card she has chosen.
After the test is over Barbara joins Sharon in the garage office and Sharon asks how Benny did.  Barbara says Benny did really well and shows her the results.  Sharon looks at the results and says Benny only got one right, but Barbara tells her that Benny was anticipating the next card but one. 
At their flat that evening Diane asks Sharon what she is wearing to go out tonight.  Sharon asks her what she means and Diane says she thought she was going to a cocktail party with Oliver but Sharon tells Diane that they aren't going now.  Diane tells Sharon that she has someone coming to the flat and Sharon asks who.  Diane says it's Eddie Lee.  Sharon says she is definitely going out.  
J. Henry and Valerie Pollard join David, Jilll and Barbara in the office for a board meeting.  David asks Valerie if she could wait outside since she is not a board member, but Valerie says she has come to discuss her daughter.  Valerie says J. Henry would like his shares to be transferred to Miranda.  Jill says Miranda is not experienced so it would be better to transfer just 1% of his shares.  David points out that this would still give an unexperienced girl a vote.
Eddie Lee arrives at Diane's flat and begins to tease Sharon about her affair with Oliver Banks.  Sharon tells him that for once in her life she is onto a good thing and Eddie has done nothing but spoil it since he came back.  She says if he was a true friend then he would leave.
Sid Hooper tells Benny that he is fed up seeing him around the place with a glum face.  He gives Benny a metal detector and tells him to go and finish off looking in the place where they started looking the other day. 
A short time later Benny returns to the garage with a cut over his eye.  Sid Hooper asks him what happened.  Benny explains that he was using the metal detector when some lads nearby asked to have a go.  He says he let them have a go, they found something, and that is when the squabble started.  Sid asks Benny if he knows the one who hit him and Benny describes him to Sid.  Sid says he knows who it is, and he is a troublemaker.  He advises Benny to keep out of sight for a while.
David joins Miranda Pollard in the office and tells her that the board has come to a decision.  He says since her father can't control her he will have to play the part of father.  Miranda stands up and David tells her to sit down.  Miranda sits down.  David tells Miranda that she will stay at the motel and learn everything there is to learn until she is ready to become a director.
Percy Dobson goes to the Brownlow's house to do some gardening.  Soon after Benny arrives to do some gardening. 

1983 Episodes continued

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