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Valerie and J. Henry Pollard sit in the bar in silence.  Barbara Hunter joins them and ignores J. Henry.  J. Henry asks them what else he could do.  Barbara tells him that he had no business offering Diane the job in the first place, he knows very well that Diane isn't management material.  She says all this was just to get at Paul Ross.  J. Henry tells them that he did offer Diane her old job back, and Barbara says Diane's old job isn't open, they have employed Eva now. 
Valerie Pollard see's Paul Ross in the motel reception and asks him how he would feel if Eva was sacked to make way for Diane Hunter.  Paul says he would protest very strongly.  He says Eva does her job very well.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane that the motel will have to find a job for her somewhere, but Diane says the motel have no obligation to her.  She says it's all her fault for believing J. Henry Pollard in the first place.
Kath Brownlow asks Paul Ross about a list for a picnic hamper for some guests and tells him that they haven't got all the things they need.  Paul tells Kath to see Eva but Kath says Eva isn't on duty.  Kath says if they had two girls working on the cold trolley then they would have someone on duty all the time. 
Paul Ross goes into the office to see David Hunter and shows him the list.  Paul says if they had two girls employed on the cold trolley then there would always be someone there to consult.  The phone rings and David asks Paul Ross if he would answer it.  Diane Hunter asks Paul Ross what time would be convenient to see David Hunter.  Paul looks at the desk diary and asks her if 11.30 would be convenient for her, and Diane says yes.  When Paul puts the phone down he asks David if he could see a lady at 11.30.  David asks who it was and Paul says he forgot to ask.
Eddie Lee goes to the garage and asks Oliver Banks and Sharon Metclafe to dinner at a taverna owned by a Greek friend of his.  Oliver says he can't make it.  Eddie asks him if it would be alright for him to take Sharon and Oliver says yes.  Eddie asks Sharon what time he should pick her up and Sharon says she doesn't like the idea of riding on the handlebars.  Eddie tells her that he has a car, Sid Hooper helped him out. 
Later, Sharon Metcalfe calls Sid Hooper into the garage office and says she understands he loaned Eddie Lee a car.  She says she warned him not to, and Sid says the warning came too late. 
Diane Hunter goes to see David Hunter in the office and asks if she could come back to work at the motel if possible.  David tells her that it would mean starting at the bottom again, and says she would probably be better off somewhere else.  He reminds her that she has six months restaurant training behind her, and Diane says she failed that.  David tells Diane that she could ask J. Henry to write her a letter obscuring that fact, but Diane says she doesn't want to ask J. Henry Pollard for anything.  David tells Diane that they can offer her a job as waitress but it will mean 13 less per week.  He advises her to think about it and let him know.
Diane leaves the office and goes into reception, where she comes face to face with J. Henry and Valerie Pollard.  Diane tells J. Henry that she thought she would be picking up a management salry but now she has just been told that she has got to take a 13 drop in wages.  J. Henry reaches into his pocket and brings out his cheque book.  "You can stick your cheque book," says Diane, and walks off.
Eddie Lee and Sharon Metcalfe return to Diane and Sharon's flat after their evening out.  Eddie tells Sharon that she has picked the wrong man in Oliver Banks, and he knows deep down that he is the man for her.  They kiss. 
Barbara Hunter joins Jill Harvey in the office and tells her that she has an idea for a book, but can't get anything done.  She says it was never her intention to get involved in the motel.
Valerie Pollard tells J. Henry that she has written to their daughter Miranda to say he is sorry for sending her off to Italy, and asking her to come back. 
Diane Hunter see's Barbara Hunter and tells her that she would like to take the job at the motel.
Benny goes to Diane's flat and Diane says she was sorry to hear about his landlady Mrs Price.  She ays Sharon told her that she heard him saying about two weeks before that he would have to find somewhere else to live.  Benny tells Diane that he just knew something was going to happen.  He says it's always the bad things he see's.
Percy Dobson goes to see Kath Brownlow and tells her that she should think very carefully before she signs this house away to Kevin and Glenda.  He says they are getting it too easily, they have got to learn that they can't expect to have everything handed to them on a plate. 
Diane Hunter receives a phone call from Nicky's father in America.  He tells Diane that he sent her some photos of Nicky but they were returned marked 'not known as this address'.  Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane that it sounds like it's part of their landlord's plan to get her out of the flat.  Diane says it's a criminal offence to tamper with someone's mail.
Valerie Pollard asks the receptionist to phone a number and connect her with whoever answers.  J. Henry Pollard comes into reception and asks Valerie who she is trying to contact.  Valerie tells him that she is trying to contact Miranda.
Eddie Lee goes to the garage and finds Oliver Banks on his own.  He tells him that he missed a good time last night.  Eddie says he thinks it's about time they had a little chat, and he suggests they meet in the bar at seven. 
Adam Chance goes to the office to see Barbara Hunter.  Barbara tells him that she wants to give up some of her motel duties and that would mean he would be in constant consultation with jill, and frankly Jill doesn't want that.  Barbara says if he is genuinely concerned about Jill he should leave. 
Oliver Banks meets Eddie Lee in the motel bar.  Eddie tells him that he could take Sharon Metcalfe off his hands, no trouble.  Oliver tells Eddie that he and Sharon are in love and they are going to marry.  Eddie tells Oliver that if he is asking him to back down then he will need some compensation. 

1983 Episodes continued

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