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Jill Harvey joins David and Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and she tells them that Adam is worried about Diane, and she thinks they should be too.  Jill tells them that she is meeting Adam tonight to talk about it.  Barbara says she would like to sit in on that discussion, and Jill says that could be a little difficult because the discussion is over dinner.  Jill leaves the room and David tells Barbara that Adam is starting up with Jill again. 
Oliver Banks goes to see Sharon Metcalfe at her flat and finds Diane Hunter there as well.  Sharon asks Oliver when their flat will be ready to move into.  Oliver says soon, and asks why.  Diane tells him that they are having a bit of trouble with their landlord, he wants Diane out.  Diane shows Oliver the letter they received from their landlord.  Oliver reads it and says this letter is libellous.
J. Henry Pollard joins Adam Chance in the sitting room and tells him that he would like to make him an offer.  J. Henry tells Adam that they are willing to buy his shares for the whole value.  Adam says everyone wants him to leave, so he will stay. 
Percy Dobson tells Kevin Banks that he could do a lot with the garden.  He tells Kevin that he will send over a greenhouse and teach them all he knows about growing things. 
Valerie Pollard joins Jill Harvey in the sitting room.  Jill receives a phone call from her ex-husband Stan to say that he is taking their daughter Sarah Jane to Germany tonight, so if she wants to see Sarah Jane before she goes she can.  Jill tells Valerie that she is supposed to be aving dinner with Adam Chance this evening but she must see her daughter.  Valerie tells Jill not to worry, she will explain to Adam.
Glenda Banks tells Kath Brownlow that once Percy Dobson gets this greenhouse he will be around at the house every five minutes.  Glenda tells her mother that she should put her foot down.  "I mean, it's not as if you're fond of him," says Glenda.  She looks at her mother.  "You're not are you?" asks Glenda.  Kath says she feels sorry for Percy.
That evening, Adam Chance waits for Jill in the bar.  Paul Ross comes into the bar and asks Adam if he has seen Jill because she has a table booked and he can't hold it much longer.  Valerie Pollard joins Adam Chance at the bar and tells him that she happened to overhear that he and Jill are having dinner together.  She says she saw Jill rush off dressed to kill.  Valerie calls Paul Ross over and tells him that Mrs Harvey won't be needing her table but she and Mr Chance will be dining together.
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper are concerned when Benny doesn't turn up for work.  Joe phones the lodging house where Benny has a room to find out if Benny is there.
Eddie Lee stops Oliver Banks in reception and says he needs a car for a couple of days.  Oliver tells him that he can't help him, they aren't in the hire car business. 
Eddie Lee phones Joe MacDonald in the garage and tells him that he needs a car, and Joe says they don't hire cars.  Eddie says he thought they could do a deal, but Joe says he can't.  Sid Hooper overhears the conversation and guesses what it is about.
Later, Sid Hooper see's Eddie Lee in the motel bar and says he heard he needs a car, and he might be able to help him.  Sid asks how much it's worth to him, and Eddie says 25.  Sid tells eddie that he heard him mention 50 on the phone.  Eddie gives Sid the money and Sid hands Eddie some car keys. 
Benny turns up very late for work at the garage and Joe MacDonald asks him where he has been.  Benny tells him that the police wanted to talk to him.  Benny tells Joe that his landlady, Mrs price, isn't well, and that she didn't come down to make the breakfasts.  He says he remembered that he had heard her calling out in the night but he thought he was dreaming so he didn't do anything about it.  Benny tells Joe that one of the other lodgers went in to Mrs Price's room but he couldn't wake her up.  "How ill is she?" asks Joe.  "She's dead," replies Benny.  "I said I was going to have to find another room didn't I.  Now I know why," says Benny.  
Later, Sharon Metcalfe asks Joe if Benny has turned up for work yet and Joe says yes, but he sent him to the cafeteria.  Joe tells Sharon that Benny has had a bit of a shock, his landlady has died. 
Sid Hooper asks Sharon if he could borrow a car for a week as his car is not working at the moment.  Sharon says ok.  Sharon tells Sid and Joe that Eddie lee is trying to borrow a car and warns them that he might asks them.  She says if he does they are to say no.
Paul Ross asks Jill Harvey if she enjoyed her evening out last night when he saw her leave the motel all dressed up.  Jill tells him that she was seeing her daughter off at the airport.  Paul says that's not what Adam Chance was told. 
Diane Hunter gets ready for an appointment with J. Henry Pollard, and Sharon Metcalfe tells her not to jump the gun.  Diane says J. Henry Pollard didn't send her away to be trained for nothing.
Eddie Lee arrives at Diane and Sharon's flat and tells them that he has come to take them out to dinner.  Diane leaves for her appointment at the motel.
J. Henry Pollard joins Valerie and Barbara in the sitting room and Barbara says she understands he is seeing Diane this evening.  Barbara asks J. Henry exactly what he is going to say to Diane.  Valerie tells Barbara that Diane's contract with J. Henry ran out three months ago but Diane didn't read the smalll print.  J. Henry says he was hoping the motel might be able to give Diane her old job back.  Barbara asks how Diane is going to feel when she has to go back to her old job after she was led to believe she was management material.
Eddie Lee tries to persuade Sharon Metcalfe to come out to dinner with him, but Sharon tells him he has to leave because she is expecting Oliver at any moment.  Eddie tells her that Oliver isn't her type.
Diane Hunter arrives at the motel and goes to the bar where she meets J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry tells her that he has some bad news, the report he had about her from his marina wasn't good.  Diane tells J. Henry that he sent her up to Scotland to do all that training only to bring her back and stick her on the end of the dole queue.  J. Henry tells Diane that he is sure he can persuade the motel management to give her back her old job.  "It won't give me back my self respect.  I don't want your help," says Diane, and leaves.
Diane Hunter goes back to her flat and Sharon Metcalfe asks her if she is alright.  Diane tells Sharon and Eddie that she has been dumped, it was all talk. 
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that she and Kevin should get on and do something about the house.  Glenda says it would hwlp if they knew where they stood with her.  Glenda asks her mother what would happen if Percy Dobson got serious, what would she say.  Kath says she knows what she would say.  Glenda says it isn't fair to lead him on, and Kath says she isn't but she doesn't see any harm in being friendly.   

1983 Episodes continued

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